Felicity was startled when she walked into Olivers' office, babbling randomly, and found not one but all of his 'other women' sitting around the small couches. Moira on the double seater ,and Laurel and Sara each in a one seater. She gave a start.

"Oh good evening ladies, I didn't know you were here to see Oliver, I mean Mr Queen, I mean all of you. Wow, all of you, here together. Ok." She bit her lip, knowing that Oliver was out on another mission and silently angry that he left her here to deal with this, especially after everything that has happened between her and Moira. "I will let Oliver, I mean Mr Queen know that you are here".

"No that is alright Felicity, we are actually here to see you", it was Moira who spoke.

Oh no, they are going to kill me, Moira hates me and Sara was in the league of assassins, they came here to kill me.

"Oh, me, really? I can't imagine why?" Felicity retorted

It was Laurel who spoke next, "You need to stay away from Oliver, or as you should refer to him, Mr Queen. We can all see the way you look at him and you need to know that you are only making things difficult for yourself. He doesn't need your IT skills as much as he thinks he does and soon he will realise that and toss you aside. I'm just telling you this for your own good".

Felicity sat down on the only remaining chair, taken aback by watch seemed to be happening, these three women were here to get rid of her, hey I was not far off, they are trying to get rid of me, I really hope they don't try to kill me, I won't stand a chance, Felicity thought.

Laurel sounded bitter, and hostile, and even though she had done everything in her power to avoid contact with Sara since she found out that she was dating Oliver, apparently her animosity towards Felicity trumped the animosity she had towards her sister.

Oh right Sara, she was dating Oliver and she knows his secret, surely she will stand up for Felicity. Felicity looked towards her with a knowing half smile, expecting a defence, when Sara started in on the attack too.

"You have outstayed your welcome Felicity, you were always just a place holder for what was missing and now that its back he doesn't need you anymore, surely you must have noticed. " Sara was referring to her joining 'team arrow' and Felicity new it. She was right too, Felicity couldn't deny how crowded it had become in the Lair, or the fact that Oliver seemed to need to technical prowess less than usual as of late. But she knew his secret and she was not going to leave him.

While Felicity was absorbing the shock of being betrayed by another member of the team, and berating herself for not seeing it coming, Moira must have taken this as a sign of defeat because she launched into her verbal assault.

"I have warned you once Felicity, most people aren't lucky enough to get a second warning, make no mistake there will not be a third".

This snapped Felicity out of her revere, just as Oliver arrived in the foyer of his office. He was taken aback at the site of the four women and though it prudent to observe the interaction before proceeding.

To his surprise Felicity took a moment to compose herself, stood up and calmly said, "Oliver, is my friend, he relies on my technical expertise, as you well know, (she added looking at Sara), and I enjoy by job. I will not leave him. Now, if you have any other complaints about my work or my friendship with Oliver, I suggest you take it up with him".

As she turned to leave Oliver thought it an appropriate time to step in, "Hello ladies, am I interrupting something?"

"Girl talk," quipped Felicity, as she was about to pass him on her was out of the office he stepped in front of her and placed his hand gently on her right elbow, effortlessly guiding her around as he does. "That's interesting, "he started "because I could have sword I heard you having to defend your presence in my life, just now. I'm sure I'm wrong, however in the interest of full disclosure let me be clear, Felicity is my friend, my assistant, my partner (he added quietly, looking at her), and a vital member of the QC family, and she will not be leaving" he finished, adding in a less vigilante tone, "I think I'm getting better as being a CEO, don't you?"

Turning to Felicity she smiled at him, a look that said thank you, he hoped she knew how much it meant to him that she had the courage to stand up to his ex-girlfriend, his current girlfriend , a former assassin, and his mother who had conspired to kill hundreds of people, and adamantly refuse to back down. "You don't really like your day job do you?" he asked quietly, she chuckled, "I will still never get you coffee".

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