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The Memories

8 years ago ...

Here I am. stared blankly at the grave in front of me. Just looking at it always brought back memories. Memories of a happy family I once had. Before everything changed so drastically. Before my time was stopped. Before she died. My mother.

Ever since my mother's death one year ago, everything changed so drastically. My father became more and stricter to me. Everything I did should be perfect because I am an Akashi and an Akashi should be perfect, or so he said to me. Ever since that time, everyone around me would begin to avoid me. Even they whom I had always thought as best friends.

Everyone said I changed and became more and more cold. Well, it's not like I cared anyway. they weren't even my real friends to begin with. a real friend would accept just the way you are no matter what, right?.That's it until I met HER.

She's the one who reached out to me, the one who see through me, the one who promised to always by my side. Her name is Kuroko Terumi. I think it fits her perfectly, Terumi, that means beautiful shine. She never fails to shine and brighten up my world. Because of her, I can laugh so freely and feel alive once again. She's the colors of my life.

Okay, I really missed her. Her rare gentle smile that never ceased to melt my cold heart, her sky blue eyes that always see through me and full of emotions, her silky blue hair that always swayed beautifully by the wind. I really miss her. Even if it's just one day after she says goodbye, it's very unbearable.

Now, I was standing in front of my mother's grave. Not to visit my deceased mother, but waiting in hope to see her. This place is where I met her for the first time after all. I just want to see her so badly. I need her.

Since the first time I met her, she'll always stand here, all alone. waiting for me and nagging (more like begging) me to play with her. At first, I thought her to be annoying but as I get closer and closer, I don't want to part with her.

Only with her, I can be myself. Just be a little child I am. A child who oblivious at how harsh this world can be. A child who always had a big dream. A child who can laugh and smile so freely.

'she is not here.' I thought.

I don't know the reason but there's just one thing I know, she will came back to me. she promised me. So, I should keep smiling like I promised her to. Someday, I will meet her again.

'I will always wait for you, Terumi'

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