A/N: I am trying to make it up to you guys. Lol. Let's check in on our favorite characters shall we? :) Oh, this story is set in October. The twins are about 10 months. I started walking at 10 months according to my mom so I'm using that. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! More like Single Awareness Day. Yes, I am bitter lol.

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"TONY! GET IN HERE!" Ziva yelled from the living room and Tony rushed from upstairs worried.

"Ziva, what's wrong?" Tony asked his wife and he looked at the twins. They are standing. "Well look at Princess Mia and Joelle. What are my babies doing?"

Ziva smiled at him and turned his head towards the twins. "C'mon babies. Walk to Ima." She crouched down in front of them. Joelle, who was always the leader, took two shaky steps towards Ziva before falling on her butt. Joelle giggled in delight and looked back at her sister.

"MA!" Joelle exclaimed and clapped her little hands. Ziva and Tony chuckled and they looked back at Mia. She looked unsure but decided to try anyway. Mia took three steps and stopped.

"C'mon baby. Come to Ima. I know you can do it." Ziva cooed at her and Mia smiled. Mia took two more steps and fell into Ziva's arms. "Oh Mia, Ima is so proud of you!"

Tony looked back at Joelle as she struggled to get up. "Three more steps Jo. Come to Daddy. You can do it, baby." Joelle got up and smiled and waddled over to Tony. "That's my girl." Tony turned to Ziva. "Our babies took their first steps."

Ziva grinned and nodded her head "Our babies took their first steps. I actually got a video of it before you came down here. I am going to send it to the team. Sam is going to be upset she missed this." She said chuckling.

Then it was a knock on the door. And we see Sam and Laila through the window. "Speak of the devil." Tony said laughing.

Ziva scrunched up her face. "Sam is far from the devil Tony."

Tony rolled his eyes. "It's an expression Ziva. Never mind. Let's open the door." Tony opened the door and Sam grinned and Laila waved.

"Hey guys. Hey twinjas. Laila and I decided that you need some times alone sooooo get dressed. You guys are going out tonight. We will watch the twins." Sam told them bluntly. Tony and Ziva looked at each other.

"Sam, are you sure?" Ziva asked her and Sam nodded her head and took Mia out of her arms and took Joelle out of Tony's arms.

"I came over here because I wanted to do this. Now, hurry up and get dressed and leave. Laila and I got this. Marcus is going to come over later after his practice." Sam stepped to Ziva and whispered into her ear so Tony couldn't hear. "And tell Tony the good news." Sam smirked and carried the twins to their playpen in the living room with Laila in tow. Ziva nodded her head and smiled.

"Fine Sam. Let us go Tony. Seems like it is date night." Ziva grabbed Tony's hand and went upstairs.


There was some music playing in the background. "This is nice. I missed having some alone time with you." Tony told Ziva and she smiled shyly. She put down her water and grabbed his hands.

"Tony, I have something to tell you." Tony looked at worried.

"What is it Ziva. What's wrong?"

Ziva shook her head. "Nothing is wrong. Actually, everything is great."

"Then what is it then Ziva?" Tony questioned impatiently.

Ziva squeezed his hands. "I'm pregnant, Tony."

Tony grinned bigger than ever. "Baby #3"

A/N: I know it's short. But it's something. Maybe I will make this into a story. Who knows? I don't. Lol. Alright, the girls I coach won a competition last week. So proud of my babies! They did great!