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Returning home

The journey home was taking much longer than the journey to the elves. Of course, no one was dying anymore so that does make a difference. But we had all rested in Rivendell and the ponies didn't want to leave that place, I guess. But we were more often and longer stopping and on an easier tempo. But, for the difference, there were no orc attacks or other nasty business. And after two weeks and three days, we were home again.

I immediately feel better when I see my home in the distance, after more than a month. I can see the dwarves wandering around and I wonder if Thorin is amongst them. But there were so many dwarves and it was from such a distance, I couldn't tell. Well, there's only one way to find out.

I ride fast to the houses, dwarves looking up when there's a pony walking in front of their feet. I look around but can't find Thorin. I find it suddenly hard anyway to recognize people from the distance. I usually had no trouble with that, I couldn't afford that when I was shooting with bow and arrow. But now…

I shake the thought out of my head. It's not time to think about that now, it's time to find Thorin. He would be here, right?

I ride my pony to the stable, doing everything as quickly as I can. As an apologise I give him a carrot, and then run out of the stables, looking in the crowd. At this time he's never home, it's only midday. He's probably still working at the forge, if he isn't busy with doing king business I don't understand and mostly don't want to understand.

It's busy at the forge, with dwarves and men. Somehow, I finally manage to get past them and see a familiar dwarf working with a sword. I pat on his shoulder, and he looks surprised when it is me, but I don't give him time so speak.

'Tell me, where's Thorin?' I ask immediately.

'He's at his home.' The dwarf responds.

'What, why? Is there something wrong with him, is he sick or injured?' I ask worryingly.

'No, my lady. He's doing some king stuff.' The dwarf opens his mouth to ask something to me, but I have already turned around and raced out the forge.

When I finally arrive at his house, completely out of breath, I give some heavy knocks on the door. When it doesn't open, I do it again but this time louder with a flat hand. I was about to yell his name when the door opens and I accidently hit him in the face.

'Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to do that.' I apologise, but can't help to laugh.

The king looked annoyed, but then he suddenly seemed to recognize my voice and he takes my hand out of his face. 'Dís?'

'Yeah duh, who else?' I say, rolling my eyes.

'Thank Mahal, you've made it, you're still alive!' he calls, and now it is my turn to look surprised. I was about to ask when I'm in his embrace.

'What do you mean, you knew I've made it to Rivendell where an elf has healed me?' I ask surprised, stepping back and breaking the embrace.

'Of course not, Dís, how on earth would I know that? I don't have eyes everywhere.' He says equally surprised.

'No, but Grodri said that he would send a message to you that I was healed. Apparently, he didn't.'

Thorin thinks for a moment but shrugs. 'Well, I would've loved a message that you were healed, because I haven't seen you for a month and in that month I didn't know if you would be alive or death. It was waiting and that was terrible, but at least you're alive, and that's what matters, and I know you're alive now.'

'I suppose.' I say, giving him a smile.

I convinced Thorin that I was ready to work again tomorrow, because I didn't like sitting still. Thorin told me that the thing what infected me in the first place was removed, by his order. I

frowned at that, because the place was from men, but when they heard what it did to me, they immediately removed it. Hmpf, couldn't they've done that before the accident happened?

When I'm at home, I hear a knock on the door, and I quickly answer it. Grodri is standing in front of the door, holding up a bag. 'You forgot this in the stables.' He shortly says.

'Oh, I'm sorry.' I say, taking the bag over from him. He already turns away, but I stop him.

'Grodri, wait a second!' I call and he turns back, not looking very pleased.

'You said in Rivendell that you would send a message to Thorin that I was healed, but he had no idea I was still alive when I was at his door this afternoon.' I say.

'I've looked but I couldn't find a way to message him.' He simply says.

'Well, you could've said that.'

'What difference does it make?'

'We could've speed up a little, or simply letting me know it.' I say, and frown. 'Grodri, what's the matter with you?' I ask, wondering about his behaviour. He was in general a nice dwarf, not really cutting short or annoying to anyone. Now, though.

'There's nothing the matter with me.' He snarled, and was about to turn and walk away, but I stopped him again, taking his arm and drag him into my house. To prevent him from escaping I shut the door and come standing before it by myself.

'It wasn't a question if something is the matter with you, because I can see there is. I asked what is the matter with you?'

'There's nothing, again.'

'Really? So you're suddenly behaving like an ass for no particular reason?' I ask, ignoring his angry look. 'Are you really so bothered that I asked why you didn't tell me you didn't message Thorin?'

'Of course not.' He snarls.

'Well, what is it than? You know I can be as bloody annoying as you're right now and I'm more stubborn than you so I keep being annoying and stubborn until you tell me what's wrong.' I simply say, leaning against the door and waiting for an answer. I was a bit too tired to do this, but my curiosity won't let me step away from the door.

'That I hate elves, that's the problem.' He finally says, and while I had expected something differently, he seems very serious about it.

'Well, that's nothing new. We all do.' I say and turn around to open the door for him, but my hand freezes on the doorknob when he continues.

'You don't.'

'Of course I do. Well, one elf has healed me, so I don't hate him, but I haven't forgotten how the elves treated us when we were homeless and starving, begging for their help. I was only ten, but I can remember it better than anything else. Such things you can't forget, even if you wish too. But I can hardly hate Eryndir now, can I? I owe him my life.' Seeing this as an good explanation, I want to open the door again, but again my hand freezes when he speaks with a cold voice, something that was the last thing I would expect him to say at that moment.

'So you slept with an elf because you owe him your life, or because you lied and you secretly like elves?'

My mind rages, and I stare with wide eyes at the doorknob. Then I turn around and face him, seeing his angry eyes and tensed body. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

'How, how did I know, is what you're thinking now. Well, I was searching you that last night, and because I couldn't find you I went to the stupid elf's house. Nobody opened the door when I knocked, but when I walked around the house I could hear you both. And the next morning it was very easy to guess what you two had done. So tell me Dís, did you do it because you owe him your live, or have you fallen in love with an elf?' his voice sounds soft and hard at the same time, and everything's seems not right.

'Well, answer me.' He says impatiently.

'None of those things, Grodri.'

'Oh, really? What was it than? You slipped and fell accidently in his bed?'

'Of course not! I can't deny what I've done, but I don't love him and I didn't do it because he saved my life.'



'Why else have you done it, than?'

I can't really answer this question, because now I've been asked, I don't really know. So I choose the option which is the most likely.

'We were both drunk.' I seriously doubt if Grodri will believe this. And as it turns out, I'm right.

'You were both drunk? I hope very very very drunk, because we all were and yet you somehow are the only one who did it. You can tell me if he made you do it, I can easily go back and kill him for that.' The look on his face says it all.

'No! Grodri, dear Mahal. Are you crazy? No one is getting murdered! And of course he didn't make me do it.'

'I'm not crazy, you are. But answer this question honestly; who started this?'

I open my mouth, but again words fail me. Grodri knows and sighs, rolling his eyes.

'Of course it was you. So that means you love that elf.'

'Grodri, I swear to Mahal, I don't love him! I like him, but that's were it stops. He's also the only elf that I like, the rest I still hate and despite for what they've done.'

This time Grodri opens his mouth but closes it again. He sighs again, shaking his head. 'I just can't believe you, Dís. But if you choose an elf above me, let's have it your way than.'

'What, no, no!' I say with a raised voice.

'You did this, Dís. It's not my fault, it's your own. You never think before you do something, it's always been like that. You're not afraid of anything, but maybe you should be.'

I shake my head in disbelief, wishing that this was all just a bad dream. I walk up to him, but he refuses to meet my eyes again.

'I hope Thorin will forgive you, but I seriously doubt it.' He suddenly says.

'What? Grodri, you can't do that!' I beg.

'Hmm, maybe you are afraid of something.' He says, noticing the fear that had come into my voice.

'Please, you must promise me not to tell anyone, no one at all! Please, Grodri, I beg you! And definitely not Thorin; he'll kill me if he finds out.' Panic is now freely coming from my voice. If Thorin knows, he'll kill me. 'Please, you can't do that.' I beg again, folding my hands together and stare at him in the most pleading look.

He seems to doubt know, giving me a short glance. 'Fine. It's your decision whether you want to tell him or not. And I know you won't, but you and I know this both, and you even better; if he finds out, he'll be even more cross.'

'But he won't find out.' I immediately interrupt. 'Because we'll both keep our mouths shut and tell no one on this whole earth. Do you understand?' I say, almost commanding. As a princess, I could command him to do something, but if he would listen…

'Sure.' He says, and with those words, he walks past me out of the door.