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Bianca never wanted to live a criminal's life.

Taylor had always been different from her. She'd always been far more eager to go out and steal cars, break into houses... Anything really. Bianca had joined her because it was fun, not because she wanted to be any good at it.

But not Taylor. She wanted to be quick at hot-wiring cars and she'd wanted to be able to pick a lock in under ten seconds. She loved the adrenaline and she wanted that life.

And when she left St Trinian's, she got it because Andrea had gone with her. For whatever fucking reason the pair had become inseparable by the end of year. Practically joined at the hip. Fighting as much as ever, of course, but no longer avoiding each other.

It was kind of weird really and more than a little confusing but Bianca wasn't gonna complain because as long as Andrea was descent to Taylor then she'd got no qualms with it and they both seemed happy enough.

The point was that whilst Taylor and Andrea went on to throw themselves into the criminal world (under a variety of names and never doing the same thing twice in a row because thankfully one of them had some sense of caution though, strange as it may seem, it was Taylor) Bianca had decided to completely fuck all expectations people had of her to follow in Taylor's footsteps and instead decided to go on the straight and narrow.

Her friend's were more than a little shocked by it and Bianca never did tell any of them how much it stung for them to be so surprised. Like they couldn't imagine her doing anything besides terrorising people though they didn't mean any harm by it, of course.

But then again, she was completely going off the rails what with wanting to be a baker and all.

But that didn't mean that everything she did was completely legal.

After all, Taylor was still her friend and Andrea was alright really so it's without (almost) any reluctance on her part that, on occasion, she offers up her fists if they're needed.

And that's why she's bashing some bloke's face through plasterboard and silently pitying the poor sod who's gonna have to fix that because whoever did it before did a really bad job of it. Her dad would undoubtedly be grumbling at the sight of such shoddy masonry.

She releases the man's shirt collar and leave him slumped against the wall, groaning and barely conscious, then dusts the specks of debris off her hoodie.

"Oi! You done yet?" She calls impatiently, scowling down the hallway towards a door that Andrea and Taylor had vanished through a short while ago.

Wait a second. Both of them... Together.

Bianca frowns as her gaze turns suspicious.

They'd better not be-

"I swear down if you're doin' anything besides grabbing gear in there, I'm gonna be pissed!" She yells. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. A second later though Taylor's head appears from the doorway, looking affronted.

"We've got some restraint, you bint. Give us a minute, alright?" She retorts before ducking back into the room and Bianca groans, rolling her eyes because no, they don't have any restraint, not at all. That's just pure bullshit.

She glances around herself then tugs her hood further forward over her face. She's feeling antsy. Not because of the man twitching beside her sneakers but more because it's been too easy so far. If it's easy then that usually means something bad's gonna go down later.

Taylor and Andrea know what they're doing, of course. They've done this plenty of times but it never goes this smoothly. There's always some guard that wasn't meant to be there or somebody's drunken ex causing a racket outside the building. There was always something.

The pair jog up to Bianca a short while later and Taylor shoves a rucksack into her friend's arms, grinning as she does with a gleam in her eye that explains why she does this.

"We hit the jackpot," She says in a hushed whisper and Bianca can't help but grin back at her. Taylor's enthusiasm is infection.

"C'mon, let's get out of here," Andrea prompts, glancing down briefly to the man by her foot before she pokes him with the tip of her boot. She frowns, her disappointment evident when he groans. "You didn't hit him hard enough."

"Tell that to the wall. C'mon then, you two. I don't need any more strikes on my record."

And then they run out the apartment block, dive into Taylor's beaten and modified Vauxhall Corsa and drive away.

Andrea and Taylor are grinning at each other up front and Bianca spots Andrea take hold of Taylor's hand and grip it tightly until she has to release it so that her girlfriend can switch up a gear.

Bianca shakes her head, smiling slightly then turns her gaze away from them to the street-lights racing past them and with every moment that passes, her smile fades further and a frown settles deeper into her features.
The nervous feeling doesn't fade...

It is, however, explained the next day because Bianca isn't woken by her alarm but by a pounding on her front door and as she jerks awake and her brain fumbles to get itself together, she quickly realises that that this is very bad news. She steps out her bedroom and unfortunately, she's proven right.

"It's the police! Open up!"

She contemplates climbing out her bedroom window and climbing back in through Mrs Woods next door then making a break for it down the fire escape because that's always been her contingency plan but then she remembers something.

She's on the straight and narrow and if she runs then it'll only follow her and make being on the straight and narrow that much harder.

Besides, there's worse things than charges for assault and robbery.

She sighs as she steps up to the front door then reaches out a hand towards the doorknob and mutters a quick prayer to St Trinian to please get her out of it relative unscathed.

As soon as she opens the door, it only takes three minutes before she's been cuffed, read her rights and is being frogmarched down towards a waiting police car in her pyjamas which, for your information, aren't the cosiest of things to be wearing outside in mid-February.

As she's placed none too firmly in the back seat of the car, silent and co-operative, she quietly decides that she is going to fucking kill Taylor and Andrea at the first opportunity.

She is going to throttle the pair of them.

With her bare hands.

There is a code that all St Trinian's girls have drilled into them from the start of their education. If you say nothing, you are not guilty and so if you say nothing, you'll get released eventually. By them giving up or by St Trinian's intervention is irrelevant but it almost always happens. Yeah. Almost always.

And so Bianca, being very fond of her freedom and eager for the best chance possible, says absolutely nothing.

She sits in a cold room and stares at the ceiling and doesn't breathe a word as question after question is fired at her and the middle-aged man sat opposite her steadily begins to lose his patience. Bianca is far too busy admiring, and by admiring she actually means 'feeling pretty grossed out by', the unpleasant patch of damp plastered to one corner of the ceiling.

She supposes with all this interior design milarky she's been noticing recently she probably ought to have gone into that instead of baking but then she remembers that she'd probably just get pissed off with people for being so incompetent in their DIY and baking is kind of therapeutic for her. She's never really been a 'people person' and baking adheres well to that. No one talks to you when you're juggling piping hot trays of steaming loaves.

"Miss Ashworth, are you even listening?"

Bianca blinks at him, sniffs then goes back to staring at the ceiling.

Seriously though, that ceiling is nasty.

She hears the Inspector sigh and almost smiles as she folds her arms across her chest.

She mains resolutely silent throughout the rest of her time in that room, allowing her thoughts to wander and she finds herself thinking about Taylor and Andrea, about her job, about some of her other friends, and oddly enough, about Zoe. Just briefly but just for that moment she wonders if she knows and the idea that she does makes her stomach clench.

She'll be so smug if she knows.

Somehow, the charges against her are dropped. One count of assault and one count of breaking and entering are suddenly voided.

Bianca doesn't doubt that Andrea or Taylor used their call to contact Polly and get them bailed. The Geek has a distinct knack for such things; changing stories, altering files and information. She does that kind of thing over breakfast so it likely wasn't much of a chore for her.

The Inspector isn't happy but there's nothing he can do about it and so they're all released and Bianca is sure to smile at him cheerfully as she strolls out the room with a cocky swagger.

She punches Taylor in the head when she sees her and Andrea growls at her warningly but Bianca pays no mind to it.

She's feeling pretty good and no Emo, even Taylor's Emo is going to ruin it.

Except, as it turns out, it doesn't have to be an Emo that ruins it because then she sees the car parked beside the kurb ahead of her. Her eyes widen, her heart drops into her stomach and her palms start to sweat all in less than a second.

"Oh fuck..."

"Who's that?" Taylor questions as she rubs her still sore head and Bianca squares her shoulders.

"... My boss..." Bianca sighs.



"... I'm sorry, Bianca."

Bianca ignores her and merely walks away. She knows that if she stays stood next to Taylor much longer she'll end up saying something that she'll regret or she'll maybe actually put some effort into another punch. Taylor hadn't meant for them to get caught though and she didn't deserve that.

It'd been a stupid thing actually; A back-up set of the CCTV cameras had been on a separate circuit to the one that Andrea had cut. They'd thought they were clear when really they'd had cameras trained on them the entire time. How Polly managed to make them look innocent with that kind of evidence against them is a question in and of itself but chances are, if Bianca asked her, she wouldn't be able to understand a word of what was being said anyway.

What's important now though is that Bianca's boss, the Head Baker and an all around hardass, is sat in his car and his eyes are narrowed with stern disapproval and Bianca knows without a doubt that she is completely and utterly fucked.

For the second time in twelve hours, she is again proven to be right and she's never been so bitter about it.

He fires her on the spot.

She'd expected it, of course. She'd always been on thin ice just by being a St Trinian's girl so it's no surprise.
It doesn't make it any easier to stomach though.

She lies in the middle of her living room, spreadeagle across the floor with her eyes closed as her mind whirs with restless thoughts.

She can summarise the root of her problems in a single sentence; she has no money.

And she has no money because she no longer has a job because she put a guy's head through a wall and helped her friends clear out his apartment. She'd been given a cut of profits but that would only tide her over for three weeks at best. She hadn't done it for the money, hadn't expected any really and everything had been shifted on the same night it was stolen before Andrea had sent a chunk of their profits off to Polly who then had it bouncing around various accounts around the country and it would keep bouncing for anywhere up to two months.
It had been Taylor's idea back when her and Andrea had started taking on bigger targets. She's less cautious when it's just her but she's taken to being the more responsible of the pair since they started working together.

But Taylor had given Bianca a third of what they could get hold of that wasn't travelling between bank accounts and she'd apologised more times than Bianca has ever heard her in the rest of the years knowing her combined.

Then again, Taylor knew how important that job was to her.

It wasn't particularly well paid but she'd enjoyed it. She liked the feel of working dough beneath her hands, she liked the sweltering heat of the ovens and the smell. Geez, the smell... It reminded her of home. Plus, the Head Baker, though a tough and clearly not all that forgiving guy, had been providing her with a good number of lessons and Bianca liked learning. She especially liked learning about things she enjoyed.

It had been good for her. It'd helped build her patience and the relative solitude of being left to get things done had been nice. She'd been trusted, at least to a degree.

And now all she had to show for it was work hardened hands and a head full of recipes.

She opens her eyes then sighs heavily.

"Game plan, Bianca... C'mon. What ya' gonna do now?" She murmurs to herself and her mind flickers to Zoe and for one awful moment that she instantly regrets, she considers asking Andrea for her number.

And then she smacks her head back against the floor and rolls onto her feet, shaking her head roughly to clear it of such traitorous thoughts.

"Like fuck is she gonna win that easy," She mutters as she dusts herself off angrily and she grabs a jacket, tugs on her sneakers then heads out the front door and jogs down the stairs, her brow set with determination. "Like fuck am I gonna let 'er."

She's going to find work.
She will if it kills her...

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