Konbanwa minna!

It's a new chapter, cause it's White Day today! It's a little late though, it took me more time to finish it than I had anticipated. But it's finished yaaay!

Before you start reading this chapter, there's a couple things you should know:

-A blue rose means unacchievable or unreachable

Meanings of White Day presents:

White chocolate - let's be friends

Chocolate candy - I like you

Chocolate cookies - I love you

Enjoy reading this chapter~

Aoi's POV

It was White Day and I must admit I hadn't been looking forward to it, since Valentine's Day was such a disaster. It was a month later and I still didn't have my mask back and I still didn't know who that mystery boy was.

During the last month Tsurugi hadn't even talked to me once, he was completely ignoring me and every time I tried talking to him he would walk away or start talking to the nearest person. He wasn't just ignoring me, he was avoiding me, which was all the more worse. He never gave me a chance to explain, so I still haven't been able to clear up last month's events.

I haven't really been able to talk to Tenma either, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, because whenever I saw Tenma, his eyes always looked sad. I just couldn't talk to him when he was like that. During practice I could see how he was forcing a smile, I knew him far too well to not notice that and it pained me. Seeing him force a smile hurt far more than just the sadness I could see in his eyes. When I tried to tell him he didn't have to force a smile he said: "What are you talking about?" as if it wasn't obvious he was forcing it.

So basically the past month has been a slow, lonely, irritating and sometimes even hurtful one, but today was White Day, which would be the worst day by far. I didn't expect to get any kind of gift today, Tsurugi was ignoring me and Tenma didn't know how I really felt. This day was just going to be terrible.

It was noon and classes had ended for the rest of the day since it was Friday and White Day. I was planning to go straight home, it's not that I was in much of a hurry. I hadn't decided on going to the White Day Ball, even though I had a dress in my closet, ready to be worn to tonight's ball, I had no one to go with. I just wasn't in the mood to see all girls get chocolate and being happy, knowing I wouldn't get any.

While walking to the gate I saw happy face all around me and it kind of got me depressed, so instead of looking in front of me, I looked down at my feet as they moved forward.

I saw a different pair of feet entering my field of sight, but I couldn't stop in time and I crashed against somebody. I was starting to fall backwards, but before I was halfway to the ground, the person in front of me grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. The sudden contact sent a cold shiver through me, I looked up to see who I had bumped into and I realized that the cold that I felt wasn't a cold shiver. It was Tsurugi's skin on mine.

I had bumped into Tsurugi, it reminded me of Valentine's Day, I had bumped into Tsurugi then as well. I could only hope this wouldn't be like that at all.

I quickly pulled my arm out of Tsurugi's hold, I wasn't just going to stand around waiting for something to happen. I took one step sideward, to get past Tsurugi, but there he was in front of me again. It irritated me, I just wanted to go home.

"Aoi wait." Tsurugi said. He started to rummage through his bag, he had sounded unsure and maybe even nervous? Not that I would really know when Tsurugi was nervous, I mean I have never seen the guy being nervous.

Tsurugi had found what he was looking for because he pulled something out of his bag and handed it to me.

"Aoi this is for you. I hope you'll accept it."

I dumbfoundedly took the object out of his hands, blankly staring at it. I saw what was in my hands and yet I didn't. With a shock I awoke from my trance and I saw that I was holding a white round box with a pink ribbon tied around it, it looked quite cute. The first thing I thought was that this didn't fit Tsurugi at all.

I decided to open the package, so I untied the ribbon and removed it from the box, I pulled the lid of the box and looked inside the box. The box was filled to the brim with chocolate candy, I almost heaved a sigh of relief seeing this, but I realized just in time that that would be very untactful for Tsurugi. But still I was happy to know Tsurugi didn't really love me. So I looked up to Tsurugi, smiling but probably not for the reason he imagined.

"Arigatou Tsurugi" I beamed.

I saw Tsurugi opening his mouth, ready to say something when someone called out to me and Tsurugi shut his mouth again.


I turned around to see who had called out to me, I saw someone with brown hair waving at me, it was Tenma who had called out to me. I should've known. I remained where I was, waiting for Tenma to arrive, while closing the box again and putting it in my bag.

When Tenma had reached us Tsurugi made an attempt to turn around and said: "I think I'll go, bye Aoi, mata ne."

"Jaa ne Tsurugi!" I chimed, still happy he didn't love me. I followed Tsurugi with my eyes as he turned around and walked away before turning my attention to Tenma.

I took a good look at Tenma's face and the first thing I noticed was the fact that his eyes had changed. They no longer seemed to carry sadness, instead they beamed with something else, something I couldn't quite place. Now would be the perfect time to talk to him, now that he was no longer sad.

"Tenma…" I started, not really knowing where to begin.

"Aoi" Tenma said and he held something out to me. I took it without looking what it was.

"Arigatou" I said, but then I looked down at my hands, or rather at what was in them and I wasn't able to bring out even a single syllable.

In my hands I was holding a bar of white chocolate. I felt crushed and it was like my heart was smashed, right after someone had ripped it out my chest, leaving a big hole. But it wasn't just my heart, I myself was shattered, I couldn't believe this. It hurt so much, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I probably should have seen it coming, but it still hurt beyond description.

My eyes started to sting and all I knew was that I had to get away from here, away from everything. And so, without thinking twice, I started running, as fast as I could. I didn't care what would happen if I left like that, I didn't care about anything right now. I was too heartbroken to think about anything else but that white chocolate.

Tenma's POV

"Aoi!" I called after her as she ran away, but she was already too far away to hear me. I slumped my shoulders and mentally hit myself, I was just so stupid. I tried to be nice to Aoi and I made her run away. I wasn't sure yet though as to what made her run away.

I should've never given her the white chocolate and definitely shouldn't have done that. It was clear she loved Tsurugi, she even ran away just to be with him, I was convinced of that. I felt so incredibly stupid I wanted to scream out loud, but instead I screamed inside my mind.

There was nothing left for me to do here now so I just walked away, still screaming of stupidity inside.

Aoi's POV

I threw myself on my bed, my face buried inside my pillow, my tears started spilling while my pillow absorbed them. Every now and then a miserable sound would escape my lips. Luckily for me, no one was home besides me, my parents were working. Nobody could hear me sob and I was grateful for that.

After a while of crying, which had felt like an eternity, my pillow had absorbed so many tears around my eyes that it had become soaked. The tears had stopped coming, my eyes felt all dry and the soaked pillow actually felt nice. The pain in my heart, however, remained.

After laying like that for a while I realized it was just pointless, Tenma wasn't going to love me no matter how many tears I shed over him, and just lying here like this wasn't going to do anything significant either.

So I decided to get up and I walked downstairs, I ended up in the kitchen and I poured myself a glass of water. When I had brought the glass up to my lips the doorbell rang and I reluctantly put the glass back down to open the door. I wasn't expecting anything or anyone so I had no idea who it could be. I slowly opened the door and was surprised by who was standing before the door.

On the doorstep stood a delivery guy, he was holding a bouquet of blue roses in one hand and a box in his other hand.

"This is for Sorano Aoi" the delivery guy said.

"That's me" I said.

The delivery guy handed me the bouquet and the box while saying "Here you go, this is for you."

I mumbled an "arigatou" as I clumsily took the bouquet and the box in my hands.

"Have a good day!" The delivery guy said with a smile and he turned around and walked away. My hands were full so I had to close the door with my foot, which actually worked for once, I usually would mess up and everything that I was carrying would fall on the ground.

I walked back to the kitchen and put the bouquet and the box on the kitchen table. I looked at the blue roses, they were artificially colored. I knew that, they were my favorite flowers. But nobody else knew they were, this left me puzzled.

I looked at the box, it was a heart-shaped box with a blue ribbon across it, I carefully loosened the ribbon and removed it from the box. I pulled the lid of the box and put it next to the box. The content of the box surprised me, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

The box contained chocolate cookies, they smelled and looked delicious. But did this mean that...?

On top of the cookies lay a folded note, it was folded twice. I took it out of the box and slowly opened it. It was a handwritten note and the handwriting somehow seemed oddly familiar, I started to read the note.

Dear Aoi,

I love you. Ever since I first laid my eyes on you I wanted to be close to you. But I know it is impossible to be with you, because you love Tsurugi. Nonetheless, I'll never stop loving you.

Your secret admirer

I was gasping for air, I had a secret admirer? And he actually loved me? At least, that's what the note and the chocolate cookies told me. I wanted to know who he was, but I really didn't know, so I started by ruling out possibilities.

It wasn't Tsurugi, since the note said that I loved Tsurugi and that's why my secret admirer couldn't be with me. Of course, this wasn't true, I didn't love Tsurugi at all, but this meant it must've been someone who knew about the chocolate heart or who knew we went to the masquerade together. Tsurugi had been ignoring me since then, so it had to be someone who knew beforehand. This left very few people.

The only people left were the soccer players, including Tenma and the mystery boy from the masquerade.

Then there were the blue roses and the familiar handwriting. The handwriting meant that it was indeed someone I knew, so it couldn't be the mystery boy. But the blue roses, I never told anyone they were my favorite, except…

Suddenly everything fell in place and it explained everything. The handwriting was Tenma's, I told him several years ago that blue roses were my favorites, I can't believe he remembered. But it didn't explain only this, it also explained the white chocolate. Tenma had given it to me because he believed I loved Tsurugi and he didn't want to interfere. I slowly felt my heart being mended, now that I knew Tenma loved me it was going to be alright.

I had to see Tenma, I had to talk to him, but… I also had to talk to Tsurugi, I had to make things right. I took two roses from the bouquet and practically flew out of the door while my parents just got home.

"Hi mommy, hi daddy, can't talk right now. I have to do something."

I kept running and the thought of Tenma pushed me forward even harder. I soon reached Tsurugi's house.

Tenma's POV

After leaving the school grounds I ran to the florist as fast as I could with only one thing on my mind: cancelling my delivery order.

I arrived at the florist completely out of breath, I practically ran to the counter, behind it stood a friendly looking woman with black hair. I started to talk to her while still gasping for air.


"Whoa, boy take a deep breath, because I can't understand you like this." The florist stated.

I took a deep breath and started again.

"I want to cancel my delivery order for blue roses."

"I'll check the system for you, what's your name?"

"Matsukaze Tenma."

The florist started ticking on the keyboard of the computer in front of her. "But why would you want to cancel it?" she inquired.

"Let's just say I made a mistake" I replied.

"Ah, here it is, one bouquet of blue roses and a box of cookies for Sorano Aoi, is that correct?"

"Hai, that's it."

"I'm sorry, but that order was shipped off an hour ago, it should be delivered by now. There's nothing I can do about it anymore."

"Oh" I said. I had so hoped it was still here, yesterday it still seemed like a good idea to secretly send Aoi roses, but today I wished I had never come up with the idea.

"Thanks for the effort" I sulked and turned around. It was about time to go home. I just hoped Aoi wasn't able to figure out who the bouquet was from.

Aoi's POV

I rang the doorbell and waited patiently while hiding the roses behind my back. It didn't take long before someone opened the door, it was Tsurugi, of course.

"Aoi" Tsurugi simply stated at seeing me.

"Tsurugi we have to talk" I said with a serious look on my face.

"Well eh… come in" Tsurugi stepped aside to make room for me but instead of walking inside I remained where I was. Coming inside would only make this more awkward.

"I would prefer to talk here if you don't mind."

"Okay then" Tsurugi went to stand in the door opening again.

"Remember the chocolate heart you got last month on Valentine's Day?" I asked.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"It's just that…" my voice started to falter as I was losing my confidence, "the heart wasn't meant for you." I could merely whisper this, not sure if I actually wanted Tsurugi to hear it.

"What do you mean it wasn't meant for me?" Tsurugi looked surprised as he said this, but not necessarily shocked.

"It-it was meant for Tenma" I stammered while looking Tsurugi in the eye.

"For Tenma?"

"Yeah, I had been trying to tell you back then, but you didn't give me a chance. And I have been trying to tell you ever since, but you were avoiding me."

Tsurugi let out a sigh and said: "I'm sorry, I acted like a jerk didn't I?"

We both laughed and I said "it's okay, you didn't know."

We stood in silence for a while before I said: "Can I ask you something, why were you avoiding me?"

One of Tsurugi's arms moved upwards and he rubbed his neck. "I wasn't sure of my feelings for you and I didn't want to face you without knowing what I had really felt. But even today, when I gave you that chocolate candy, it didn't feel real or honest. I felt you expected me to give you that. Aoi, I only like you as a friend, I don't think there could ever be anything romantic between us."

I was actually relieved at hearing this, because even though I wanted to clear all of this up, I didn't want to Tsurugi. A weight had fallen of my shoulders, I hadn't even known it was there until it was gone.

"You know what Tsurugi? I wouldn't have it any other way." I happily said.

We both let out a sigh and laughed, it felt good to laugh after this tiring month. I removed my hands from my back and held one of the blue roses out to Tsurugi.

"For being such a good friend" I beamed.

"Arigatou" Tsurugi said as he took the rose and admired it. "Where did you get a rose like this?"

"Actually" I smiled, "I got a whole bouquet of them."

Tsurugi's eyes widened. "Really? From who?"

"Tenma" I chimed, "although it was supposed to be anonymous. He even wrote a letter saying he loved me."

"And does he know you know that it came from him?" Tsurugi asked.

"Not yet, but I'm going to see him and tell him, today."

"Well you better get going then, I wouldn't want to keep you waiting."

"Thank you" I said and I turned around halfway. "Jaa ne!" I said and walked away, towards Tenma's house.

"Good luck!" Tsurugi called after me and I smiled.

I happily skipped off, towards Tenma's house, I couldn't wait to tell him, my heart was filled with joy.

In the front garden of the house Tenma lived in stood Aki-san, she was sweeping the doorstep with a broom.

"Konnichiwa Aki-san!" I called out to her. Aki-san looked up at hearing my greeting and stopped sweeping her broom.

"Konnichiwa Aoi!"

"Is Tenma home?" I asked.

"Ah no, he's gone to the riverbank to practice, you know him." Aki-san laughed.

"Yeah" I laughed along with her but I silently though "I thought I did."

"Well I'll go see him there then."

And so I left again, skipping towards the riverbank. Luckily the riverbank wasn't far, I had reached it within two minutes.

I saw Tenma practicing on the field. I observed him for a while, he was practicing his shots on goal. Occasionally he used a hissatsu technique, but it made no differences, none of his shoots went in the goal. They either hit the pole or went way over of past the goal, with every shot he missed, Tenma seemed to get more frustrated.

I walked down the stairs leading to the field, I was surprised Tenma still hadn't noticed me after all the times he had to go get the ball. I couldn't wait any longer and called out to him.


Tenma seemed startled as he turned his head in my direction, I was sort of expecting him to run away but instead he slowly walked over to me holding his soccer ball under his right arm. He didn't say a single word when he reached me.

I gathered all my courage and asked him:

"Will you go to the White Day Ball with me?"

I was really expecting to hear the word "yes" come out of his lips, but that's not what he said.

"I can't" Tenma exclaimed as he cast his eyes downwards.

"Why can't you?" I said.

"Because nothing can ever happen between us and… you don't mean this and it wouldn't be fair to anyone if I went with you."

I thrust the blue rose I was holding forward, I had to convince Tenma of my real feelings.

"Tenma! You must believe I don't feel anything for Tsurugi."

Tenma looked up at hearing this and his eyes widened, he inched forward. He stretched his arm forward to take the rose, but pulled it back before he could take it.

"I know you sent me the bouquet and the chocolate cookies. Tenma, I've never loved other."

Tenma still didn't answer, instead he took a step forward and closed the distance between us. Our noses were practically touching. My arm was right next to his body, still holding the rose, I lowered it until it was next to my body, never losing sight of Tenma's eyes. They burned with passion and I knew he finally understood how I felt.

Tenma tilted his head a little to the left and he slowly leaned forward while we both closed our eyes. His lips softly touched mine and pressed against them. I heard a ball bouncing on the ground and Tenma's arms found their way around my waist and pulled me even closer to him. I dropped the rose I was holding and my hands moved towards his neck, my fingers wove themselves through his hair. My heartbeat quickened and reverberated through my body.

And just a s sudden as Tenma's lips were on mine, they were off them again and I dropped my arms. My eyes stayed closed for a little while longer, I was trying to savior this kiss because I longed for more.

Finally I opened my eyes and I saw that Tenma had widened the distance between us, my heart ached a little at seeing this. He was holding his soccer ball again.

"Aoi, there's something else I must give you."

"What is it?"

"Just come with me."

Tenma slid his hand into mine and our fingers intertwined. His hand was warm, like nothing I'd ever felt before, I enjoyed the feeling.

Together we happily walked to Tenma's home, enjoying each moment of each other's company. We reached his home way too early to my taste. Aki-san was no longer in the front garden.

We walked inside and we were headed straight for Tenma's room. I was starting to grow a little anxious, what did Tenma want to show me? Due to my anxiousness I hadn't notices we were already in Tenma's room.

Tenma let go of my had and walked to his cupboard, he opened one of the drawers and slowly pulled something out of it. He turned and held it out towards me.

What I saw shocked me, I couldn't believe it was true. And somewhere deep inside I felt like I should be angry, why didn't he tell me? Why hadn't he given it to me before? Not sure whether to be angry, shocked or happy I fell to my knees.

"Is everything alright Aoi?" Tenma asked as he dropped to my eye height.

"It was you! Why didn't you tell me it was you? How could you keep this hidden?"

"I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I thought you loved Tsurugi and I couldn't bring myself to do it. Aoi, you are my world, all I wanted was for you to be happy. And I thought you were happy with Tsurugi and I didn't want to ruin that."

I looked up at Tenma's face and I could see he had meant every word he had said.

"Tenma… I already told you, I've never loved anyone other than you and I could only become happy while being at your side."

After hearing this Tenma put the mask on the carpet and he softly cupped my cheeks in his hands. I once again felt his warmth and I now knew I had felt it before, at the Valentine's Masquerade.

Tenma planted a soft but sweet kiss on my lips and let his forehead rest against mine.

"Then I promise I will make you happy." He whispered.

I couldn't move, I just wanted this moment to last a bit longer, to feel his warmth for a longer time. So we sat like this for a while, foreheads touching and staring into each other's eyes while Tenma's . Tenma's hot breath tickled my face.

Eventually Tenma removed his hands from my cheeks and his forehead from mine and he stood up. He held one of his hands out to me and I took it. He pulled me up and let go of my hand to bend down and pick up the mask. He held it out to me.

"I know it's not a rose or chocolate, but would you do me the honor of going to the White Day Ball with me?"

I was astonished by Tenma's way of asking me out, but I didn't doubt a single second about my answer.

"Of course I'll go with you!" I exclaimed as I flung my arms around his neck, hugging him.

Tenma and I spent some more time together that afternoon, before I went home to have dinner and prepare myself for the White Day Ball.

I looked myself over in the mirror, I wore a dress that had a blue top part and pink roses over my left chest area, the top had a dark blue line at the top. The dress was strapless, but had two purple straps around each of my arms, acting as sleeves. The bottom part of the dress was a darker shade of blue than the top part and the back was long while the front was short, showing my legs and heels, they were the same color as the top part of my dress. I couldn't help but notice that this dress was very different from the one I wore last month, but it was just as beautiful. My hair was curled and pinned up.

I slowly mad my way downstairs, knowing Tenma would be there. He had said he would come to pick me up. I made sure I didn't trip on the stairs, like I did last month, I shouldn't be making a habit out of such things.

At the bottom of the stairs Tenma stood waiting for me, he wore the same suit as he had done last month and it looked gorgeous on him. Next to Tenma stood my father, I mentally sighed, who knew what he was going to say this time?

What he said was by far not as worse as I had imagined, because all he said was "This one's not as scary looking."

I almost laughed, but I held it in, I didn't want my dad to think he was actually funny. I looked at Tenma, he looked like he was trying to say something, but didn't really know how.

"Aoi… y-you look stunning." He stammered.

"Thank you" I said.

"You better get going" my dad said, "you wouldn't want to be late for the ball now would you?"

I giggled a little, because the way my dad had said that sounded almost like he approved of Tenma.

Tenma held his hand out to me, I took it and we walked outside and to the car waiting for us, I knew Aki-san would be driving. We got in and Aki-san started the car and drove off. We soon arrived at the school grounds, Tenma got out first and held the door open for me. I smiled, he was such a gentleman. We thanked Aki-san for driving and walked over to the party venue.

As soon as we got inside I heard the music playing, Tenma went to stand in front of me and extended his hand out to me.

"Can I have this dance?" He asked.

I laid my hand in his and said "This one and every other dance tonight."

And so Tenma and got ourselves into a dancing position and started dancing, we danced all night long and it had felt so magical. Sometimes I had to assure myself that this was all real and that this wasn't just my imagination, I had dreamt of this moment for so long and now it was finally reality.

After dancing for almost all night Tenma and I went outside to wait for Aki-san to arrive and come pick us up, we went to sit on a bench. I shivered a little, it was quite cold at this time of the day.

"Here" Tenma held his jacket out to me, I gratefully took it. Even though I hadn't even said it, he knew I must've been cold.


I put the jacket around my shoulders, it was still warm and it smelled like Tenma. I felt myself growing tired, after a whole evening of dancing it was only to be expected of me to be tired. I nodded of a little and awoke with a shock.

"Something wrong?" Tenma looked at me with concerned eyes.

"Everything's fine, I'm just a little tired." Truth is, I was very tired, I had to fight to keep my eyes open, I guess all the stress from last month had finally caught up to me.

"You can sleep if you want" Tenma said with one of his charming smiles.

"Is it really okay?" I asked a little hesitant.

"Of course" Tenma said and he pulled me towards him. I turned a little and let my head rest on his lap. I looked up at him and he planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Sweet dreams Aoi."

I smiled and closed my eyes, I thought back to everything that happened today and tonight and I couldn't be more happy. I was finally together with the boy I loved and I knew he loved me too and that was all I needed. Not before long I fell asleep and drifted into a dream world, while sleeping on the lap of the boy of my dreams.


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