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Narutos' apartment after the bar

Naruto was lying awake on his bed thinking about the past living in the ANBU HQ with them and how he'd come to think of them as his 'family' he was about to sleep when he saw someone run across the roof outside his window he looked to see who it was and got a surprise when he saw Muzuki with the 'Secret scroll of seals' growling he picked up his zanpactou and followed him

In the forest surrounding the leaf village

Muzuki was panting softly grinning "I can't believe how easy it was to get the scroll" he said before letting out a laugh "I will get rewarded handsomely by Orochimaru-sama for this!" he was about to jump off again but had to dodge a volley of suriken "Ah Iruka you found me huh?" he turned smirking to see a pissed off Iruka "Why? Why Muzuki?!" his reply was an insane laugh "Why? 'Cus this village is weak! Orochimaru-sama will give me power for proving my loyalty!" he declared before scowling as he watched Naruto walk out laughing heartely his katana drawn "Is that what you think? All he will do is take the scroll and kill you!" our hero said with Muzuki getting pissed off and Iruka looking worried "Naruto what are you doing here! Run!" Iruka ordered but Muzuki came up with a plan to get away and revenge on the leaf while distracting Iruka "Hey Naruto would you like to know why everyone hates you?" he said an evil glint in his eye while Iruka panicked "No it is forbidden!" Iruka shouted at the traitor but was ingnored while Naruto looked at him curiously before Muzuki carried on "Everyone was told that the fourth killed the nine tailed demon fox...that however was a lie!" just as he was about to carry on Iruka threw several kunai at him which where deflected mostly however he caught two and threw them back at Iruka who was to surprised to react and too one in his left shoulder and the other in his right knee.

With a grunt of pain Iruka fell to the ground Naruto was about to charge when Muzuki carried on "He sealed the fox in you Naruto! You are the nine tailed fox!" he shouted before laughing but he quickly stopped seeing Naruto look board "That's it? That's the big secret? Let me guess you expected me to freak out and take it out on the village? Well I may have...if I didn't already know you baka!" getting shocked looks from the chunin before Muzuki's face contorted into rage and threw one of the huge suriken from his back at the newly minted genin Iruka shouting for him to move but Naruto stood still just as he was about to be bisected the suriken was sliced in half and in bedded in two trees behind him getting another shocked look from both chunin and a grin from our hero "For stealing a scared scroll, the attempted murder of two fellow ninja one being the village weapon and revealing ans S-Class secret your death!" Naruto said before disappearing only to seconds later appearing just behind the traitor sword not drawn and yet blood shoots from Muzuki's body his body going limp as he falls to the ground "Your so slow...even when your falling" Naruto says in a perfect monotone his face void of all emotion Iruka looking worriedly at his student and was about to speak before a squad of four ANBU appear on the scene "Iruka-san, Naruto-kun, don't worry about the scroll or the body we will take care of it go rest and report to your as normal tomorrow " said the Neko masked ANBU getting a nod from the two.

Day of the real Genin test – Training around 13

It was 06:00 in the morning and we find Ino and Naruto in training in the designated training ground waiting for Hinata and Kurenai. Ino was going through her taijutsu kata's while Naruto was meditating talking to Kyuubi and Kazeshini about achieving Bankai

"What you have to do Naruto is manifest me in the real world then once you have done that you must pass a test that I set you if you can do this then you can unlock my bankai...but I will warn you now I wont make it easy for you out of all of your mothers clan there have only been four people to unlock it and each of them had the power to change the very landscape!" Said Kazeshini to Naruto in his mind causing Naruto to look determined at first but also shocked at the pure power of a Bankai and the obvious level of difficulty there is to achieving it but that was quickly replaced by a confident but not cocky smile as he saw Ino taking a small rest before going back to practising.

"I don't care what you throw at me Kazeshini anything you set I can pass! You are part of me and I you, you know I will never give up on anything if I can gain more power from it to protect those I love!" At this declaration from Naruto both his tenants had a huge smile knowing every word was true.

At 06:25 Hinata came running into the training ground and was quickly pounced by Ino while Naruto just didn't pay attention to the poor girls squeaks as she was teased and molested by Ino until Kurenai arrived at 06:30 and saved the poor girl though Ino was still leering at the shy girl.

"Okay team the test is basic you have until mid-day to catch me and my friend Anko holding us for 30 second if you can't then you will all be sent back to the academy to resit the year and redo the test!" Kurenai said a small smirk on her face at the sight of Ino and Hinata but was a little shocked and slightly proud at the fact that Naruto had no facial expression yet his eyes showed his total determination to pass the test!

"Ummm...s...sensei where is Anko?" Hinata tentatively said breaking Kuranai from her musing "Oh I am right here brat!" came a female yet bistros voice from behind Naruto before he felt two breasts on his back causing him to let out a sigh "Hello Anko" he drawled out "Hey foxy-kun so when are we going on a date?" said the snake mistress rubbing her breasts against our blond heros back causing him to sigh again while all others in the field asides Ino who was use to this looked shocked Kuranai was about to berate Anko before Naruto spoke up "Anko you know I am gay! Stop trying to turn me I am never going to see you any more than a friend!" Naruto said a tick mark appearing on his forehead as Anko licks his neck.

Finally Kuranai pulls herself to together and pulls Anko away glaring at her all the while Anko pulls her I'm-an-inocent-girl-face which isn't fooling anyone. Finally everyone had gotten back into the right frame of mind "Right brats you have until midday to catch us good luck oh and one last thing!" Anko said before pulling out a kunai licking it "Come at us with the intent to!" with that the three soon to be ninja vanish into the forest.

With the three genin

Naruto, Ino and Hinata are together in a small clearing a little distance from the two jonin coming up with a plan "Right girls we have our work cut out for us our sensei is the genjutsu expert of the leaf and that Anko chick is the second-in-command of our T&I division and ex-student of Orchimaru of the Sannie" said Naruto making Hinata go pale while Ino grinned knowing about Ino thanks to her father "So what the plan aniki?" with that Naruto smirked "This is what we will do..."

With Anko and Kurunai

Anko is sitting on a rock eating some dango using the sticks to make a picture of a kunai with them while Kurunai leans against the side of the rock looking out over the forest her ruby coloured eyes taking in nearly everything before she is torn away by Ankos voice "Hey Nai-chan when do you think the brats will appear? I am getting board!" Anko whined causing Kurunai to sigh and rub her temples "I don't know Anko" said special jonin was about to reply only for a sudden rush of wind between the and then the appearance of one Naruto Uzumaki in between them a fox like grin on his face causing both of them go wide eyed and jump back 'Such speed!' they both thought only for Naruto's grin to widen causing the two women to look confused before the other two genin to appear behind them.

Ino ran at Anko kunai in hand causing Anko to draw her own and thus started the deadly dance between the two females both with hungry grins plastered over their face in the span of a few short minuets Anko was littered with shallow cuts "Not bad girly! To actually cut me at your stage is impressive even if I am holding back" said Anko with a sly grin however she noticed that Ino didn't seem surprised or bothered by the bit of information in fact she smiles wider "You know Anko-san one of the rules I always remember that Naruto-nii taught me is that you should never allow yourself to get cut" with that said Ino held up her kunai in front of her "You know about my clan right? While we are mostly known as mind walkers there is something else we are VERY good at" with that said Ankos vision started to get a little blurry "Ah I see your starting to feel the effects" said Ino smirking.

"What a lot of shinobi seem to either not know or forget even in our own village is that my clan own a flower shop and have a very extensive knowledge on plans" said Ino walking slowly over to Anko who face had taken a look of understanding "That's right I laced my kunai with poison but don't worry Anko-sensei it's only a small dose you'll be fine" Ino said as Anko passes out.

Same time with Naruto, Hinata and Kurunai

Naruto hadn't moved from his spot where he'd landed between the two jonin and was watching as Hinata was staring down Kurunai weakly in her gentle fist stance while Kurunai was trying to hide her motherly concern for her now student "Hina-chan you need to do this to pass the test so come on!" the older of the two said trying to sounds harsh and cold but failing "I...I know Kurunai-sensei but...I don't think I can fight you" Hinata said hanging her head. Kurunai have a small caring smile as she dropped her guard and started walking up to Hinata "It's okay Hinata you tried your best" She was about to put her hand on Hinata's shoulder when she felt cold steel at her throat and a males voice "Well done Hinata we got her" Kurunai looked in shock as Hinata looked up smiling proudly blushing a little before turning her head a little to see the smirking face of Naruto "I take it that we pass huh Kurunai-sensei?" He said as he tickled her throat with his sword while Kurunai was looking at Naruto she caught sight of Anko passed out on the floor and Ino totally unharmed.

Letting out a sigh and giving a small nod Kurunai said "Yes you do well done and welcome to team eight!" smiling Naruto takes his blade away from Kurunai's throat while Ino walks over with a now walking Anko and Hinata was smiling brightly at having passed "Report at the Hokages office tomorrow at 09:00 hours for our first mission!" with that both Kurunai and Anko body flickered off "So girls how about we go celebrate?" Said Naruto as he turned to face to two girls only to find Ino teasing poor Hinata "Sounds good Aniki you coming Hinata-chan?" Said Ino only to recive a shy from the tomato faced Hinata "To Ichiraku ramen!" declared Naruto running off leaving Ino shaking her head at her brothers antics while Hinata was both amazed at Naruto's speed as well a little scared about being left alone with Ino.

The Hokage's office

We find the Hokage and all the jonin who'd been assigned teams in his office to give their reports of who did and didn't pass the team test.

"Team one fail"

"Team two fail"

"Team three fail...they should all be dropped!"

"Team four fail"

"Team five fail"

"Team six they passed at the academy is beyond me"

"Team seven...pass if only just" this got Kakashi a lot of astonished looks as he NEVER passed a team

"Team eight pass" said Kurunai looking proud

"Team ten pass they'll do" said Asuma taking a drag from his cigarette

"Well seems we have three teams this year" said the Hokage before turning to Kurunai "I know that your a new jonin Kurunai and this is your first team are you sure their ready for the ninja world?" he asked with slight concern not just for her as a teacher but also for his 'grandson' Naurto but Kurunai stood her ground and began to explain her test "Yes Hokage-sama in fact Naruto I think should be made chunin or maybe even jonin!" she said causing everyone to look at her in shock save for Kakashi, the hiden ANBU and the Hokage who all hid smirks "Why is that Kurunai?" he asked slyly "Well the test was to catch both myself and Anko" this caused most to look at her as if she was mad as Anko was known for being slippery to catch "and from what I understand Naruto came up with a plan shortly after we began the test while me and Anko were waiting he appeared between the two of us with such speed I think he could maybe give Guy a run for his money!" yet another look of shock while in the background there were shouts about the evil known as 'The flames of youth!' before Kurunai continued "As to be expected we tried to put some distance between us and him only to have Hinata and Ino come after us from behind separating us from what Anko told me Ino used a poison laced kunai to get the better of her while not getting a scratch on herself! As for me Naruto used the bond me and Hinata share to make me lower my guard before once again using his speed to come up behind me and hold his sword at my throat making sure I couldn't use any genjutsu" Kurunai finsihed leaving a proud Hokage, Kakashi and ANBU team as well as a stunned room of jonin.

"Well it would seem we have a strong crop this year" said the aged leader "That is all you are dismissed!" he ordered before they all scattered.

One month later

It is a beautiful day in the leaf village the sun is shining the birds are singing and all is right with the world the day couldn't be more peace-


Okay maybe not..we find team eight running around the forest after the demo- I mean the cat that is the bain of all new genin so far the damned thing had lead the team all over the village, through the Hyuga clan compound ending in several pissed off elders from said clan then through the Inuzuka clan compound causing all thedogs to get riled but followed by being chased off the compound by a very angry and scary Tsume Inuzuka and finally into the dense forest surrounding the village. Each genin yes even Hinata was ready to kill the cursed feline for some unknown reason not even Naruto with his speed could catch the little hell cat!

'Kyuu I swear this cat is related to your sister!' Naruto screamed in his head only getting a laugh in reply causing a tick mark to appear on his head "THATS IT!" he screamed standing a few feet away from the cat "I don't care if we aren't allowed to use jutsu! It is worth it!" Naruto said with a slightly crazy look in his eye his two female teammates flanking his said breathing heavily from running after the cat "Make it a painful one aniki!" Ino said with Hinata nodding with gusto in agreement however what little sanity Naruto had left at the moment stopped him from out right killing the cat "I would girls but we need it alive or we won't paid" he said getting a pout from the girls only for him to grin "I didn't say it would be painful!" causing both girls to grin statistically as Nauro pointed a finger at the cat "Hado number one; Sho!" he said causing the cat to fly back into a tree letting out a hiss while as it flys into the tree Naruto is doing the next jutsu generating a burst of crackling yellow energy in his palm using the energy to draw an inverted yellow triangle which then makes three solidified energy pools in the shape of smaller triangles from its three points before the smaller triangles Naruto the shouts "Bakudo Number 30; Shitotsu Sansen!" he then shoots them at Tora and hits it pinning it to the tree that felines body in three places in the shape of a perfect triangle and immobilizing it as the three genin walk up to it smiling evily.

However before the gunin armed with various forms of sharp pointy objects could have their way with the now shaking cat Kurunai appeared "Okay team that's enough! Mission complete Hinata if you would?" she said getting a nod from said girl who walked up to the struggling cat a poking its for head causing it to pass out followed by Naruto to click his fingers and his jutsu ending "Right lets report to the Hokage" Said Kurunai a little to chirpy for her worn out students.

The mission room

Kurunai and her team walk into the mission's room Kurunai carrying Tora "Mission complete Hokage" she said holding up the cat only to have it snatched up by his owner who proceeded to try and crush the cat 'That's it just a little more!' were the thoughts of team eight "Oh Tora your all worn out! Lets go home so we can get you some cream" she said paying for the mission.

"Well done team eight on another completed mission now we have several more you can help clean the kennels for the Inuzuka or you can help weed Luffy-san's garden or babysit the Mozuki twins.." "NO COME BACK TORA!" "Or catch Tora-" the Hokage said though he stopped once Naruto started to draw his sword "Actually you have done enough D-rank missions to warrant a C-rank one" he said quickly however it couldn't have been worse timing as team seven walked in "What!? How come the dobes team get a C-rank mission while I an ninja elate am stuck doing worthless D-ranks!?" came the arrogant voice of Sasuke causing Kakashi to facepalm "I am sorry Hokage-sama it would seem I still need to beat that out of him" said Kakashi only to have Sarutobi wave him off before Naruto spoke up "Saru-jiji, sense, aniki I have an idea" causing said people to look at him while Sakura screamed at him about showing the correct respect to the Hokage that went ignored pissing her off more before Naruto carried on "Why not do a joint mission? That way the teme over there can't complain and both teams get experience and in the unlikely event we are in over our head we have two jonin with us" causing Kurunai to looked shocked at the fact that Naruto came up with a plan that had little to no holes in as well as a way to keep all party happy.

Sarutobi just nodded "I can't find any flaws with that so do you two accept?" He said looking at Kakashi and Kurunai both nodding "Show in the client" said Sarutobi before an elderly looking man walked in sake bottle on hand "These snot nose brats are my escort? I thought the leaf was the best village!?" said the old drunk getting glares off of many of the ninja in room but he seemed to not notice as he then goes on to insult several of the genin "the kid over there looks like the emo king whos more likely to kill himself than anyone else, the pink haired one looks like she is his personal whore, the boy with the dog looks half decent, the girl in the coat looks like she just wants to hide and the two blonds...are okay I guess" he said in one breath leaving an anoyed Uchiha and pinket, a laughing dog boy, a blushing Hyuga and two smirking blonds while all other ninja asides Kakashi and the Hokage were sweatdropping.

He then carried on jabbing a thumb at his chest "I am Tazuna the super awesome bridge builder and I expect you to get me to wave safely!" he was about to take another swig from his sake bottle to find it gone before noticing that the blond boy had it taking a sip "Mmmm not bad I like waterfall sake better...not as rough but flows down your throat like water" said Naruto the the gaping man grinning

The Hokage who didn't seem effected at all looked at Kakashi who was the same and a surprised Kurunai "You leave in one hour get ready and report to the north gate" ha said getting a course of Hais from the groups.

North gate and hour later

We find everyone standing at the gate where team seven is looking at their sensei is awe "He...he's one time!" said Kiba while Sakura was trying to relase a genjutsu the Uchiha just glared at the man as if to make him burst into fire while Kakashi and everyone but Naruto sweatdropped at the scene "I'm not that bad am I?" he ask getting a chuckles from Naruto "Kaka-nii I told you people would do that if you showed up late to everything but a mission" causing him to get a glare from said man.

Sighing Kurunau deiced to take charge of the situation "Okay everyone we leave now I want you all to move in a double diamond formation with me and Kakashi at the back, Naruto and Kiba to the left, Ino and Hinata to the right and finally Sakura up front with Sasuke with the client in the middle..okay? Move out!" and with that our hero and company move out to wave to the unknown and two wave!

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