1. He showered her with smiles the first time he saw her; after all,he was never one to think anything so ungraciously about a woman - any woman, for that matter - nor was he the type to be so unwelcoming to guests, no matter what their status in life was.

2. The way he lathered on lotion on that woman's back made her cringe; his hands were so big and purposeful and his expression was so slick and knowing and no, she did not just entertain the thought of those hands wandering down her own back - no, no, thank you!

3. She was smart enough to know that his smile was the kind of smile meant to make any woman's knees buckle, just as he was smart enough to know it wouldn't buckle hers, no matter how wide or charming he made it to be (not that he tried that hard, though).

4. For some reason he found it verrrrry interesting to watch his best friend act around her; he couldn't explain why, just that he had a gut feeling it was like watching a train wreck in progress - but in a good way.

5. (That last one didn't make a lot of sense, but then his friend's actions didn't make a lot of sense either, so.)

6. She only knew him on a surface level, though if she was to rate the four boys her best friend was suddenly involved with in terms of who she was most familiar and/or comfortable with, then he'd come a really close second.

7. The first time they got the opportunity to really talk, it was not at all forced or awkward; there was a fluidity to their conversation that he found refreshing and she, surprising.

8. From that first time, it was only natural that their 'friendship' grew to a level where they could exchange smiles with an easily graspable sincerity, as well as ask about how the other was and actually be interested in the reply.

9. When he heard about what he did to her at the restaurant, he was surprised that he actually had to think about what to do first - go to him, or go to her - in the end, though, there really was no contest about what he should do in a situation like this.

10. A part of her associated him with his best friend - so when she was angry and hurt and heartbroken, in some insane, unexplainable moments she was angry and hurt and heartbroken because of two people, not just one.

11. But she appreciated that he never sought her out to explain his friend's actions - some things were just unexplainable, after all.

12. He didn't know how, exactly, but somehow they were able to right all wrongs and the next time he saw her, he himself was surprised at how happy she seemed to be, though there was a tinge of sadness in her expression, too, and when they talked, he was finally able to know why that was.

13. They were left behind, just the two of them, and she found him to be a source of welcomed comfort every now and then - his schedule didn't permit them to meet too often, but when they do, he could always make her smile and laugh like no one else could, and secretly she wondered what if she fell for him instead and-

14. He'd be lying if he said he didn't think about pursuing her the way he did women he found interesting, appealing, and enchanting - but she was Ga Eul and he was Woo BIn and no matter how he looked at it, the two of them would always have Yi Jung between them.

15. Besides, he rarely had relationships that lasted this long, and he found out that he preferred to live with her in his life than without it.