I sighed in content as I watched the sunset. The array of colors displayed over the sky and the water glimmering. The wind blowing through my hair as I sat on a cliff overhanging the ocean, Mars arms wrapped protectively around me, his chin resting on my head as I leaned against his strong chest.

Everything was perfect as we enjoyed the calm wind billowing around us, the relaxing sounds of the ocean, and the beautiful view that laid before us. Too perfect. I opened my mouth as a thought struck me. "You're the God of War." I stated.

Mars chuckled, "Yes Josh. I'm known and worshipped as the God of War. I figured you knew that already." he joked.

I shook my head and turned around in his arms to face him, "No, you're the God of War." I insisted not looking up at his face, keeping my eyes lowered.

"I don't get it Josh. What are you getting at?" he asked confused

I sighed and looked up at him, watching him trying to make sense of what I was saying. His brows furrowed, eyes narrowed, head cocked, and lips pursed. You would never know he was a thousand year old god.

I looked him in the eye trying to convey everything I felt, "You're the God of War Mars, what are you doing here sitting on a cliff watching the sunset of all things with a pathetic human?" I voice choking as I finished, tears in my eyes.

He sighed and looked at me dead in the eye and never breaking away he said, "Love makes people do crazy things, even Elders are subject to the emotion. It causes changes in another it makes you feel like you can fly and live forever. It makes me want to spend everything single moment of my time with you. No matter where we are, no matter what were doing. Even if it doesn't conform to my personality. I am here with you Josh, because of you. I do this because of you. I do everything because of you, for you. Because I love you Josh." he ended in a whisper.

Tears were streaming down my eyes now, I shook my head and throwing my arms around his neck I buried my head in the crook of his shoulder and sobbed.

He gently caressed my back, rubbing in soothing circles and pattern. "M-mars. H-how could you e-ever l-love m-me. A pathetic e-excuse for a g-guy l-like me." I choked out.

I felt Mars stiffen at my words. "Josh." he warned.

At the sound of my name being voiced in that ferocious tone of his, I broke away from him leaning back to stare at his eyes. He gripped me by my shoulders while his eyes smoldered with a fierce flame, his face contorted into a mask of anger. I flinched, looking down at my lap.

Mars features softened. The flames dimming down. "Josh?" He whispered.

I whimpered.

"Josh look at me." he commanded.

I whimpered again and shook my head. I had never felt so pathetic, I couldn't even look- my, my what? my boyfriend? My lover? My master? What were we? I wondered, but that was a question for another day.- him in the eye.

He sighed, "Josh, please look at me." He whispered gently, placing a hand on my chin and slowly tilted my head back to look at him. At his words and gently touch I let him, as I made contact with his eyes I gasped. His eyes weren't flames anymore they were once again real human eyes, with the orange golden color I loved so much. And in those eyes I could see the pure love that Mars held for me, the burning and passionate love I longed for.

"Mars?" I asked uncertainly.

"I love you Josh. Unconditionally, indefinitely, for eternity." he whispered, voice low so that only I could hear, this was for me. Even the nature around us was not allowed to hear these sweet words. "You're beautiful Josh, you're strong and determined, stubborn, loyal, trustworthy, even impulsive and reckless." Mars smirked, "All the qualities and some then, of a hero, all the qualities that I love about you Josh. I've never loved someone so strongly before and I am determined to keep you, to make you happy, to love you, and make sure you are loved. And that you know it." He ended with a kiss to my temple.

Tears were once again pooling in my eyes. I nodded at him. I believed him.

"I love you too Mars." I whispered the words that I've been wanting to say for so long but, have been too afraid to say.

He smiled the widest and most joyful smile that I have ever seen. Joy and happiness flared in his eyes. He looked like a child who had just gotten his first puppy.

I laughed at the mental image as he attacked me, his lips captivating mine in a passionate yet loving and tender kiss, effectively silencing me.

We landed on the grass, him on top of me, as he continued to ravish my mouth. Sweet moans escaping the both of us as we succumbed to our desires, to our love.

The stars shone above us, as the sun finally set. Leaving darkness behind to hide us in our passionate embrace, away from prying eyes. Where we could be alone and enjoy each other in the midst of our pants, groans, and whispers of love. For once, I finally felt complete. And it was all thanks to the loyal, and determined burning love of Mars.