Advent of Civil War

"Yawn!" muttered Lucy as she stretched and got up from bed. Today was a special day, Fairy Tail's Fantasia Parade.


"Hey, Lucy have you ever heard of our Fantasia parade?" asked Erza.

"Yeah, I've read about it in Sorcerer's Weekly." replied Lucy.

"Well, every year for the parade we have a modeling contest and the winner gets two hundred thousand jewels." said Erza.

"T-Two hundred thousand?" gasped Lucy with wide eyes.

"Yep, you should do it it'll be fun." asked Erza.

"For that kind of reward definitely!" answered Lucy.

"Don't get her hopes up Scarlet, she has to be able to beat both you and I to win." added Mirajane walking up to the two.

"You two are competing?!" asked a startled Lucy. The two S-Class mages nodded their heads with grins.

"Good luck." finished Erza before she and Mirajane walked away, leaving Lucy to her thoughts.

"Well doesn't that put a wrench in things." muttered Lucy as she slumped into a chair.

(End Flashback)

"Damn it! I can't get psyched out, I need that prize money!" yelled Lucy. The Celestial Spirit mage had been running low on funds and the prize money would set her for at least the next two months.

Lucy jumped out of the bed, changed and then ran out the door towards the guild.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ (Fairy Tail)

The guild was buzzing with excitement and joy for the modeling contest. They guild-members got to work clearing the hall and preparing the stage. The contestants were Mirajane, Erza, Cana, Juvia, Levy, Bisca, and last but most certainly least Lucy.

The guild took their seats as the contestants entered the back of the stage behind the curtains preparing their acts. Gray and Elfman sat with each other near the front while the Dragon Slayers sat in the back.

At the back of the stage Lucy walked about nervously as she weighed her odds at beating the competition.

"Relax Lucy, you'll do fine." said Levy trying to calm her friend down.

"I'm not so sure, I really need that money to pay off my rent." said Lucy.

"You could always go on solo missions." said Levy.

"I'm not really that good at those." replied Lucy.

"I see saving those missions for Romeo, huh?" asked Levy snidely.

"Levy!" shrieked Lucy as her blue-haired friend walked away chuckling.

"All right, let's get this contest startled!" shouted Makarov. The crowd roared and waited for the first contestant.

"First up, we have the Sorceress of Cards… Cana Alberona!" shouted Max. The brown-haired card mage took the stage and began her act.

Cana threw her cards in the air and they rain a golden light on her and when the light dimmed she was in a white bathing suit with floral designs.

"Hate to start the contest so highly." said Cana with a wink. The guys in the audience howled at her performance.

"Next we have the Maiden of Water… Juvia Lockseer." continued Max. The blue-haired water mage took the stage and engulfed her body in water.

"For my prince." said Juvia. Then she reappeared into a blue bathing suit which made the crowd roar even louder.

Then Max called out Mirajane who performed a take-over and transformed into a black cat getting an even louder response from the crowd. Erza followed up and transformed into a gothic maid, and the response rivaled that of Mirajane's cheers.

Levy came next and created a bright display of the words "Fairy Tail" above her head getting loud cheer. Bisca followed up and performed an act where she threw coins up in the air and shot at them, the end result were perfect holes in the middle of each coin and the crowd erupted.

"Lord have mercy…" groaned Lucy as she prepared to take the stage.

"Last we have our newcomer… Lucy Heartfilia!" finished Max. The blond haired mage walked up to the stage and began.

"Here goes nothing." thought Lucy. She summoned her spirit Pisces who formed a heart around her wowing the crowd.

The crowd's cheering seemed to give Lucy some confidence back.

In the back Natsu's nose twitched and he looked around after sensing something.

"Do you smell that?" asked Natsu to his fellow Dragon Slayers.

"Yeah it's three, no four people." answered Gajeel.

Romeo looked around trying to pinpoint the scents location while Max prepared to announce the results.

"I think we can all agree who the winner is." said Max. The crowd cheered in agreement.

"Our winner is…" began Max until he was interrupted by a woman in a green dress who flew down on the stage.

"Yours truly, Evergreen." smirked the Raijinshuu member. The guild mumbled about what she was doing here as the Raijinshuu never appeared at the guild.

Then, Evergreen lifted her glasses and stared at Lucy who was leaving the stage.

"Lucy! Don't look!" cried Gray but his warning was said too late, Lucy was turned into stone.

"What is the meaning of this!" bellowed Makarov as he enlarged into his Titan form.

"Just following orders." replied Evergreen. She pointed to the curtains which raised and revealed all of the contestants petrified, even Mirajane and Erza.







The crowd looked on in shock at the turn of events.

"What have you done!" roared Makarov.

"Our orders." replied Bickslow who seemed to materialize on the railing.

"From who?" asked Makarov.

"It should be obvious, the only one we follow." answered Freed leaped down from the ceiling.

Then the room lit up in a bright light and the object of discussion appeared in a crackle of electricity.

"Laxus." growled Makarov.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." mocked the S-Class mage.

"State your business!" growled Makarov his rage beginning to reach the breaking point.

"Oh, just a little contest to get Fairy Tail back on its feet…" began Laxus. The crowd stared at him wondering what he meant by that.

"I'm going to hold a battle to determine who is the strongest of Fairy Tail!" declared Laxus.