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"I AM THE BOX GHOST AND I WILL GAIN MY BOXY VENGEANCE OF DOOM!" Box ghost said from a metal soup can.

"Sure you will." Danny said sarcastically. He was very tired, Skulker had come back for another rematch, Box ghost came three times, Ember came and attacked him, Spectra tried to make him miserable, and Klemper wanted a friend.

He made his way to the Nasty Burger, so that he could get something to eat that didn't fight back. He found his friends sitting in their usual booth. He ordered a burger and some fries and sat down when Sam and Tucker started fighting, again.

"Meat all the time is bad for you Tuck!" Sam exclaimed.

Salads and fruits all the time is bad for you Sam!" Tucker shouted.

"Salads are better than fattening meat!"

"No they're not!"

"Yes they are!"

"You're just jealous of my meat streak!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!" Danny had to face-palm. His friends were starting to act like children. After a few more minutes of fighting, he had enough and took a fruit off of Sam's tray and a burger off of Tucker's tray and started eating them, much to his friends dismay.

"Hey!" They said in perfect unison. Danny got a idea that could be payback

"Lovebirds." Their faces were priceless! Sam was blushing, from rage or embarrassment he couldn't tell, with her mouth gaping, and Tucker had a horrid look on his face, like he'd seen a ghost. Danny couldn't help himself, and stating laughing at his friends faces.

Tucker was the first to respond,"Dude, that was not funny!"

"Yes it was." Danny countered.

Sam had enough,"I'm out." She said as she got up and walked out. Danny started to say 'sorry' when she walked out. Tucker decided to leave too, leaving Danny to the food.

"Later man."

Since his friends left, Danny got up and got a fruit and burger for Jazz and left.

Sam was walking home mumbling to herself.

"Stupid Danny, why would he call me and Tucker 'lovebirds'. It's just wrong."

When Sam got home, she saw a moving truck on her driveway. She rushed inside and found tons of boxes and a bare house, with no couch, T.V, or anything on the floor except boxes. No. She ran to her room and found her parents waiting for her.

"Whats going on?" She asked.

"We have been thinking about this for awhile, and... there's no easy way to say this-"Sam's dad, Jeremy, was cut off.

"Then let me say it, Samantha, we're moving." Pamela, Sam's mother, said without hesitiation.

Sam could only get out,"WHAT!?"

"We're leaving this god awful town tonight."

"I can still talk to Danny over the computer, right?"

"No! You will not talk to that trouble making boy. If you do, we'll take away whatever you used to talk to him." Pamela stated,"You can go say goodbye to him now, but we are leaving,and if I don't see you in the limo, I will hunt you down myself!"

When Tucker got home, he didn't smell his mom's cooking, which was weird because she would be cooking. He looked around the house, ignoring the amount of boxes everywhere, and the fact that his T.V. and couch was gone. When he got to his room, he found his parents standing where his bed would be.

"Mom, why aren't you cooking your famous meatloaf?" He asked.

"Because, I won't have time to make it." His mom said.


His dad answered,"Because we're moving" Tucker's reality came down as he noticed all the boxes downstairs, the missing T.V. and couch as well as his missing bed. At the rate they were going, he'd be out of Amity by 9:00.

Tucker got past his shock and shouted,"WHAT?!"

"We know tha this is a big day, but with the ghost, it's too dangerous to stay in the town any more."

"What about Danny Phantom?" Tucker said, trying to find a reason to stay.

"With what the Fentons say, he'll eventually show his true colors and terrorize the town too."


"No buts, we're leaving to leave tonight."

"Can I chat with Danny online?"

"No. You have been using you're PDA a lot lately. So when we move, you're leaving everything here."


When Danny got home, he called,"JAZZ, I GOT A SNACK. WHERE ARE YOU?"

"IN MY ROOM." She called after a moment. When Danny got to his sister's room, she was packing up all of her clothes and personal items.

"Why are you packing up?" Jazz pointed to a calendar on her wall, which had a circled date that read,'College begins'

"Oh." He said,"Here's that 'snack' I told you about." he handed her the burger and fruit.

"At least you won't have to fight what mom makes tonight." Danny and his sister laughed at that. Afterward Danny became quiet.

"Don't worry Danny. I'm sure that you will live without me. You still have Sam and Tucker." He nodded and gave Jazz a hug.

"I'll miss you."

"I know." At that moment, knocking was heard on the door.

"I'LL GET IT." A booming voice sounded through the house. When the door opened, Sam and Tucker ran into the house and bumped into Danny. Maddie came up from the lab to see what was going on.

Once they got up, Sam and Tucker said what was on their minds,"WE'RE MOVING!" Everyone in the house froze. Jack and Maddie knew that Sam and Tucker were Danny's friends since preschool. Now they won't see each other except on a computer screen. Jazz froze because she was wrong. Danny froze because everyone who knew his secret would be gone. Team Phantom would be disbanding. This information was too much to handle. His lifelong friends would be leaving, and his sister would be leaving. He would have no friends and he wouldn't see his sister too much. The world started spinning, and he knew no more.

When Danny blacked out, everyone went into a frenzy. Maddie and Jack got him upstairs, Jazz went to get a cup of water, and Sam and Tucker went with Danny's parents. Jazz came up with the water and splashed it on Danny's face. He woke up with a grim expression.

"We can still video chat, right?" he asked. Sam and Tucker looked down and shook their heads. Now he wouldn't see them at all. He pulled them into a hug, when they started to leave. No one would forget this day, the day Danny became alone.

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