It has been two months since Stocking and Brief started dating, so far they have been taking it slow much to their liking they got to better get to know one another. Since they started dating Brief had begun to change his appearance not wanting Stocking to look bad because of him, people thinking she must be blind or she lost a bet and was forced to date the biggest loser in the city.

Stocking didn't care what other thought of her, she would away tell him " Who care what other think, I love you for who you are not for your looks. If someone think your no good for me, ignore them they can't tell me who to love, and they would never be able to come close to being a great guy like you, Brief." and she would give him a kiss on the lips to reassuring him, but still he thought that it was about time for a make over.

Brief began wearing normal clothe a few weeks in their relationship much to Stocking liking and disliking, he would wear a white T-shirt, a black open hoodie with a dark blue zipper and a ring just around his upper right elbow, black jeans with a dark blue line running down the left side, black shoes with dark blue stings. He star manning up and stopped stuttering. She was glad that Brief would change himself for her and the fact that her being with him gave him confident, though now that she thought of it Brief was the bravest person in Daten City, the fact he would willingly come with her and Panty to eliminate ghost and collect heaven coin was proof enough, but the biggest and not so much liked change that Brief made was not to Stocking enjoyment was he combed his hair back to show his face.

Stocking did like that Brief gain confident to get passed his stuttering and show his whole face to the world but, every time they go out on dates, school, or a simple walk to the park they would come to ruin everything , them…Bitches, whores, sluts, basically any woman (and a couple of gay guys) that can catch a glimpse of his eyes. But some would leave (and come back in a few days) when Brief tells them he taken or sees Stocking sends a death glare to them and grabs hold of his arm telling them 'back off he's mine or you can be stupid and get your ass hand to you like the little sluts that you are' and that would buy them a day or two of alone time but the ones that are to stupid or horny to understand and just don't get the hint to FUCKING leave…well for them Stocking take them behind any buildings or trees in the area to have a little…talk with them, and the next day said bi-I mean girl would be found naked and tied to a street pole and a huge bump on her head.

But the one she hated and feared the most was Panty, especially when they were out killing ghost Brief would be all sweaty and Panty would always trying to talk Brief into come with her to get a "reward" for a job well done this had happen many times since she saw Brief show some backbone on Valentines day, she been offering him these "reward" to him behind Stocking back, but ever since his make over Panty has been more aggressive into trying to get him into bed even going so far as to do it in front of her face and telling her that it would bring her one fuck closer to her goal of her fucking one thousand men on fuck list before going back to heaven even if he was Stocking boyfriend and that…scared her.

Stocking and Brief have been dating since Valentines, a month of dating he had told her that he loves her, she was so happy that day but a small part of her, a small part of her didn't believed it, she hated to admit to herself but she never truly accepted to believed it, any guy she date she would find in bed with a jack ass of a smile with her dissatisfied face or a "it was okay, I guess" look on her sister's face.

She felt and was disgusted with herself, to think Brief was lying to her, that he was just using her to get to her sister Panty like all men that would get near her so they could go behind her back when they thought she didn't know, which she did most of the time, but didn't really care to even do anything she would drag it out until she got what she want from them and Panty kicks them after.

She put up with it once Panty was done with them because they would try to get her to introduce them to Panty by taking her the best sweet shop in the city or in heaven. To her it was a triple win they get fuck by Panty, Panty get to fuck them, and Stocking get sweets to last her for a few weeks, and everyone would be happy. (though Panty wouldn't be without having had not been able to get a decent fuck, but who cares)

But sweets can't last forever they can last so long and sometime sweet just weren't all that fulfill to Stocking like they used to anymore and sometime just weren't sweet at all.

Stocking would eat her sweets in the quietness of her room alone, by herself, with on one to talk to, basically her world was always empty of another life form. But since Brief enter her life he would always come over, they would eat together, talk together,joke together, laugh together, Stocking room her world was never empty anymore. He made things better in her once lonely life such as when she would simply eat cake she would take a bite of cake she would be holding one second thinking it was good and Brief would come in and sometime take a piece of it and feed it to her and much to her surprise and pleasure the piece of the same cake she was eating for some strange reason would always make her heart flutter as the taste was increased a thousand time better then she had ever had the pleasure of eating. It was then that whenever they were alone on their dates she would try (not that hard really) to get Brief to feed her himself.(which by the next people would find unconscious naked women tied to trees or poles mumbling "blue, pink, demon", strangely they were all seen hitting on a guy with a blue & pink hair goth girl).

Stocking remember those good time (and those bitches) with him and thought of whether or not they were real, if he really meant those words that those moment weren't fake, she had been though guy she had thought where interested in her and her alone but she had always found them in the bed of her sister a week or two in their relationship. The first three hurt before give up but they just came so if they were going to use her then so would she get them to satisfy her needs...her sweets needs. But now was...different...she didn't want it, she didn't want it to end, not with him, not with Brief she did care about sweet she was afraid of what would happen, what would happen to her?…she know, she know what would happen it will break, it will hurt, it will hurt far more then anything she had ever experience in her life, her heart, her heart would break.

So she had to choose, to come to terms and ask for an honest answer or live out thinking whether or not this is a dream and that it was only meant for a temporary happiness for the heart breaking agony of reality to come in, or this truly was reality and she can see that a future with Brief was something she can have the thing she would willingly give up sweet for to, have him remain by her side

But if this was truly just another sick dream for her to completely have her heart destroyed then the least she would do was prayed, "Please let this dream last a little longer". As she went to sleep.

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