On the road to Wave

We join our heroes on the dusty road to wave the shinobi in formation around the old bridge builder. Up front we find Ino and Hinata the latter of which was periodically activating her bloodline scouting ahead. To the right we find Sasuke who was brooding and imagining many gruesome ways of getting revenge on Itachi [so nothing new] and Sakura who was aimlessly talking to Tazuna about wave neither of them paying much attention to things around them. To the left is our blond hero and Kiba with his trusty canine Akamaru. Both were keeping their individual senses open in case of any bandits while idly talking and occasionally flirting with each other much to the shock of Kurunai and the amusement of Kakashi both of whom were bringing it up the rear.

About half way to Wave they team comes across a puddle at the side of the road which was odd enough in itself but conforming the suspicion of the group [well asides duck butt head, banshee and the old drunk anyway] HInata could see two chakra networks in the puddle, Akamaru could smell to scents coming from the puddle which he told Kiba and Naruto could sense the spiritual part of the two ninja in hidings chakra. This gained several reactions throughout the group. Hinata kept her bloodline active and started to mould chakra which in turn tipped Ino off that something was about to happen causing her to rest her hand on the hilt of the tanto on her hip an action mimicked by Naruto resting his hand on the hilt of his katana. Kiba only tensed his mussels read to move should anything happen while Sauske and Sakura both carried on none the wiser.

Both Senseis smiled internally for their students proud that they not only picked up on the upcoming ambush but also at their response to it. Though Kakashi was crying inside at how clueless and useless his other two students were despite being the top two if their year. The group passed the puddle and nothing happened until they were a few feet away when two ninja clad in camo trousers, black sleeveless shirts, ragged black clocked, gas masks and two lethal looking gauntlets emerged from the puddle. On jumped onto the others arm before being lunched at the group. Once he landed it was also apparent that their gauntlets were connected via a razor chain which was now wrapped around the two Joinin.

"Two down…" one says as they both pull on the chain tightening it around the two jonin before they explode in a display of blood and gore "…Seven to go!" said the other and though hidden behind the masks they wore you could feel the blood thirsty grin they had on before they both pushed off towards the shocked team. Naruto was the first to recover and ran ford to meet the two using his katana to stop the chain but as a result his two opponents were just going to kill him like they did their sensei's. Seeing this Ino, HInata and Kiba snapped out of it and charged ford to help their comrade.

Kiba quickly popped Akamaru a solider pill before going through several hand sighs and activeivating his clans 'man beast clone' and 'four legged best mimicry' the result being that Akamaru turned into a copy of Kiba though more feral while Kiba himself become more feral. Both were now running on all fours at top speed at the ninja at the right of Naruto once they were a few feet away both started spinning in mid-air like tornados as the original Kiba yelled his attack "Fang over fang!" both Kiba's hit their mark knocking the would be killer away from Naruto and straight into a tree…hard causing him to be knocked out cold.

This however caused the chain connecting the two to disconnect from his gauntlet meaning Ino and Hinata's opponent could move more freely. He charged at Ino who'd unsheathed her tanto thankfully and blocked his attempt to slice into her chest with his clawed hand. This left them in a stalemate as he tried to push ford to end her life and as she held him back just as the nin was about to try another blow he felt a sharp pain in his back. Turning he saw Hinata there in her gentle fist stance her hands glowing a light blue but this was all the distraction Ino needed and she rammed the hilt of her tanto into his temple knocking him out.

Once they had tied to two to a three they looked back to see Naruto looking around curiously causing Kiba to voice his though "Hey Naru what're you doing?" Kiba caught himself just after the sentence and blushed a little at the fact he'd just given his fellow nin a pet name but luckily it seemed Naruto hadn't picked up on it "I am wondering when Sensei and Aniki are going to show themselves"

The others asides from Ino looked confused before they heard clapping coming from the side turning to find Kurunai and Kakashi both walking out from behind the bush that they'd been hiding behind "Well done team you responded well to the situation though Naruto you shouldn't charge ford like that without a plan" Kurnai scolded only to get a smiles from our blond hero "I did have a plan sensei but these three stepped in before I could finish it" he replied with a light chuckles before Kakashi piped up addressing his team "Well done Kiba you not only picked up on the possible attack beforehand but also help Naruto when you though he was in danger I'm very proud of you" He praised Kiba with an eye smiles causing said genin to grin before the silver hair jonin turned to the last two members of his team "You two however not only did you not pick up on the attack but you also froze Sakura I expected but not you Sasuske" He ended with a sigh.

Just as Sakura was about to screech Kiba fell face first to the floor "KIBA!" Shouted Naruto worriedly as he went over to the dog boy quickly looking him over for any injury finding that he had a small cut on his arm with a deathly purple liquid around it "Shit their claws were covered in poison!" he cursed thinking fast he grabbed a kunai "Sorry dog breath but this is better than not doing it" he warned with sad eyes before stabbing the wound gaining a yell from Kiba as well as from Kurnai while Kakashi stood by calmly watching his little brother do what he was taught to do. Leaning down to the wound after pulling his throwing blade from Kibas arm Naruto started sucking pulling out blood and poison spitting it to the side before doing the same action again.

After a few minutes he stopped pulling back a strange white glow covering his hand as he held it over the wound smiling "I managed to get all the poison" he muttered before turning to Ino "Sis this parts more your area" he said stepping back from the blushing Kiba as said blond girl came and bandaged up his arm.

While this was going on Naruto turned to the old bridge builder who began to look nervous even more so when he saw how cold Naruto usually energetic eyes had become as he started to redraw his sword "So old man you going to tell me why you have ninja over you or am I going to have to beat it out of you!?" his voice far to calm to go with his eyes causing Tazuna to shiver in fear backing away as Naruto took a step ford only to be stopped by a hand on his shoulder "Calm down Naruto that's an order" Kakashi said firmly knowing that was the only way to calm said boy when he was this angry, it took a moment staring off at each other before Naruto backed down and went to see if Kiba was okay.

Sighing Kakashi turned back to Tazuna with a glare "He is right though you've some explain to do" he said leaving no room for argument causing the older man's shoulders to slouch "Okay I will tell you the truth" With that he revealed that he could not afford a higher level mission due to a man called Gato laying a siege and raping his home land of all their wealth before going on about his daughter and grandson attempting to guilt trip the jonins and genins into helping him still. Signing Kakashi turned to the group who had all been paying attention to the old man's story "Well what do you guys think?" he asked "I say we carry on although he lied he does have just reasons for doing so and I for one cannot turn back knowing that is happening to his home" Naruto said with getting an agreeing nod from Hinata and Ino as well as an agreeing bark from Akakmaru prompting Kiba to answer "I am with Naruto on this besides I need to pay him back for saving me" he said while grinning at Naruto

"If the dobe is going then I sure as hell am" Sasuke said with an arrogant smirk on his face, the only member of the genin who didn't seem to want to go was Sakura but as soon as she heard 'her' Sasuke saying he would go she quickly joined in. Kakashi just nodded and eye smiled "It's agreed then we will carry on with the mission, but for now we will set up camp" and with that he started to issue orders.

The camp – dinner time

After finishing setting up the camp we find the ninjas and old man sitting around a fire as Ino cooks some rabbit stew humming a random tune "Dinner is ready everyone!" she declared causing everyone to appear with their bowls "By the Gods Ino that smells amazing!" exclaimed Kiba his enhanced senses picking up the enticing scent "Thank you Kiba-kun" replied Ino with a small smile "Though really you should thank Naruto I had no idea how to cook before he taught me" she continued with a small giggle remembering the first time she offered to cook for her adoptive older brother. With that they all sat and ate chatting among their selves well besides the brooding raven haired boy who was glaring at Naruto wondering how he was so strong with so little hatred "He has people close to him and that love him…maybe…maybe Itachi was wrong?" he thought as he kept eating.

Later that night when everyone had finished eating and were asleep in their tents we find the two jonin keeping watch over the camp "Kakashi…how is Naruto that strong? I have seen him in practise and I knew he was holding back in the test me and Anko gave him but.." She asked a little confused and annoyed that a genin was able to hide so much from here she was a jonin for Kami's sake!

Her reply was a chuckle from the silver haired male "You know what Naruto is right?" he asked in a low voice causing her to tense slightly before nodding "Well after the incident there was a meeting and the civilian council wanted him to be killed…" Kakashi said his one eye visibly steeling as Kurunai gasped she knew the civilians were stupid but to kill and innocent baby? "But I stopped them saying I would take him in and that I would raise him" Kakashi continued his eye slowly softening clearly reminiscing about years past "So I taught him of course from the age of three" he said causally causing Kurunai to look at him with shock but before she could berate him he carried on "He was always a quick learned he talked his first word at 8 months was able to speak in sentences in 14 and was walking after 19 months" he said letting out a small chuckle as Kurunais eyes widened "I lived at the ANBU HQ at the time and many of the other ANBU helped me look after him but as I am sure you can imagine with such obvious talent they all wanted in on helping him grow, so Naruto has had help from every ANBU up until he left the academy" Kakashi finished before reaching into his kunai pouch and pulling out a folder with Naruto's name and confidential on it and passed it over to his fellow jonin.

"What is this?" she questioned curiously while taking it "THAT is Narutos unofficial ANBU file" he replied before getting up and walking off the check the perimeter leaving a shocked and stunned Kurunai. After a moment Kurunai shook her head and looked down at the file in her lap before opening it;

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Rank: officially Naruto is of Genin rank unofficially Naruto is ANBU commander level

Bloodline: Naruto has 2 rare bloodlines the first is the 'Swors spirit' bloodline and the other is the 'Swift element' bloodline he is profanity in both


D rank – 68

C rank – 28

B rank – 18

A rank – 6

S rank – 2

Monikers: The Shinobi Reaper and The Red scythe

Bounty: £1,000,000

Kurunai just looked at Narutos file in awe he was only 16 and yet he had done more high level missions that she had! As well as double the bounty on his head as her. Sighing she put his file away and decide to question the Hokage when she got back to the village as to why and obviously ANBU captain level shinobi was on her genin team.

The next day

As dawn came the group had finished packing up and were on the move once again despite Tazuna's complaining. After a half days walking at a civilian pace they reached the ocean surrounding the land of waves where they found a ferryman waiting for them "Tazuna your late!" the man said in a angry and frightened tone "You also bought more people than you said I can't fit them all on the boat and I can't make two trips" he said but before anyone could say anything both jonin, Naruto and Ino wall walked off the shore and onto the water "It's okay civilian-san we can walk" Ino said with a cheeky smile "Okay now that, that's sorted the rest of you get on the boat and let's get moving!" Kakashi said everyone quickly doing as ordered though Naruto did notice the angry and yet confused looking inn Sasuke's eyes as he got onto the boat while glancing at him and Ino.

Once on the other side of the sea Tazuna thanked the boat man before he left and disappeared into the mist "Okay everyone same formation as before" Kurunai said getting nods from everyone while Tazuna directed them as how to get to his house. After half an hour of walking Kiba suddenly threw a kunai into a bush causing everyone to go on guard as Kakashi went to investigate soon returning with a white rabbit which in turn caused Sakura to scream at the poor dog boy for nearly killing the poor thing 'But wait its spring so why is its coat white? Unless…" were the thoughts of Naruto and Kakashi before in unison their eyes widened and shouted "HIT THE DECK!" Naruto tackling Hinata and Ino to the floor Kakashi doing the same with Tazuna and Kiba while Kurunai got the last to genin down just in time as a huge sword flew overhead before embalming into a tree.

"Ah no wonder the demon brothers didn't come back they had to deal with Copycat Kakashi and the genjutsu mistress of the leaf" came a cocky voice from in front of our hearos the source being a tall muscular man wearing blue ninja sandals, cow patterns cargo pants and bandages around his lower face leaving his chest bear who was standing on the handle of the large sword in the tree "Zabuza demon of the bloody mist" Kakashi said standing up to face his opponent as he uncovered his left eye showing his sharingan gaining a chuckle form the now named Zabuza "So not only do you know of me but I also get the sharingan right off the bat I am honoured" he said mockingly to Kakashi as Kurunai came to stand beside him "Genin you are to form a double mongi formation and not get involved he is out of your league!" Kakashi ordered

As the genin did as they were told most of them shaking at all the KI in the air Zabuza grabbed his sword body flickering to the lake "Ninja art: Hidden mist jutsu" and with that a thick unnatural mist covered the area "There are eight points on the human body that cause instant death.." Zabuzas voice said seemingly coming from everywhere at once causing most of the genin to shake more "He will come after us first but be careful he is a master of the silent killing jutsu as they name says he can and will kill you without a sound if you are not vidulant" Kurunai said as she stretched out her senses to try and find the rouge mist ninja "Which should I aim for?" came Zabuzas voice again glee and blood lust heavily heard in his voice "Throat, spinal column, lungs, liver, the jugular vein, the subclavian artery, kidney, heart. What to choose, what to choose" he taunted making everyone tense while Tazuna looked like he was about to have a heart attack and Sakura was going to pass out any second "How about…" came a his blood thirst voice before a whoosh of air was felt in the middle of the genins formation "All in one go!" Zabuza said smirking as he swung his sword onlt to have it blocked with ease by another "What? How did a green horn stop that swing?!" He yelled looking down at Naruto who was easily holding him back before he was stabbed in the sided with a kunai from Kakashi "It's over" he said only getting a smirk from Kakashi as he turend to water 'Shit! A clone!' he thought

Before he could look around he was kicked in the side of the head and into the nearby lake quickly followed by Kurunai 'This water…its to heavy' he thought before his eyes widened in realisation "To late!" Zabuza shouted as two clones of himself finished their hand seals "Water Style: Water Prison Justsu!" They said causing both jonnies to be trapped in a huge ball of water "Hahahaha the leaf must be slipping if this is the best they have!" Zabuza laughed before slowly walking over the team of genin "Run just run! Take Tazuna and run as fast as you can!" Kurunai shouted at the group of the shore.

Sighing Naruto cracked his neck and gave his sword a few test swings "Ino I want you to keep an eye on everyone…no holding back" He said with a level of authority in his voice not even Ino had heard from him before. Nodding she drew her own sword "Bloom…Fuji Kujaku" she says as she runs her open palm over the side of her katana as it changed into a sickle style blade before splitting into four identical blades. Seeing this Zabuza stopped looking over at Ino wide eyed "Y…Your an Uzumaki!" He shouted in both fear and awe only to get a shake of the head from said platinum blond "You must be! You just used the sword soul bloodline!" Zabuza exclaimed before turning to the source of a soft knowing chuckle "So you know of MY clan do you Zabuza demon of the bloody mist?" Naruto asked while walking closer to said swordsman who stared down the whiskered blond boy "Yes…I know of your clan thought I thought they all died out" He said with slight sadness in his voice "They did, they were all killed every last one of them" Naruto replied causing Zabuza to look at him confused, Ino with sadness, Sasuke with understanding and sorrow while everyone else looked at Naruto shocked "However that was at our home land my mother did not live in the land or wirlpools she lived in the leaf" He said getting into a ready position "Which is how I am here" "But how did they girl get your bloodline if she is not an Uzumaki?" Zabauza demanded growling as he mimicked Narutos action also getting into a ready stance "I gave it to her" was all he said before he vanished in a blur the only thing that saved Zabuza from losing his head was the years of experience he had.

Clashing of steel on steel rang out over the surrounding area as the two swordsmen fought, testing and analysing each other. With each clash Zabuza got more and more angry he knew this boy was an Uzumaki and that he must have activated his bloodline and yet…"Release your sword! Don't take me lightly!" he shouted at our blond hero before pushing him back several feet staring him down as he pointed his own sword at him "Don't mock me you brat! I am one of the seven swords men of the mist!" he yelled only to have Naruto look back at him blankly "Are you afraid?" He suddenly asked shocking everyone around him. Growling Zabuza hesitantly nodded "So you really do know about my family don't you…" Naruto stated more than asked but it however gained another nod "How?" Naruto asked curiously "My sensei was of your clan" Zabuza replied but this only caused Naruto to gain a dark look "Aizan" was all he said before smirking darkly "Very well then…seeing as he was your teacher it would be rude not to kill you…completely" he said before his power level shot up covering his form in a light green glow the wind swirling around him stopping him from hearing Kakashi's shouts not to release his sword "Reap.." he says in a monotone as Zabuzans widen even more 'N..no way this kids could be him!' he screamed in his head "Kazashini" with that dust kicked up covering Naruto hiding him from view.

Once the dust had settled everyone couldn't help but gasp seeing Naruto holding two Kusarigama-like weapons, each with two scythe blades, with one inverted, giving it the resemblance of a pinwheel. The blades connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain "So that is your shikai…reaper of shinobi" said Zabuza shocking half of the more knowledgeable genin "N…Naruto is the shinobi reaper! How is that possible?!" Kiba said in shock having heard of this ANBU from his mother Tsume and finding out his crush was said ninja shocked him.

Naruto smirked at the mist shinobi as he held up one of his blades inspecting it "Yher this is Kazeshini though it sounds like you have heard of both him and myself, but if I am honest I am not fond of how he looks" Naruto says casually gaining a confused look from Zabuza "The fuck do you mean?" he asked while eyeing Naruto carefully not sure what game he was playing, Naruto simply responded by holding one scythe by the chain out "Well look at it, the shape I mean…" he instructed while lifting it a little higher just causing Zabuza to look more confused "It looks like it is made for reaping life itself!" Naruto said in an ice cold monotone voice causing Zabuzas eyes to widen in shock and fear. Naruto took advantage of his shock throwing one of his scythes at Zabuza, it spinning like a disc of death nicking Zabuzas shoulder who managed to dodge any major injury by pure luck and experience but he didn't get much chance to recover as Naruto appeared in front of him in a blur a knee soon finding its way into the larger males face knocking him back a few feet.

Zabuza soon recovers from the blow snarling at the young blond before rushing him swinging his legendary sword at him intending to take off his head only for it to be blocked by Narutos blades in a cross block but showing off his superior strength our blond hero is pushed back by the force of the blow. Skidding back several feet Naruto jumps back bleeding off speed before back flipping onto a branch growling down at the demon of the mist "Not bad to knock me back with my shikai active is impressive however…" pausing Naruto plants his blades in the branch he is on before clapping his hands together and pulling them apart a purplish hexagonal pole forming between his hands "lets see your dodge this! Bakudo number 62: Hyappo Rankan!" Naruto shouts before throwing the bean of light at Zabuza, seconds into its flight the beam breaks into multiple beams everyone's eyes widening at the display.

Zabuza back peddled to try and escape the strange jutsu but ended up pinned to a tree with three beams of light piercing his body once in his left shoulder another in his abdomen the final in his left thigh. With Zabuza pinned to the tree Naruto appeared on the branch above him "y…you really are the reaper of shinobi" the older male coughed out "Yes I am…and I am here for your soul!" Naruto replied and was about the finish off the demon of the mist but two senbone stopped him. They had pierced the nuke nins neck and he fell dead against the tree turning to see who had stolen his kill Naruto turned to see a mist hunter nin "Thank you for you assistance in killing him I have been hunting him for a long time" the nin said before body flickering next to Zabuzas corps "Could you undo your jutsu please leaf nin?" the nin asked as Naruto jumped down as his team and team 8 appeared on the scene including Kakashi who had been gotten out of Zabuza's justsu when he was killed "Sure but I will be expecting payment for his head" Naruto said his Kazeshini returning to it sealed form and sheathing it.

Getting a nod from the hunter nin he clicked his fingers his bakudo vanishing letting Zabuza's body fall to the ground though it was caught before it fell full to the ground "I will have you money sent to your village" said the hunter before he vanished in body flicker with Zabuza "Well then…lets get going to your place Tazuna" Said Kakashi causally with an eye smile.

Tazuna's House - An hour later

Tazuna knocked loudly on the door the, to his house only for it to open quickly and get a frying pan to the face "Oh dad it's you! I am so sorry I thought you were one of Gato's men!" Said a beautiful mid twenty's women who was blushing in embarrassment.

With a groan of pain Tazuna picked himself up rubbing his face "Everyone this is my daughter Tsunmai" Motioning to the now identified woman who politely bowed to the group "Thank you for protecting my father I know he can be a pain" She said with a small smile gaining a indignant grumble from Tazuna

Kakashi just eye smiled as he leaned on Naruto for support "It's okay ma'am, but if it isn't to much trouble is there somewhere we can rest?" he asked as he waved off Tsunmai's concern "Oh! Right of course please follow me" she replies before leading the group of ninja upstairs to, two rooms saying that they can use them, getting a nod of thanks from Kakashi she walks off "Okay everyone meeting in the boy's room". Once everyone was seated or in Kakashi's case laying down in the boy's room he decided to speak up "Okay everyone I have something to say that you aren't going to like.." but before he could finish Naruto, Kurunai, Ino and to everyone's surprise Kiba beat him to it "Zabuza Isn't dead" they all say in unison gaining shocked and feared looks from the rest of the group and the now present Tzauna "What do you mean he isn't dead! We saw the masked guy kill him!" He almost shouts in hysteria.

"I think that not only was that hunter nin fake but also with Zabuza" Kakashi said as seriously as he could in his weakened state "But how could that be?! We saw the masked guy kill him!" Saskura says in denial only to have Ino speak up "No what she did is put him into a death like state he used senbone after all" this gained a nod from Naruto and the two jonin "How would you know that pig?!" Sakura screeched only to freeze in place feeling cold metal against her throat turning her eyes carefully she found the owner to be Naruto "What did I say about insulting my sister?" He growls out in an ice cold voice "Naruto stand down!" Kakashi ordered, after a moments hesitation Naruto complied sheathing his blade.

"If you must know Sasukra I am interested in becoming a hunter nin so I have been reading up" Ino said blushing slightly but sitting up proudly gaining a smirk from Naruto who was just as proud of his sister "One thing I am curious about is how did you know Kiba?" Kakashi asked curiously looking over to said dog boy who gave a cocky grin though the small blush across his cheeks showing his slight embarrassment "Well I wasn't 100% sure until you called this meeting but I did have my ideas after all most of my clan are hunter nins so we are all taught protocol and on things that is drilled into our heads is that no matter what you take the head and destroy the body of your target then and there on the spot" this gained a surprised look from everyone as Kiba sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"Well Kiba I am impressed well done, you show great potential for following in your clans footsteps" Kakashi praised with an eye smile. "So Kaka-nii what are wo going to do about Zabuza?" Naruto asked after a few moments of silence "Well given the injuries as well as the death like state he was put into I'd say we have at least a week until he's ready for action again so until then we are going to train you into the groud!" Kakashi said happily "So get to sleep you'll need the energy"