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Chapter 3

The First Day (Part 1)

Flashback ...

The people in black were gathering around me as one by one of them expressed their condolences and giving me words of comfort. Nevertheless, I could see through their mask perfectly. Some of them looked sincere enough and some were only pretending out of politeness and a some were actually looked plain unaffected. Regardless of their motive, I gave them all a small smile and words of gratitude. I didn't shed any tears nor I was wailing in sadness. 'Don't show any sort of weakness!' It was what my father always told me.

I could hear the whispers of people behind me. There were some who pity me and some were saying how cold-hearted I am for not shed a single tear at all. I just turned a blind eye to it all for even if I tried to deny it would be meaningless.

To tell you the truth, my whole body felt numb, my eyes were blank, I can't move from my spot at all. I want to cry, wailing, yelling, hated myself for being helpless, but I can't. My time felt like it was frozen but I can't say it. I can't show it. Once again, all I could remember was the words my father always told me ringing in my head like a curse. All I could do now was silently watch the figure of someone very dear to me slowly swallowed by the earth.

An hour had passed since the funeral had been completed. This place that an hour ago was once crowded with friends, acquaintances and blood relatives has become deserted. There was only me here accompanied by the rows of graves and the sound of wind grating with the leaves. Even so, I didn't intend to leave this place yet. I still want to wait for someone. Someone who should be here with me. lamenting her departure with me. I really hope that someone will eventually come. I want to believe him. Believe that he still cared even just a little, but there was also a part of me that doubt him. Scared of waiting. Scared to find the bitter truth.

Slowly, the wind started blowing harder and the air was getting colder. The droplets of rain began to fall slowly soaking the dry earth. Is he really not going to come?

I looked up at the overcast sky. The raindrops didn't even hesitate to tickle my face with a wet taste. My chest felt tight. Then, I felt something dripping from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. No, It wasn't the rain. It was something completely different. Well, in the end, I was just a child. Suddenly, I heard a voice speaking to me

"Nee, you are Sei-chan, aren't you?" I snapped out of my thought and spontaneously rubbed my eyes. I tried to look for the owner of the voice. I was a little startled to find someone in front of me.

'Since when did she was standing there? Why hadn't I realize it?' I examined her for a while. She was wearing a baby blue raincoat with a hoodie that almost covered half of her face, but I could still catch a glimpse of blue eyes behind it.

"Here," she handed me a small bouquet of sunflowers. Since it was raining pretty heavily, the flowers were quite damaged. Well, I accepted it nonetheless.

"What's this?"

"Flowers." Confused, she tilted her head slightly.

"I know that."


'Why sunflowers?'

'Why are you giving this to me?'

'Why are you here?'

There are so many questions popped up in my head, but I decided to ask the most basic and important question.

"Who are y-" Before I had the time to finish my question, I heard a familiar voice calling me. I could see Takeda-san running towards me while carrying an umbrella.

"Young master, the car is waiting. Let's head back now!" That's right, I seemed to forget about the cold rain that seeped trough my clothes right now.

" Ah, please wait for a second. I'm still talking to someone."

"Who are you talking to?" He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"This girl." When I was about to proved my point, she was gone.

'Weird. I'm sure she was here a moment ago.'

"Um, young master?"

"You're right. I think it's time to go back." With that said, I followed him. Still holding the sunflowers the strange girl gave me.

"Takeda-san, Do you know where my father is?"

"Ah, He was waiting at home."

"So, he really didn't come after all." Mutter me under my breath. Unconsciously, casting my head downward. Takeda-san noticed it and tried to comfort me.

"I think master must really want to come, but he was very tired after the meeting and the weather is not favorable as well." Hearing that, my head perked up. Somehow, hearing his words always made me a little relieved.

"You think so?"

"Of course." He smiled at me gently. Maybe it was because he was such a gentle person.

"Thank you."

The Present ...

"Young master, is this spot really fine?" Asked Mr. Takeda as he opened the door for me.

"Yes. I won't need a chauffeur tomorrow."

"Your father will take issue ..."

"It's not about him. Besides, if every morning was like this, I'll be mocked. Let school, at least, be somewhere I have freedom." Then, I began to walk to school alone. Avoiding any complaints he would say.

'Wow, there's so many people.' Commented her as she stared at the foreign environment before her. Maybe it was a normal sight to most people, but it was definitely a new sight to her. Although her face remained as straight as ever, her eyes lit up in astonishment. Noticing it, Kagami smirked.

"Heh, so childish," commented him. She just narrowed her eyes at his comment.

"Hey, Kuroko. Let's check out our class there." He pointed at the bulletin board that surrounded by a huge crowd of people.

'Hmm, I think it would be hard pass through.' She thought.

A few minutes later ...

She watched Kagami as he tried desperately to enter the crowd. When he was about to enter the crowd, he would always be pushed out of the crowd in no time. Even with that huge body of his, he couldn't get through the sea of people that surrounded the bulletin board.

'Poor Kagami-kun.' Thought her pitifully as she watched him try for the umpteenth time and fail nonetheless. Somehow, she felt bad for him. Now, she was contemplating whether or not she should tell him.

'Well, I better should tell him now. The opening ceremony is going to start soon.' She decided.

"What's with these people ?!" He yelled loudly, but there were no one who noticed his frustration.

"Kagami-kun..." She tapped his back lightly.

"WAAAH!" He yelled.

"What are you doing, Kuroko?!" She just ignored his comment and continued on what she was about to say. Annoyed, A vein started to pop out on his head.

"You're in 1-6," She spoke shortly.

"What? "

"You're in 1-6," She repeated again.

"H-how did you know ?"

"Oh, that's ..."

Then, she started explaining to him how she was pushed forward by the crowd the first time she tried to enter the crowd and get in the front in no time (A/N: Sorry, I'm too lazy to write the conversations :3). He gave her are-you-kidding-me look. All the while he was so exhausted just to try to enter the crowd, she did it like a piece of cake? that was unbelievable.

"How about you ?" He asked.

"I'm in 1-2."

"I see." She could felt the disappointment in his voice. To tell you the truth, she was surprised that Kagami even managed to pass the entrance exam although barely. Well, it was mostly thanks to the athletic scholarship that he got.

"Let's go the auditorium now! The opening ceremony is about to began." She spoke as she walked past Kagami and led the way.

"Osu!" Answered Kagami enthusiastically while catching up to the bluenette.

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