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Before I forget, Kokoro no Gokai means heart's misunderstanding, you'll see why...


Kokoro no Gokai

Aoi's POV

I ran through the hallways of school, clutching the chocolate heart tightly. I had waited all day for this moment and the end of the school day was nearing, it was either now or never.

I suddenly bumped into someone and I dropped the chocolate heart I was holding, my bag fell next to me on the ground. The heart fell on the said person's books and I fell backwards and landed on my butt.

I looked up to see who I had bumped into, when I looked up I saw two golden eyes staring at me, I was staring right into the face of Tsurugi! He looked rather worried about me.

''Are you okay?'' he asked.

''Y-yeah'' I answered.

He extended his hand out towards me, I gladly took it and Tsurugi pulled me up. I rubbed my butt, I had made quite a smack.

''Arigatou'' I said after Tsurugi had pulled me up.

''Are you really ok?'' he asked again, since he saw me rubbing my butt.

''Yeah, if you'll excuse me I really have to go now.'' I quickly picked up my bag and ran off while the school bell rang. My cheeks were red of embarrassment, running into Tsurugi like that was just so embarrassing! I was never this clumsy.

There was no soccer practice today, because it was Valentine's Day and there would be a Valentine's Day ball tonight. Because of this I ran straight towards the school gates.

''Aoi matte!''

I turned around to see who had called out to me, hoping it wasn't Tsurugi, to my relief I saw my childhood friend Tenma running op to me, I stopped to wait for him.

Now was the perfect moment! Now where was that chocolate heart again? I frantically searched through my bag. By the time Tenma reached me I had given up and I realized I had lost it.

Oh no, I must've dropped it when I bumped into Tsurugi. If I wouldn't do something quickly this could end up in a disaster for me. I had to retrieve my chocolate heart!

''Ehm… sorry Tenma, there's something I forgot to do.'' I had no time to wait for Tenma to say anything if I wanted to be in time to save my chocolate heart, so I sprinted back towards the school.

I had reached the school doors and I wasn't able to run anymore because there were so many students walking out of the school.

I forced my way through and ran to the place where I bumped into Tsurugi, hoping he'd still be around there.

When I had reached the place I was headed for, I saw a tall figure with navy blue hair standing in the hallway, I immediately knew it was Tsurugi. He was staring at a note that had once been folded and that he held in his hand, but the biggest shock was yet to come. In his other hand Tsurugi was holding my chocolate heart!

The worst possible scenario that I had thought of, turned out to be true!

Tsurugi's POV

I looked at Aoi's back as she ran off while the school bell rang, before I turned around and bent over to pick up my books. I noticed that there was an odd shape amongst them, it was a heart shape.

Aoi must've dropped it, but then why didn't she pick it up? She must've left it on purpose then, right? But she wasn't the kind of person to forget things easily. But then why was she so nervous when she ran away?

None of these things added up, so I just decided that she must've left it there on purpose. All this while I was just staring at my books bent over, in the middle of the hallway while other students had already started to exit the school building.

I finally decided to pick the heart up, it was a box. I pulled the lid of the box and found a chocolate heart inside and a folded note on top of it. I started to read the note.

Dear T.,

I've known you for quite a while now, but I've never had the courage to say this. And I still don't, that's why I wrote this letter to you.

Ever since I saw you I found you interesting, I was somehow attracted to you. We soon became friends, but as time passed my feelings for you grew stronger.

Instead of just liking you as a friend, I started to like-like you and soon I realized...

I love you!

There, it's finally out. I'm so glad I gathered the courage to write this letter to you.

I hope you love me too, but until then...


Sorano Aoi

I couldn't believe what I had just read, I didn't know Aoi had such deep feelings for me.

Aoi's POV

I stood there nailed to the ground as Tsurugi was staring at my letter, I realized I had to do something, so I walked towards Tsurugi.

''Ehm Tsurugi?'' I started, I was going to explain to him what was really going on, I just wished he would understand. I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Tsurugi snapped out of his staring trance when he heard me, he turned his head to look at me.


''Tsurugi, that letter-''

''It's okay Aoi, you don't have to say anything, I quite like you too.''

''Ehm Tsurugi, that's not what I-''

He interrupted me again, once again cutting off my sentence, not letting me explain.

''Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Will I see you tonight?''

I was so taking aback by this question that I forgot what I had come for, all I could manage to get out was: ''I-I-I…''

''See you tonight then.'' Tsurugi smiled at me and turned around.

And with that, Tsurugi picked up his stuff and walked away, leaving me standing dumbfounded in the hallway.

I gulped, did that just really happen? I had only made things worse instead of preventing a total disaster, Tsurugi wouldn't even let me explain what was going on. What do I do now? He wants to see me tonight, but wait… wasn't tonight's ball a masquerade? Maybe I could buy myself some time to explain at tonight's ball.

I pondered on what to do, but I realized the best thing to do for me right now would be to just go home. I didn't have any time left to stay anyway, I really had to go home. I walked back out of the school and towards the gates.

Tenma's POV

What is wrong with Aoi today? I thought as I saw her running back towards the school. She has been nervous all day and she wasn't the type of girl to easily forget stuff. And why had she ran away as soon as I had reached her?

Maybe I should follow her to figure it out, but wouldn't that be like stalking? I decided I just had to do it if I wanted to figure what was going on with Aoi.

I ran back to the main building, almost all the students were gone by now so the halls were next to empty.

I walked around the halls a bit before I saw a familiar figure standing in the middle of a hallway, it was Tsurugi. I was going to ask him if he knew where Aoi was, but then I saw someone else stepping towards him. I quickly hid behind a wall.

I looked around the corner of the wall to see who had stepped towards Tsurugi and to my shock I saw Aoi! I really was shocked, why was Aoi still here with Tsurugi?

That's when I noticed the chocolate heart Tsurugi was holding. Did Aoi give it to him? Did she… love him? I felt something break inside me as I realized that that must be true, because why else would they still be here?

''Ehm Tsurugi?''


I watched as they started to talk.

''Tsurugi, that letter-'' Aoi said.

''It's okay Aoi, you don't have to say anything, I quite like you too.''

''Ehm Tsurugi, that's not what I-''

''Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Will I see you tonight?''

I didn't want to hear anything more, I couldn't bear it. My heart was smashed into pieces and I just wanted to get away. I couldn't look at Aoi, I knew she would be able to see the sadness in my eyes and then she would start asking questions and she wouldn't stop until she had a satisfactorily answer.

So I ran, fast, away from the school hall and through the gate towards my home. When I had reached my home I opened the front door and ran towards my room without stopping.

''Okaeri nasai Tenma!'' Aki-nee said, but I ignored her. I wasn't ready to face anyone yet.

I locked myself in my room, but I knew I couldn't ignore her forever. But for now, I just wanted to be alone, I wanted to process everything I had seen and heard at school. When I am ready I will face Aki-nee and later, I would face Aoi and Tsurugi.

Aoi's POV

I had reached the school gates, but Tenma was nowhere to be seen. Where was he? Did he go home already because I took too long? But that doesn't sound like something Tenma would do.

''Tenma! Tenmaaa!''

I started shouting his name, but there was no response. Maybe he did really go home already?

''Oi Aoi! Why are you shouting?'' A voice called out to me from behind.

I turned around to see Kariya standing a couple of feet away from me.

''Kariya, have you seen Tenma?'' I asked kind of worried.

''Yes I did.''

''And? Where is he?'' Sometimes Kariya could really work on my nerves, why couldn't he just answer like a normal human being.

''He dashed out of the gate like a minute ago. He was running like a madman.''

''And where did he go?''

''I don't know, you should ask him.'' I rolled my eyes, if I could ask him where he went, then I wouldn't have to look for him.

After saying that Kariya walked out of the gate, leaving me standing in front of the gate on my own.

I was wondering where Tenma went, if he did go home, should I go looking for him there? I took my cell phone out of my bag to check the time, I realized I had no time to go to Tenma's house if I wanted to arrive in time at the ball tonight.

I'd best go home, I still had to eat dinner, put on my dress, do my hair and my make-up and I needed all remaining time for that.

I hurried home, still wondering about Tenma, should I confront him tonight?

Tenma's POV

I finally decided to get out of my room, just to eat dinner. When I came downstairs I saw that Aki-nee had prepared my favorite dish, tempura udon.

''Konbanwa Tenma, you looked so sad when you got home that I thought that maybe your favorite dish could cheer you up.'' Aki-nee greeted me.

''Arigatou Aki-nee'' I was grateful for the food, but it wouldn't be enough to cheer me up. I sat down at the table and said ''Itadakimasu'' without any spirit. I started eating.

''Tenma, are you still going to the Valentine's day ball?''

I almost choked on my food after hearing this, after the events of today I wasn't planning on going to the ball anymore. I couldn't possibly lie to Aki-nee, so I honestly told her: ''I wasn't exactly planning on going.''

''But I bought you such a nice suit to wear, it's a shame you won't wear it though.'' Aki-nee's face saddened while saying this, she must be really disappointed by me not going.

I could not bear to see Aki-nee sad, so I gave in.

''Now that I think about it, I think I might actually go.''

''Really?'' Aki-nee's face brightened at hearing this. ''Then, hurry up and eat your tempura, you still have to put on your suit, now where did I leave that hat?''

I smiled at Aki-nee's excitement, almost as if she was the one going, as I happily ate my tempura udon.

Aoi's POV

''Aoi!'' My father was shouting from the bottom of the stairs. ''Someone's here for you!''

''I'm coming!'' I shouted back while looking in the mirror.

I wore a long strapless light pink dress, the bottom part was made of a tulle-like fabric and the top part had a decoration that looked like a flower. My hair was wavy and I wore pink lipstick. To finish it all, I wore a silver mask, it was a simple, yet elegant mask. It used to belong to my mother, but she gave it to me, to wear to this masquerade.


''I'm coming, I'm coming!''

I lifted the hem of my dress, revealing my light pink heels. I walked out of my room and down the stairs, concentrating hard on where I was going, careful not to trip.

But just before I reached the bottom of the stairs, I stumbled and fell. I expected to hit the floor, but instead I felt two strong arms catch me.

I had fallen right into someone's arms.

Tsurugi's POV

Aoi was walking down the stairs, she wore a light pink dress and a silver mask, she looked really good. I watched her as she was concentrating on her steps, obviously not noticing me.

It was then that I saw how she stood on her dress with her right heel and she stumbled and fell right into my arms.

She looked up at my face.

Aoi's POV

I looked up to see whose arms I had fallen into. What I saw surprised me, I saw the same two golden eyes looking concerned at me as I saw earlier this day. But this time they were surrounded by black, it was a black mask.

I had fallen right into Tsurugi's arms, which meant he was here, in my house. I now realized what he had meant this afternoon by saying: ''See you tonight.'' I gulped, I hadn't expected him to actually come to my house.

I quickly straightened myself and escaped from Tsurugi's arms, desperate to get away.

''Tsurugi'' I said while looking at him, he was wearing a tuxedo and a black mask and I had to reluctantly admit that he actually looked pretty good in it.

'' Phiet-phew '' my dad whistled, ''is this your date Aoi? He's quite a catch!''

''Da-ad!'' I said, sometimes my could be so annoying and embarrassing.

''It's okay Aoi, I know how fathers are.'' Tsurugi extended his hand out to me after saying this and said: ''Shall we go?''

''S-sure'' I said and laid my hand in his, I noticed his hand felt cold, but I didn't dare to pull my hand away. Tsurugi led me to the front door and out of the house to a car waiting in front of our house.

''Be home by midnight!'' My father shouted after us as we got in the car. It was warm inside the car and I was able to relax a bit.

''Nii-san, we can go now'' Tsurugi said, it turned out that the person driving the car was no one less than Tsurugi's older brother, Yuuichi. Yuuichi turned around to look at me and said: ''It's nice to see you again Aoi.''

I nodded, not able to bring out anything, I was still taken aback by all of this. Then the car started up and we drove away. I noticed Tsurugi was still holding my hand as we sat inside the car.

''Ehm Tsurugi?'' I said while looking at our hands, hoping he'd understand the subtle hint.

''Oh'' he looked at me and then at where I was looking and he quickly let go of my hand, I was relieved that the cold had disappeared.

The rest of the car ride was silent.

Tenma's POV

I was looking around the party venue, trying to find Aoi, but I didn't see her. She had said she would be going right? I turned my head one more time to the entrance, to see if she wasn't just arriving and that I'd miss her.

That's when I saw her, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she was just arriving, she wore a long light pink dress and a silver mask. Her hair was dark blue and wavy and it looked like a light was shining from behind her. There was no mistaking, she was Aoi.

For a split second I closed my eyes and saw us dancing, but then I opened my eyes and my dream image was shattered.

At Aoi's side stood Tsurugi, he must've come here with her, but with Tsurugi there I couldn't possibly ask Aoi to dance. She would refuse my offer and start dancing with Tsurugi instead, I was sure of that, I mean she liked him.

All I could do was lay low and not be recognized until Tsurugi would finally leave her side and I could ask her to dance.

Aoi's POV

I was moving a bit along to the music, I was standing in the corner of the party venue with Tsurugi, he had brought me here, but he still hadn't asked me to dance with him. I was starting to get bored and was thinking of ways to escape, because Tsurugi worked like an anti-boy shield. Every time a boy looked my way he took a step forward, then glanced sideways to Tsurugi who was standing next to me and he would back off and change direction.

I had enough of it, but suddenly I had a flash of inspiration. If I said I had to redo my make-up, Tsurugi would have to let me go. I could then sneak away to the other side of the room.

''Tsurugi? I'm going to redo my make-up.''

Tsurugi looked my way and said ''sure''.

I was a little bit taken aback by his response, he didn't even seem to care at all. Nonetheless, I walked over to the door leading to the powder room and I turned my head to see if Tsurugi was looking at me. To my relief he was distracted by some girl that was talking to him.

I took my chance and quickly walked to the other side of the party venue, I didn't dare turn around before I had reached the other side of the room. I was still in a corner, but as far away from Tsurugi as possible, or at least so I thought, because I could no longer see him. My view was blocked by all the dancing boys and girls.

Tenma's POV

I looked to the corner where Aoi was supposed to stand, making sure she was still there. But all I could see in that particular corner was Tsurugi, Aoi was nowhere to be seen. I turned my head, almost in panic, because if she wasn't with Tsurugi, then now would be the time to ask her to dance if I could only find her. When I saw Aoi standing at the other side of the venue, I could've cried an 'arigatou!' to the gods.

I slowly walked over to Aoi, never taking my eyes off her.

Aoi's POV

While I looked around the party venue, I noticed that a boy was walking towards me, I didn't recognize the boy, he was wearing a suit, his hair was hidden beneath a hat and his eyes were hidden behind his mask. His mask was silver, just like mine, almost as if we were meant to be together. But that was ridiculous, I didn't even know the boy.

The boy had now reached me, I tried to look into his eyes, but I couldn't see them. That was when the boy asked the question I had been waiting for all night.

''Do you want to dance with me?''

The boy held his hand up, waiting for me to accept it and I laid my hand in his. His hand felt warm, it was a big contrast with Tsurugi's hand, which had felt cold. The warmth of this hand spread through my whole body and felt somehow familiar, but that couldn't be possible.

The boy led me to the dance floor then he stood still, laid his right hand on my back and put our hands in the good dancing position, on chest height, I laid my left hand on his right arm and we started dancing. The boy led me and we twirled and moved like we were weightless, I had never danced before but with this boy it went naturally. Dancing with him felt almost magical, maybe this boy could be the one, maybe Tenma and I weren't meant to be together. I felt like I could keep dancing with this boy for forever.

I had no idea how long I had been dancing when I suddenly remembered one of the reasons I escaped from Tsurugi, to find Tenma. But I was now dancing with a stranger, who could actually be the one, so I couldn't just walk away and look for Tenma. My eyes darted around the room as I danced with this boy, trying very hard to find Tenma, but I couldn't find him.

The boy I was dancing with apparently noticed that my gaze was everywhere, except for on him, because he asked.

''Are you looking for someone?''

''Yes'' I flopped out without even thinking.

''If you tell me who it is, maybe I could help?''

I didn't know why, but I felt like I could actually tell this boy what happened, maybe it was because I just needed someone to talk to. And who would be better to talk to than a stranger?

Tenma's POV

''Today I tried giving a chocolate heart to the boy I love,'' suddenly it felt like my lungs were crushed.

''but it didn't really work out as I had planned. I wanted to talk to my friend afterwards, but that didn't go either. And now I still haven't talked to him. I was hoping he'd be here.''

''And who is this boy that you are looking for?'' I asked, not being able to contain my curiosity.

''His name is T-''

Aoi's POV

As I was trying to tell the stranger who I was looking for, someone suddenly grabbed my right arm and I turned my head to see who it was.

''Aoi'' someone said my name.

Next to me I saw a boy with navy blue hair and a black mask, it was Tsurugi, there was no mistaken. He stood next to me and he was holding my arm, I started to panic, had he noticed I had sneaked off? And how long was I gone?

''Tsurugi, I was just…'' What was I going to say? I had to think of an excuse.

''So this is the boy you were looking for?'' The boy, who I had been dancing with until a moment ago, said.

''I'll leave you to be then'' the boy said and he removed his hand from my back and waited a couple of seconds before sliding his hand out of mine. As soon as his skin no longer touched mine, I could feel his warmth seep out of my body. As soon as it was gone I craved it back, I had to feel that warmth again.

The boy turned around and left.

''Matte!'' I called out after him ''I don't even know your name!''

The boy turned around one more time to say: ''My name is not worth knowing.'' After having said this he turned back and walked away.

''Don't leave!'' but it was no use, my voice was easily drowned out by the playing music. I was trying to break free from Tsurugi's grip, he was still holding my arm, but it was no use, his hold on my arm was too strong.

''Aoi!'' I focused my attention back to Tsurugi, ''we have to go, it's almost midnight!''

''But-'' Tsurugi cut me off and I once again tried to break free, but it was still no use, he just wouldn't let go.

''Remember what you're father said!'' I remembered my father's words, I had to be home before midnight.

And so I let Tsurugi drag me out of the building, I knew he was right, but all I wanted was to find that boy and feel his warmth again.

When we were outside I took off my mask, there was no one outside to us to see who I was anyway.

But Tsurugi didn't stop running when we were outside and he dragged my along, this caused me to open my hand and my mask fell out of my hand and on the ground. Oh no! I have to get my mask back!

''Tsurugi!'' I said, but he wouldn't listen, he was only focusing on getting to the car as fast as possible.

''Tsurugi matte!'' This time Tsurugi turned his head in my direction since we had reached the car.

''What is it Aoi?'' Tsurugi asked as he opened the door.

''My mask…'' I tried to say as Tsurugi was shoving me in the car.

''What about your mask?'' Tsurugi asked as he was getting in the car himself.

''I dropped it and I have to get it back!'' Tsurugi wasn't even listening, because at the same time I said this, he said: ''Let's go Yuuichi!'' The car drove away slowly, we were still on the school grounds.

Tsurugi turned to me, ''Don't worry Aoi, someone will find it and I'm sure they'll return it to you. It's just a mask, there really is no need to make such a fuss about it.'' Tsurugi didn't understand, of course he wouldn't. I turned around to see if my mask was still lying on the ground. What I saw when I turned around surprised me, the boy I had been dancing with earlier was walking out of the door, but then he stopped and bent down to pick up my mask.

I saw how his hand moved towards his own hat and I knew he was going to take it off. But before I could see who he really was, the car drove out of the gate, made a turn and sped away, preventing me from seeing who the boy was.

I slumped back into my car seat and I was silent for the rest of the car ride, completely ignoring Tsurugi, who was sitting next to me.

When we reached my home I got out of the car without saying a word and I walked straight to the front door. I was reaching for the doorbell when the door opened, my father stood in the doorway, he looked at his watch and said: ''Just in time, how was it?''

I really didn't want to talk about what had happened tonight so I slipped past him, into the hallway, where I took off my heels, I didn't even know how I had managed to stay standing on them all evening. I wanted to go to my room as fast as possible, but before running up the stairs I turned around to my father and said: ''I don't want to talk about it.'' And with that I ran upstairs towards my room, my heels in my hand.

I slammed the door behind me and dropped my heels on the floor, I walked over to my desk and checked my cell phone, to see if I had any messages, but I had none. I decided to call Tenma, I really needed to talk to him, I dialed his number and waited for him to pick up, but he didn't answer, I tried again and again, but with no avail, he never picked up.

I sighed defeated and gave up, I changed into my pajamas and hung my dress in my closet, hiding it completely in the back, seeing it again wouldn't bring back any good memories. I went to brush my teeth and afterwards I went to bed.

Finally being able to be alone in my bed I started to cry, I couldn't contain my feelings anymore, I had to let it go.

This was the worst Valentine's Day ever!

To be continued...

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