A/N: This is the famous Epilogue.

2 Years Later:

"Daddy!" A little girl said as her father came through the door.

"Hey, Dani." He said in a deep voice. He was growing a small beard and his hair stretched to the middle of his neck. He wore an ice blue shirt with cargo pants and black converses.

"Nothing much. But someone called while you were gone." Dani said. Before Danny could ask who, a woman with red hair walked up to Danny.

"Of course." Danny said, happy, as he pulled out some money and gave it to the lady."See you next time Maria."

Maria was walking out the door when she replied,"Look forward to the time with Dani."

Dani was now upset."Why do I have to have a babysitter? I'm fourteen! I don't need a babysitter!" She was right. Dani had grown in the two years with Frostbite and his tribe. She had a purple shirt the stopped at her stomach, gray skintight jeans and red converses. Her hair was still in a ponytail, though it reached the bottom of her neck.

"She's right ya know. She doesn't need a babysitter. That's Frostbite's job." Another woman walked through the door with her keys in one hand and some shopping bags in another. Star had her hair down to the small of her back. She wore red heels, blue skintight jeans, and a red shirt, with blue trims. She got rid of her hair clip and wore red lipstick.

"I don't think Frostbite's people would want her back." Danny said.

"You freeze an entire tribe one time!" Dani yelled out.

"You did worse than me." Danny responded

"At least I didn't freeze Frostbite!"

"Yeah, you froze me instead." Dani screamed and ran upstairs.

"You're apologizing to her before I make dinner." Star said, sternly.

"Okay." Danny walked upstairs and went to Dani's room. He knocked on her door.

"Go away. I'm mad at you." Danny then got an idea.

Using Star's voice, he said,"Open up." The knob turned. The door opened and showed Dani on her bed, with her hand glowing green.

Dani turned red,"You're worse the Vlad!" The door glowed green as it tried to close. Danny held the door open.

"Vlad's a lonely guy with a cat. I'm a guy with a wife and a daughter, that I love. And you're getting better at the telekinetic thing."

"Whatever." The door and Dani's hand lost the green glow."Why are you here?"

"Your mother wanted me to apologize to you-"

"Whipped." Dani commented.

"And, I wanted to know who called." Danny said.

"Some girl named Jazz told me to tell you that she's coming to see you. She didn't say when." Danny just smiled at his daughter.

"Thanks for telling me who called. I'll be sure to prepare for your aunt's return." Danny walked out of the door, leaving a happy Dani.

"I have an aunt!"

"What's Dani screaming about?" Star said when Danny walked into the kitchen.

"Her aunt's coming into town soon." Danny said.

"You mean Jazz or another twin sister that I never knew about?" Star said in a sarcastic tone.

Danny chuckled,"Of course I mean Jazz."

"Still good to be curious."

"Too curious if you ask me."

"Shut up." Danny smiled,"The thing is, I don't know when she'll be here."

Star walked up to Danny and kissed him. After a minute, she pulled back and said,"Don't worry, she'll turn up."

"I know, I know." Danny saw that she was going into the kitchen,"Hey, I'm helping with dinner."

December 23

Jazz Fenton was on a plane headed to Illinois.

"All passengers must have on seat belts before take off in 5 minutes." The mic said.

Jazz looked out of her window and said to herself,"I'm coming Danny."

Meanwhile, Danny and Star were driving home with Christmas items in the back.

Star looked out of the window and saw moving trucks at the Manson's old place.

"Danny look." Danny slowed down and turned his head to the side.

"I wonder who was finally rich enough to by that place." Star just shrugged her shoulders in response.

Meanwhile again Tucker was driving with the radio all the way up and he was singing to it.

"Ooooohhhh yeaaaaaahhh. Oooooooohhhhh ooooooohh yeaaaaaah." He had his eyes closed and was currently dodging cars and missed the 'Welcome to Amity Park' sign. He was still driving like a well known Jack Fenton when he saw the mall he was supposed to go to.

"Alright. Now for some Christmas shopping for my wife." He parked the car and ran into the store. He came out with three bags in his hand. He looked up and saw that it was night."Man how long was I in there?" He also saw that the buildings looked very familiar. Tucker ran over to the closest person."What city am I in?"

"Amity Park."

"Thanks." Tucker walked to his car and let out a breath. He was five cities away from his home. His wife was going to kill him. Unless...

"Hey babe, listen. Something came up and I won't be back until tommorow night." A little listening later,"Thanks. See you later." Tucker hung up. "Now to find a hotel to sleep in while I wait to get out of Amity... or I could see if Danny is still here. Yeah, I'll do that." Tucker got into his car and drove off like a sane person, then turned on the radio.

Sam was going out driving, or searching for Fenton Works, which ever one you'd prefer. She had finally inherited her family's wealth and spent some of it on her old house and the car. Now she was searching for the famous building with the UFO on it. After driving for ten minutes, a car crashed into her rear. Her head jerked forward and feel on the seat. She opened her door to yell at the driver behind her, when said driver did the same thing.

They both walked up to each other and said,"Watch where you're going!"

"Don't tell me to watch out!" They said in sync.

"Stop that!"

"Ugh!" They both turned from each other. The man said,"What were you doing anyway?"

"I was looking for someone."

"Me too." Sam turned to her car and saw that the back wheels were flat.

"I'll just find Fenton Works on foot. I won't press charges." Sam started walking away.

"You're looking for Fenton Works?" The man said.

"Yeah why?"

"I looked everywhere for the last twenty minutes. Fenton Works isn't here. Why are you looking... Sam?" Before Sam could say anything, a metal ghost fell in front of the two.

"You'll pay for that, Whelp!" Skulker flew up to a man with white hair, green eyes, and a hazmat suit on.

"Aren't I a little too old for that title, Skulker?" Danny said as he fired a blast at Skulker. The robot dodged the blast and fired four missiles.

"Danny!" Sam and Tucker shouted.

Danny turned to them with a,"Huh?" It was enough time for the missiles to make contact with him, sending him across the street. Skulker flew up to him with a blade in his hand.

"Goodbye, Whelp." Skulker put the blade to Danny's neck.

"Stay away from him!" Skulker turned to see a white blur hit him away from his prey. Dani turned to her father,"Wake up old man!"With a smack Danny stirred.

"Just because I'm twenty, does not mean I'm old." Danny said.

"Does in my book." Dani said as Skulker came back. He flew silently toward them. When he was in arms reach, Dani pulled out a ball and sucked Skulker into it.

"Gotta love the Ghost Ball." Dani helped her father up and both of them flew toward's their home, not knowing that Sam and Tucker were following.

Danny and Dani landed on their stairs and transformed into their human forms.

"Do you think that mom is mad at me for leaving under punishment?" Dani asked.

"Don't know, but I still say that you are grounded, but thanks for saving your 'old man'" Danny opened the door and went inside.

"First, come on. Second, you're welcome." Dani ran inside.

In a nearby ally, Sam and Tucker watched the whole scene, but couldn't hear them.

"So this is where Danny lives. Cool, I need a place to stay anyway." Tucker said as he ran to the door. Sam ran after him and tackled him to the ground.

"What do you think you're doing?" She said.

"Going to greet an old friend and see if I can stay at his house until tomorrow." Tucker said as Sam got off of him.

They were at the door when a red sedan pulled up. The door opened to show a woman with orange hair, glasses a white school shirt and long pants that stopped at her ankles. She had on black low tops. She walked up to the two.

"What are you two doing here?" Jazz asked.

"Going to see Danny. What about you?" Sam said, a little angry.

"He's my brother. I have a right to see him whenever I want."

"Jazz?" Tucker asked.

"Yep. Who are you?"

"Tucker. This is Sam." Tucker pointed to Sam. Jazz was shocked, but then pulled the two of them into a hug.

"I missed you guys. I'm sure Danny does too."

"Speaking of which, can I knock on the door so he can let us in?" Tucker said. Jazz let them go and knocked on the door.

"I'll get it!" They heard from inside. The door opened to Dani standing away from the door with her hand glowing green.

"Who are you?" Before any of them could answer, Danny walked up to Jazz and hugged her.

"I missed you, Jazz." Jazz returned the hug.

"I missed you too, little brother." When Danny let go of Jazz, Dani hugged her.

"Aunt Jazz!" She screamed.

Jazz was startled and asked,"Who are you little one?"

"Dani. Danny's daughter." Jazz became happy while Sam became jealous.

"Who's your mother, Dani?"

"That would be me." Star said as she came from the kitchen.

"And you would be?" Sam said with a glare.

Before Star could answer, Danny spoke up,"Who are you?"

"Tucker." Tucker said.

"I'm Sam." Sam said. Danny just stared at them.

"Sam... Tucker?" Danny just smiled,"It feels like the first time I met you two all over again." Danny held out his hand to Tucker, who gladly took it.

"I was kinda hoping that you could let me stay for tonight. I crashed, so I need to borrow your car tomorrow." Tucker said, sheepishly

"Don't worry. This is a good early Christmas present for me and Dani anyway." Danny gestured to Dani who was smiling.

"Danny, who is this?" Sam pointed to Star with a hateful expression.

"I'm sure she can explain herself, Sam." Danny turned to the kitchen." I have to finish dinner for my family and you all." Danny walked off.

"Who are you?" Sam said to Star.

"I'm Danny's wife, Star Fenton." Jazz and Tucker walked up to Star while Sam was fuming. Star was Danny's wife. That was supposed to be her, but her stupid parents separated them. They were going to pay for that but now, Sam had to find a way to get her Danny back.

"Danny is a lucky dude." Tucker commented. A shout came from the kitchen,"Tucker! Stop eyeballing my wife!" Tucker immediately backed away from Star, while she and Jazz giggled. Sam decided to go into the kitchen with Danny.

"Hey Sam." Danny said from the stove.

"Hey Danny. Long time no see." Sam said.

"Too long for my taste."

"Yeah. Anyway, Why are you married to Star?" Sam asked.

"Because I love her." Danny said simply,"Plus she helped me when I was depressed, and Dani loves her too."

"But, what about me?" Sam asked.

"Sam, you were my best friend. I admit that I had a crush on you for a while, but that was it, a crush. I love Star now Sam. S-"

"But I love you." Sam interjected.

"Sorry Sam, but I don't feel the same way. You need to move on." Danny set up the table with the food that was ready."Time to eat!" Danny called out. As everyone came in, all Sam could think about was her conversation with Danny.

After dinner, Dani ran to her room to sleep and Tucker and Jazz ran to the guest rooms that were available. Danny and Star went to tteetered they had set up to wrap up the last of the presents, leaving Sam to wander the house. She eventually went upstairs and found a master bedroom. She sighed and walked to the door.

Before she could leave, Danny came up to her,"You should check out Casper High nowadays. Best school in the state." Sam walked out without another word.

January 17

Tucker had managed to get home before Christmas and came back for the New Years party. Turns out that Danny's father had a lot of brothers and sisters. Tucker left after the party and Sam didn't attend. She was coping with the fact that Danny was married to someone other than her. Today she was going to take a look at Casper High School.

When she got there, she saw a typical nerd... hanging out with the football team.

"What the?" Sam was at a lost for words.

"Great. Isn't it?" Danny said from behind her.


"I come here everyday, they like it too. Me and Star decided to break the A-list, and we did just that. Now they help each other." Danny gestured to the jocks cheering on someone to do pushups. "Best school in the state." Danny transformed and flew up to the clouds. Some kids saw and waved to him. He waved back and started glowing blue. He pushed his powers to the edge of his skin and gave a single gentle push. His ice powers came out and blue tendrils moved gracefully from him. They flew to the school and covered it in snow and snowflakes. Sam and everyone nearby watched in awe. The students saw this trick already, but it was still beautiful to see.

When Danny was finished, the city was covered in a light snow.

"I didn't know you could do that." Sam said when Danny came back down. He transformed back and smiled at everyone at the school.

"I didn't know a few years ago either, but Star helped me find out that I could do that." Danny kept looking at the kids."I know that you didn't like Star when we were young, but I want you to give he a chance. She helped me a lot since you, Tucker, and Jazz left." Danny said as he turned around.

Sam thought about the situation and said,"I may not like her, but if she makes you happy, then I can live with that."

Dany had a smile,"Thanks."

A/N: This is the official ending of Rebuilding Phantom. Thank you for reading this.