My dad always told me that all you needed in life was love. If I ever doubted it, take a step back and look at our family. We didnt have money, we're Greasers, the lowlifes of Tulsa. To my dad that did not all matter since we had our family, love. The main thing he taught me was that family did not extend to just blood, it could go to anyone you loved. And he was right. My family orginally consisted of my parents, my older brothers Darry, and Soda, me and then my kid brother Ponyboy. Now it's 1965 and new additions to our family have been added. Soda made a best friend Steve Randel, and somehow along the way we took in Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews, Dallas Winston, and Johnny Cade. While we made new family members we also lost ones too. My parents were killed in a car wreck and Darry took guardianship of Soda, Pony and I. It was a real hard time, Darry had to become a parent overnight, quit school and get a full-time job. Sodapop dropped out of high school and got a full-time job at the DX gas station, Darry wasnt happy about it but eventually got over it. Ponyboy is 14 in 10th grade and Im 16 in 11th grade. My story is not a happy one, sure it has its moments, I get a boyfriend, and fight with my brothers. Honestly it's a bit depressing, but its my story and Im going to tell it. Anyways Ill get on with it.

Signing out,

Babygirl Curtis

I wasn't going to post anything until I wrote the whole story but its been a while so I figured why not. Im going to a new direction with this story, like the book the first and last chapter will be the main character writing the book. This story is going to be hopefully totally different and better than the original. Im really hoping you guys will love it, Im hoping it does as well as the original. 14,000 reads currently and its amazing. If you've read the original version of this, THANK YOU! 333 :)

Also, right now this story is at the rating of PG, it will change. I don't curse but I love to use the bad language in my writing so yea. If there will be any other warnings that come into the story Ill make sure to let you guys know when it comes, if you don't like that.