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Chapter 4...

A few weeks had passed since Bridget moved in with Victor Machado. In that time, it was confirmed that Malcolm Ward was dead. This shook Bridget. It was clear that one of Macawi's people were behind it.

And it seemed to bring Bridget and Victor closer together. It was amazing. Everything changed between them.

They were sitting on the couch together and she passionately kissed him, but soon Victor pulled away. "We shouldn't, Bridget," he whispered. Although it was difficult for him, he could still be somewhat reasonable.

She held him tight. "Why not?" It was the only thing she said, nibbling on to his lips.

"I believe that what I have said before, I change my mind," he said, pulling her back to him and kissed her passionately.

Some time later, the two broke apart again, both breathing heavily and looked at each other lovingly. He grabbed her hips a little tighter and his expression darkened somewhat. "Bridget, I'm serious. We can't really do this." He wanted to let go, but her hand covered his, stopping him.

Bridget sat back and gave him a pout— her famous pout which none could resist. "Why not?" she asked.

"Please, think of Andrew and Juliet."

"I don't need to think of them. They don't belong to me, but to my sister. We've already discussed that, at length. Of course, I love them, care about them, but not in the same way I love you," she said, looking at him seriously.

"Really? Are you sure?" he asked as uncertainly as a schoolboy.

"I'm sure." She pulled him back towards her, looking into his eyes. "If we can build an us, then let's try it. I mean, I would be willing to try it. Let's just see what the future brings."

Victor nodded, he was sure he wanted Bridget have as his partner and would give anything to make her happy.

Andrew stared at his cell phone again. Should he call Bridget like he wanted to or let his dear be to build a life without him? Then he realized: Now or never. He pressed the green dial icon.

Bridget pulled away reluctantly from a grumbling Victor when her phone started ringing, vibrating in her pack pocket. "Sorry! But I have to answer it, whether I like it or not."

He nodded and put some space between them on the couch.

Bridget fished her phone out and answered it. "Hello, Andrew."

"Hi, Bridget. How's the situation?"

Victor was outrageous! He had leaned in close again and was nibbling lightly at her neck. She couldn't help the way she shivered lightly. She smothered the urge to sigh into the phone. "Everything was okay, more than okay. And with you?"

"We miss you. So, I wanted to ask... if we can meet?"

She saw Victor getting closer again and gently shoved his head away, lowering the phone to whisper "Stop it!" But she couldn't stay angry at him... Not when he looked at her with his hazel eyes. She raised the phone again to talk with Andrew and Machado grinned knowingly.

"Sure, why not? Are you free the day after tomorrow? We can meet for coffee at Starbucks."

"Okay, five o'clock okay?"

"All right. Until then. Bye," she said and ended the call. She set her phone down and playfully hit Victor on the shoulder which only made him laugh. Bridget watched him. "So, what should we do now?"

Victor looked her in the eyes, mocking an innocent expression until he leaned in close again.


Andrew looked at his watch for what felt like the hundredth time. He was visibly nervous as he waited for the meeting with Bridget. He was nervous! And Juliet was calm.

"I can absolutely understand that you're psyched," Juliet said slowly. "But, Dad, you're acting like a teenager! And your fidgeting is starting to make me nervous. Stop it"

Andrew stilled. "I understand, Juliet, but what should I do? This week will decide how things continue between us."

Juliet shook her head and left the room.

Andrew gave her retreating back a frustrated look. What am I doing wrong? he thought. First, Siobhan with her affair with Henry. Then Bridget, whom I thought was my wife, the mother of Juliet, the whole time. And now Juliet. There must be something I'm not doing right... He briefly shook his head, trying to shake the thoughts away.

Finally, he gathered his jacket and his phone and he left for his meeting with Bridget.

To be Continued?