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Chapter 1:

It was October 10th and we find ourselves in the Konoha – the village hidden in the leaves – where Kyuubi the nine tailed demon fox is attacking though not through his own free will. After an hours relentless attack on the village Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage appears on the battle field in a flash of yellow light moments later the fox is gone and all the ninjas cheer for their leaders great feet however a few ninja have tears in their eyes knowing what Minato had to do and what he had to give up to protect his village.

To defeat the Kyuubi Minato used the forbidden Reaper Death Seal Summoning the Shinigami himself to seal half the Kyuubi within himself before sealing the other half within his new born son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze how ever in doing so he had to pay a very high price...his very sole. His last wish before he died as he handed over his son to his student Kakashi Hatake was "Tell them to treat Naruto as the hero he is Kakashi" with that the kage closed his eyes for them never to open again as Kakashi stood there holding Naruto in his arms as tears streamed from his eyes at the loss of his leader, sensei and surrogate father as little Naruto sleeps peacefully in his arms unaware of losing both his mother and father within hours of his short life.

~Council Room~

The room was filled with angry shouting the subject? One Naruto Uzumaki why you ask? They were trying to figure out what to do with the hours old infant in wake of the Kyuubi attack and his new position as the new host of said demon. In the room where the several factions of Konoha. The civilian council made up with the top merchants and shop owners of the village. Next was the shinobi council made up of the top clans of the village who had the strongest bloodline limits or kekkei genkai. Finally was the now reinstated third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen and his three ex-team mates who were now the village advisors Danzo, Homura and Koharu.

"We should kill it while it is weak! Kill it now before it can get strong and finish the job!" shouted on stupid civilian " know nothing about the ninja arts at all seeing as you talk as if the child if the Kyuubi in human form...are you saying we kill a child that is three hours old?" replyed the lazy yet angry voice of Shikaku Nara "Yes that is exactly what we are saying" screeched one pink haired bit...I mean Sona Hanaro only for Tsume Inuzuka and her nin hound to cover their ears due to the high pitch of her voice the class in the room nearly shattering as every other person in the room flinches.

"SILANCE ALL OF YOU!" came the booming voice of Sarutobi. The room instantly became so quite you could hear a senbone drop. Letting out a softly sigh Sarutobi looked over to Kakashi who was still holding the sleeping Naruto 'How is he still asleep through all this noise' he thought before turning back to the council with cold eyes causing all shinobi in the room to take an unwanted gulp seeing the eyes of a season shinobi even the old war hawk Danzo paled slightly though he quickly recovered and chose to voice his idea "Hokage-sama please allow me to take the child and train him we can make him into the sword that defends Konoha" he said though every shinobi in the room looked at his with a slight glare knowing full well that his training involved "No Danzo I will not hand the child over to you so you can make him into one of your mindless drones of your old ROOT ANBU!" said Satutobi at this Danzo frowned and sat back in his chair think of a way to get his hands on Naruto.

Next the civilian council chose to pipe up "Then we should have him killed!" said one fat man only for another to join in "He is right the demon should die for what it had done befo-" he couldn't finish his sentence for the room was flooded with killing intent [[will be called KI from here on]] that made even the Hokage pale slightly the person relasing such potent KI that even the Hokage paled? It was one Kakashi Hatake everyone turned to look at the 15 year old ANBU captain who was now with out Naruto.

"Naruto is not a demon and he will not be killed! If any and I fucking mean ANY OF YOU TRY I WILL DEAL WITH YOU MYSELF!" Kakashi shouted causing many to gulp and pale or their jaws to drop seeing the usually cool, clam and collected ANBU not only with out his dog mask on revealing his still mask covered face but also his eyes. His own black eye full of loathing and anger the other a gift from his decided friend Obito Uchiha his Sharingan spinning madly with his right hand firmly placed on the handle of his tanto poking out from behind his right shoulder.

"Stand down Kakashi! That is an order!" Shouted Sarutobi as the KI lifted from the room allowing the civilians to once again breath and the shinobi to relax if only slightly. "Kakashi where is the child?" Asked Koharu the old lady to the left of Danzo. Once Kakashi had covered his left eye so as to not waste his chakra he turns to her his one remaining eye still fully of anger "NARUTO is at the ANBU HQ with my team you were all starting to wake him and I didn't want his here should anyone try something stupid" Kakashi spoke calmly...far to calmly.

"You had no right to do that boy" Spoke Danzo glaring slightly at the silver haired teen only for Kakashi to snort "And you Danzo have no power or command over me only the Hokage does as long as I am in ANBU" at this Danzo frowned and was about to respond only to be cut off by Sarutobi "That is enough! Naruto will NOT be killed nor will he be trained by you Danzo! As of now it is an S Rank secret about Naruto's condition! Also I am making an S Rank Law that forbids anyone telling anyone who doesn't already know about his condition!" at this there was and out burst from the civilians once again "Silence! I am the Hokage my word is law!" with that there was once again silence.

After a few moments the silence as broken by Hiashi Hyuga "What will be done with young Naruto then Hokage-sama?" as head of the Hyuga clan Hiashi had great sway within the village as one of the four main noble clans and knew Naruto's heritage as he was one of the very few who knew just who his mother and father were "I shall look after him" Said Kakashi causing the room to look at him in shock "You will!?" exclaimed Homura "Yes I will" replayed Kakashi in his normal lazy voice as if it was nothing "But you are only a teenager! How can you expect to look after a child!" Koharu countered trying to make it so Naruto was put in the orphanage where he would be far easier to get to "I have looked after myself from a young age since my father died so I know what it is like to be alone as well as knowing how to look after myself" said Kakashi knowing full well what game she was playing "Also he won't be doing it alone!" said a voice only for several ANBU agents to appear in the room almost protectively in front of Kakashi.

"What is the meaning of this!?" shrieked the pink haired Hanaro only to be silenced from the combined KI of all the new ANBU causing her to almost have a heart attack "That is enough!" ordered Sarutobi as quickly as the KI came it vanished "What are you doing here ANBU explain!" said a slightly angered kage to which a cat masked ANBU stepped ford with long purple hair and a female figure any straight male would lust for and any female would kill for she was clearly the spokes person for them all "Apologies Hokage-sama but we have all talked it over and we along with Kakashi wish to take care of little Naruto-kun" She said with a bow.

The old Hokage leaned back in chair taking a thinking pose and closing his eyes before they shot open after a few moments "Very well Kakashi you will have guardianship of Naruto and any other ANBU member who wish it will assist you as you see fit" he said in a firm voice getting a nod from Kakashi and several unseen smiles from the masked ANBU in the room "But-" started civilian dumb ass number eight only to be cut off by Sarutobi "That is all for now dismissed!" with that all the ANBU body flicked away to ANBU HQ.

Kakashi walked into his room to see Naruto asleep in a cot and a bear masked ANBU there "How has he been Tanzo?" asked Kakashi to the now known Tenzo only for him to remove his mask revealing a small smile "He has been great Kakashi asleep even due to all the death and destruction that has already happened around him in his short life" at this Kakashi give a sad sigh and nods looking at Naruto for a few moments with a brotherly smile hidden behind his mask "Okay Tanzo you can go. Get some sleep I know I need it after today" with that Tenzo nods and walks out to his own room closing the door as he goes leaving Naruto and Kakashi alone.

Kakashi walks over to Naruto "Oh otouto I am sorry you lost your parent's so early in life...but you do still have family! You have me your Kaka-nii as well as all of the ANBU for a family" -smiling Kakashi walks to his bed stripping down to his boxers and mask before slipping into bed quickly falling asleep once his head hits his pillow.

Thus begins the story of Naruto Uzumaki!

Hello all this is my first story and hope it is liked. This will be a mostly Naruto fic with slight elements of Bleach along with a few other things that I may think will be funny or awesome to put into the story. Please R&R but please note as I said this is my first fic so please don't flame me to badly. Thanks you all for reading :3