Chapter 1-Casey

The Worst Barbeque Ever

It all started at the Park…

My name is Casey Jones, I'm just a 17 year old Black kid who works at this weird park. It looks normal, but freaky stuff happens all the time. Like one time I bought this mint-condition comic book and I was attacked by the ghost of this old comic nerd who owned it or this time my boss Benson was drafted into a secret ninja cult.

But enough about that, the park was attacked by these freaky green aliens one night. They had red eyes and wanted to tear us to shreds. Things even got weirder when a meteorite crashed down right in front of me.

15 Hours Earlier…

I had woke up like I did any other day, ready to do an okay groundskeeper gig. I mean, they let me live in this big house so it's pretty sweet. Better than anything I was used to.

"Ugh wake up dude…" I said as I walked up to a bed next to mine and pulled off the sheets.

The person sleeping was an anthropomorphic Blue Jay. He was over 6 feet tall, possessed a black beak with teeth and a light blue chest. "Alright alright.." he replied in a tired voice as he rose out of his bed and rubbed his eyes.

This was Mordecai, he's 23 and he's been working at the Park forever. When I first got this job, he has walked me through everything I needed to know. We've been friends ever since.

"I'll just go take a shower dude, see ya at breakfast." I told him casually as I left our room.

As I reached the bathroom door, I saw someone on the other side of the hallway. He was a very chubby man, sporting green skin and a very overweight physique. His shirt didn't cover most of his belly and he had gross man boobs.

This guy called himself Muscle Man, frankly I'd rather call him Booby Man. He had a newspaper in his arm, so I could already tell he wanted to use the bathroom. We both made a break for the door, how he managed to run so fast I'd never know.

Fortunately I made it first and slammed the door behind me. "Come on bro! I gotta use it!" he pleaded as he pounded on the door.

"Too bad Booby Man!" I said as I laughed to myself.

I knew that sounded a little harsh, but since Muscle Man spend my first week bombarding me with pranks I couldn't help myself. I mean it was brutal, switching my chocolate for laxatives, throwing fire ants in my bed when I was sleeping and one time he sprayed my clothes with cat pheromone. Yeah let's just say gross alley cats really took a liking to me that day.

Anyway, I brushed my teeth, took my shower and quickly left to change my clothes and get a bite down at the kitchen. I usually sported the same outfit a blue denim jacket, a white shirt, black jeans. I also had dark blue converses, I didn't wear a hat or anything to cover my short black hair.

After I sat down with Mordecai and ate a breakfast composed of chocolate pancakes prepared by this pretty funny lollipop man named Pops. I headed out with Mordecai for the day.

As he collected a newspaper and took a white golf cart out of the garage, our boss Benson walked up to me. He was a living gumball machine with arms and legs, yeah he was pretty freaky. Honestly when I first met the guy, I had to resist the urge to give him a quarter and ask for a cherry flavored gumball.

"Okay Casey, you and Mordecai need to go out and buy a lemon tree from the nursery." He stated clearly.

I merely replied with a "Got it" before jumping in the cart with Mordecai. He moved to the side as I took the driver's seat, more than willing to let me get behind the wheel.

As I drove, he opened the paper and began to read. I did my best to keep my eyes on the road, but I couldn't help but glance at the paper. It read "Justice League rescues Civilians from wide string of natural disasters!"

"Dude the League is just so awesome…" said Mordecai who was beak deep in the news article.

"Yeah guys like Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern are cool I guess. I'm more of a Powerpuff Girls Fan myself." I replied as we drove out of the park and onto the streets of a rather plain urban neighborhood.

"Not much of a surprise from the kid who was born in Townsville."

That's right, I was born and raised all the way from Townsville. Ever since I was 8, I got to see 3 super powered little girls save the town from crazy super villains and giant monsters.

Now they're 14, still doing the same. I heard that the Justice League tried to recruit them into a young superhero training program called "Young Justice". It was pretty much Justice League for minors. They had em all, Superboy, Nightwing, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Ben Tennyson and even Steven Universe.

"Wouldn't being a superhero be just epic dude? Saving lives, fighting crime all that stuff." asked the tall blue jay.

"Nah man, it sounds cool and all. But it's gotta be stressful and scary."

"You make it sound like working at the park is all safe and normal..."

"Point taken." I admitted.

We soon took part in a superhero conversation between the two of us. We spoke of many heroes, The Flash, Cyborg, Samurai Jack, the Crystal Gems, Dexter, Imaginary Man and way more.

We quickly picked up the tree and headed back to the Park. Muscle Man managed to catapult me and Mordecai with a stink bomb when we arrived. After separate Tomato baths, we both managed to finish our work for the day.

I already told you about Mordecai, Benson, Muscle Man and was also High Five Ghost, a white ghost who looked like he jumped out the screen from a game of Pac-Man and grew an arm on top of his head.

The last member of the Park Staff was Skips, the very buff yeti man who always skipped wherever he went. He could be considered the most important one here. For one, he's the local handyman. Always managing to fix anything that breaks and also whenever there's a freaky problem (which is like every week.) he always has an even freakier solution to it.

It was Friday, which meant after our work we'd all have an awesome barbeque. Barbeque chicken, burgers, French fries and hotdogs were only a number of the food available.

Everyone talked and laughed and stuffed their faces. Little did I know, that would be the last night we all sat under the same set of stars.

Mordecai was telling a story. "So then me and Rigby…" he suddenly stopped, having a grim expression on his face.

"Who's Rigby?" I asked chuckling a bit.

I was the only one who found any humor in it. Everyone else took part in a cold silence. I quickly assumed Rigby was just some jerk they didn't want to talk about. But Mordecai seemed so happy when he said his name. I bit my tongue, realizing how I ruined the night.

A few hours later, we all decided to call it a night. As we began to clean up we saw green lights in the sky. They were like fireworks. "What the…" I asked a strange rock crashed down a few meters from us.

I quickly pulled out my binoculars, upon examination it looked like a green glowing pod. It made a large crater in the ground. "Oh no…" said Skips, like he already knew what was happened.