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Chapter 1: The Ohana Initiative

Turo System: Secret Location

Dark like a the night, one figure stood in the shadows, not daring to reveal itself. The figure wore black armor with red gauntlets on both arms. The figure chuckled softly as it looked to two Containment Orbs. "You two are the 0th and 629th Experiments of Jumba Jookiba." The figure stated in a low, female voice. Cyber and Leroy both growled as they scratched at the glass. The mysterious female chuckled as she got up from her throne and scratched both glasses with her clawed fingers.

"Soon, that blue freak, Stitch, and his entire Ohana, will pay."

On the Izayoi Island, Sasha and Taro, both of Yuna's best friends, were walking home from school. "It's sure been a while since we've seen Yuna." Sasha said to her friend. Taro nodded before they both heard some footsteps behind them.

"Well, well, well, Anime Girl. We meet again." Penny taunted with Kenny, Ted and Marvin behind her. "How's it going without Yuna?" Kenny added on.

Before anything else could escalate, a black limousine pulled up. Everyone stopped as a man in a black suit and sunglasses pulled up. "I take it that you six are Sasha, Taro, Penny, Kenny, Ted and Marvin?" he asked. All Sasha could do was nod before the man craned his neck and gestured towards the limo. "Come on in. We're about to go for a ride." He said.

Inside of the limo were Yuna's grandmother, as well as her father, but there were also two other creatures similar to Yuna's friend, Stitch. One was pink, and its tail looked like an announcer system, and the other was orange with an arrow on its head. There were also two other females, one was dark-skinned with black hair and a red shirt while the other looked like an older version of her, only with white clothing.

On Okinawa Island, Experiment Number 626, also known as Stitch, was waiting for his friend, Yuna, to finish school. It had been a while after Stitch had defeated the evil Experiment known as Dark End, and things have been normal ever since Dr. Jacques Von Hämsterviel, Gantu, his cousin, Reuben, and the villainess, Delia, were imprisoned by the Galactic Federation.

"Still, very quiet." Stitch muttered to himself before pedaling on his bike towards the school. As he was pedaling, a black limo pulled up. Stitch looked in confusion as the window lowered, and a dark-skinned man in a black tuxedo was revealed. Stitch gasped as he lowered his sunglasses and raised an eyebrow. "Cobra Bubbles?" Stitch asked.

Soon, Yuna came out, with Delores and Hiroman at her side. Yuna gasped when she saw the man approach Stitch. "What's going on?!" she yelled, causing her two friends to follow after her. Jessica, with her posse, also came, and saw what was happening. Immediately, they ran towards the scene as well.

Cobra Bubbles looked down to Stitch and smirked. "It's good to see you again, Stitch." He stated. Stitch smiled and was about to walk towards Cobra until Yuna ran in. "Who are you?!" she demanded. The rest of the Yuna's friends looked on as Cobra took out a badge. "I am Cobra Bubbles, Ex-CIA Agent of America, and current agent if Interpol." Cobra explained.

Everyone gazed with awe as Yuna walked up. "What do you want with Stitch?" she asked. Hiroman walked up next to her and nodded. "Yeah, man, he didn't do anything wrong." He reasoned.

Cobra sighed and looked to them. "Yuna Kamihara, Hiroman, Jessica, Toriko and Makiko, you need to come with me." He said. Yuna shrugged as she looked to her friends and they all walked to the limo.

Inside, there was a surprise. "Sasha, Taro, Penny, Kenny, Ted, Marvin, Grandma, Dad?!" she exclaimed. Stitch gasped as well as he looked to the two aliens inside.

"Cousin Shush? Cousin Fibber?" Stitch asked. He then looked to a familiar friend and smiled. "Lilo!" he exclaimed, jumping into her arms. Lilo chuckled and hugged Stitch. "Stitch, it's so great to see you again!" she said. Lilo then looked over to Yuna and smiled. "Thank you for taking care of Stitch for me, Yuna." Lilo said. Cobra Bubbles looked to everyone and put his shades back on. "Time to go." He said. Everyone looked with confusion before the Interpol Agent started the limo and drove off.

The limo soon arrived at a domed building with a large interior. Everyone awed in wonder as the limo soon stopped. Cobra got out of the limo as more men in black opened the doors for everyone else. Another black car pulled up, and out came Jumba and Pleakley, as well as BooGoo and Yuna's cousin, Tigerlily. "CIA Man, please to be telling Jumba the reason for gathering all of us here." Jumba asked.

Cobra Bubbles removed his sunglasses and took a deep breath as another car pulled up, this one carrying Lilo's sister, Nani, her new husband, David, and Lilo's husband, Keoni. Lilo, her daughter Ani, and Stitch all ran up to them before Cobra Bubbles cleared his throat.

"Twelve years since I have looked after the Pelekai Family, and now, I am called back into service now as a member of Interpol because of you twenty-four. This matter is urgent." Cobra explained.

"Gaba ika tasoopa, Bubbles, what matter?" Stitch asked. Cobra sighed and walked on over to a table with a remote on it. He then picked it up and redirected it at a screen. "First attack: Kauai." He said, clicking the remote. Everyone watched with surprise as they watched Jumba chase Gantu in his ship, followed by Stitch driving a fuel tanker into a volcano and flying into the air in an explosion.

"You drove a truck?!" Tigerlily asked with disbelief. "You never told me you had Jumba and Pleakley try to catch you as Bounty Hunters!" Yuna added on. Cobra cleared this throat before going on.

"Second attack: Tokyo Disneyland." He said, showing everything that happened in Disneyland when Stitch was with Yuna, Sasha and Penny, as well as Yuna's father.

"Final attack: New Town, Okinawa." Cobra announced, showing Delia's Ship hovering over the Soccer Field and Stitch taking on Dark End. Jumba finally spoke up and pulled out his laptop. "Oh, right, am completely forgetting. Dark End has gone missing ever since his defeat." Jumba said. Everyone gathered around as they watched Dark End's canister stolen from earlier footage after Dark End's defeat. "Not a clue has been left of Delia's little monster." Pleakley added on.

Cobra shifted his shades, getting everyone's attention once again. "The Public is starting to wonder if an Alien Invasion is about to occur with all these events." Cobra told everyone. "That's why Hämsterviel might be targeting every one who was made Ohana by either me or Yuna." Lilo added on.

Everyone gasped, knowing that they were all a part of Stitch's Ohana. "Jake and Kim too?" Stitch asked worryingly. Lilo sighed and nodded. "I'm afraid so, Stitch." She said. While everyone else remained confused at this, Cobra Bubbles spoke up again.

"It is now in Interpol's best interest that you be kept as an Ohana together. Ohana means family, and family never gets left behind." Cobra stated. Lilo and Stitch both nodded at this, in which Yuna smiled. "What does have to do with any of us?" Jessica and Penny both asked. "You have been made part of Ohana when you met Yuna and Stitch."

The two growled in anger before Cobra redirected them to another room. It was dark, and had shelves with many Experiment Pods. Cobra then lit up the room, revealing plans laid out all over the place. "What is this, Agent?" Yuna asked.

Cobra said nothing and lit up a table, revealing over 20 devices. "Aren't these Good Deed Trackers?" Sasha asked, noticing the similar look of the devices she and Yuna always carried. Jumba picked one of them up and nodded. "Is true. Designs of Spy Man's devices are slightly similar to Good Deed Trackers I made." He said.

Cobra took one of them out from his pocket and showed them to the large group. "These Communicators have been designed to keep everyone prepared for what could be coming their way." Bubbles explained. Yuna and Sasha soon saw the ones with their designs and picked them up. "These are Ohana Communicators, the tech possible to make this courtesy from the Grand Councilwoman." Cobra also stated further on. "There's one for every one of you." He added on.

Jessica and Penny both picked up theirs and looked to them. "Although the pink color works for me…" Penny started out as Jessica slammed hers down. "We're not interested." She finished up. Kenny, Ted and Marvin both set theirs down as well. "Don't think that we want to become part of this stupid alien resistance." Kenny spat.

At that moment, Fibber made a loud beep. Everyone, except Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley, Nani, David, and Keoni all turned around. "What was that?" Tigerlily asked. Jumba walked over towards Fibber and patted him on the head. "Experiment 032, also known as Fibber. Jumba designed him to be lie detector. Seems I succeeded." He explained. Everyone all awed in understanding, while Tigerlily and some of the other people in the group all squirmed nervously.

"We're not part of any stupid Ohana, and this whole thing is a waste of our time!" Jessica spat. Once again, Fibber beeped. Jessica growled as Ted and Marvin gulped. "Toriko, Makiko, you coming?" Jessica asked. Both best friends looked to each other for a moment before turning back and shaking their heads. "We helped Stitch, and Stitch needs us. We're staying." Toriko announced.

Jessica growled and looked to Fibber. "Why isn't he beeping this time?!" she demanded. "Is because little girls mean it. Yuna helped them out, after all." Jumba explained. Kenny sighed and looked to Sasha, in which she frowned. Shaking off the guilt, Kenny turned away. "We can live without this." He said. Once again, Fibber beeped. Kenny couldn't take it anymore, as he started to pull on his hair in anger. "We are leaving and never coming back!" Penny yelled, the five leaving the room. Fibber beeped once again, causing everyone to chuckle.

Tigerlily looked to everyone and smiled. "You've got a great teacher here, after all. I'm the nicest person in the world!" Tigerlily announced. Fibber beeped once again, causing Yuna to chuckle and Tigerlily to grit her teeth. "I'm completely honest, Fibber!" Tigerlily screamed, but Fibber beeped again, causing her to growl.

In New Town, Penny and her gang were walking around. "This might not be Izayoi, but at least we can have a good time." She declared while stroking her hair. Ted looked to Marvin and sighed. "Fibber was right. I already feel like Ohana to Yuna and Stitch." Ted admitted. "I mean, they helped us on Christmas, right?" he added on. Marvin sighed and nodded. "Yeah, that lie detector guy got us." He said. Kenny growled and turned around to them. "We don't need them! I'm a Karate Master, and we can take care of things on our own!" he yelled. Both Ted and Marvin just shrugged as they walked off.

Unbeknownst to them, someone with a similar appearance to Stitch was watching them. "Targets sighted." He announced. He then walked on the walls and followed the four.

At the same time, Jessica was at home, looking at some school photos. "Those traitors!" she cursed to herself. She then remembered back to the time of her birthday, when the Experiment Wrapper attacked them. "True friends help each other out!" Yuna's voice said in her head. "And so does family, Ohana." She muttered to herself. She then put her head into a pillow and screamed.

From a distance away, a white dog with black streaks on it was watching. It had some cybernetic parts on it, and was scanning the house. The dog growled and barked loudly before charging at the house.

At the Interpol Base, everyone looked around at the different sights. Yuna and Lilo were having a talk. "Thank you for looking after Stitch this whole time, Yuna. I'm so sorry that I had to leave him so long ago." Lilo said. Yuna smiled and nodded. "It was no problem, Lilo. Stitch was hard to control at first, but we bonded." She said. Lilo smiled again as Nani came up. "You seem to have done a nice job." Nani complimented.

Sasha walked up and looked to Lilo. "Hi there." She said. Lilo smiled back. "I'm Sasha, Yuna's best friend. I helped her look after Stitch too." She said. Yuna chuckled and nodded. "After all, Ichariba Chodei." She said. Lilo awed in wonder at the statement. "What does that mean?" she asked. Yuna patted Stitch on the head and smiled once again. "It means, 'Meet one's cousins forever.'" She explained. "I like that." Lilo replied.

Just then, Delores noticed something on the security surveillance system. "We have a problem." She told everyone. Everyone Cobra gathered together came to the system to see what was going on. Taro's eyes widened at the sight of the screen with Penny and her gang. "Why is there another Stitch?" he asked. "And why is he red?" Hiroman added on. Leroy growled and pointed his finger to the screen. "Naga Second Stitch, it's Leroy!" he exclaimed.

"Okay, who came up with that name?" Tigerlily asked with amusement, not believing the name herself.

"Hämsterviel." Stitch, Lilo, Jumba, and Pleakley all replied. "He is Experiment 629, stronger than 626!" Jumba exclaimed, causing everyone to gasp.

Jumba then took notice on the screen focusing on Jessica's house. "Some strange dog." He said to himself. Toriko and Makiko looked to the screen and gasped. "It's trying to get Jessica!" Toriko exclaimed. Stitch growled and jumped onto the terminal. "Here's what we do!" he exclaimed. Everyone gasped as they went closer to Stitch to listen in on what his plan was.

"Meega go to take care of bad Cousin Leroy, but someone has to go and save Jessica!" he announced. Lilo stepped up. "Okay, Stitch, I'm ready!" she exclaimed. Yuna, Sasha and Taro stepped up as well. "Even is Penny is annoying, we still have to help her!" Yuna stated. Hiroman looked to Stitch and nodded. "I'll go see what I can do to help Jessica." He said. "Not without us!" Toriko exclaimed. "That's right!" Makiko added on.

The two teams soon left, with Cobra Bubbles watching. "What do we do?" Pleakley asked. "How are they going to be able to pull off taking down those two evil Experiments?" Tigerlily added on. Cobra removed his shades and looked to the screens. "We can only hope that Stitch can pull off another miracle." The Interpol Agent replied. Everyone turned back to the screens as they wished their friends well.

Meanwhile, in New Town, Leroy unsheathed his blasters and shot at the ground beneath Penny and her gang. "Okay, Stitch, we're sorry!" Penny yelled out. Kenny then ran up and attempted to Karate Chop Leroy, but he grabbed him and threw him aside. "Choobi Cheeba!" he exclaimed.

Just then, Stitch jumped into the air and in front of Leroy. "Aloha, Leroy!" he exclaimed. Leroy growled and aimed his blasters at Stitch. "Meega nala kweesta!" he remarked back. Stitch tackled Leroy in response as Lilo and Taro came to the aid of Penny, Kenny, Ted and Marvin. "Are you okay?" Lilo asked. Penny nodded and looked to Stitch. "Is he strong enough?" she asked. Lilo nodded. "Stitch can handle anything." She replied. Yuna then leapt in and helped Stitch to take on Leroy.

At Jessica's house, Jessica screamed as she ran from the dog. She quickly grabbed a chair and a belt and held the chair up to the dog. "Stay!" she ordered, but the dog simply barked, breaking the chair. Jessica gasped and tried to whip the hound with the belt, but he bit it and threw it aside. The dog chuckled viciously and prepared to kill Jessica when a soccer ball hit him in the head. Both turned their heads to see the door break down.

"You've never caught a rabbit." Hiroman remarked. "So you're not a friend of mine!" Toriko and Makiko added on as they entered right behind the soccer captain. Jessica gasped at the sight of her friends. "Guys…" she started off, nearly speechless. The dog just growled at this, and charged at the three, but Hiroman kicked another ball towards the dog. The dog chomped on it and continued to charge. Toriko looked to some equipment that was in Jumba's car and saw a blaster. She ran towards the car and picked it up, taking aim at the dog.

Hiroman continued to dodge and kick at the dog until he noticed Toriko with the gun. "Toriko! Shoot and pass!" he yelled. Toriko nodded and shot at the dog, in which he dodged. He growled as he was hit one time and then charged at Toriko. "Heads up, Hiroman!" Toriko yelled, passing the gun towards Hiroman. The soccer expert caught the gun and started to shoot as well. "See if there's more!" he yelled.

At the same time, Leroy was continuing to shoot at Stitch. He was rolling around in ball form while Yuna was using a device from Jumba to make a force field to protect her from Leroy. Stitch finally got out of ball form and knocked him to the outside of a restaurant. Stitch laughed, thinking he had succeeded, but Leroy grabbed a metal pole from the fence and charged at Stitch. Yuna gasped and knocked aside a jab with her hand, in which Leroy struck again.

Stitch then grabbed an umbrella from the outdoor table and charged at Leroy with it, causing the two to clash. Lilo then ran in and grabbed one of the blasters Leroy dropped and blasted him with it. Leroy growled and turned around. "Choobi Cheeba!" he exclaimed.

Lilo then looked to her belt, and took out a multi-use pocketknife. "Take this!" she yelled, throwing it at Leroy as if it were a shuriken. Leroy was hit by the shuriken, and Stitch ran to a hardware store. Yuna grabbed the pole and the umbrella and then started to swing at Leroy with them, but he dodged them all before Sasha shot Leroy with another one of his fallen blasters.

At Jessica's house, Jumba arrived on a scooter. "Jumba brought Experiments! Choose any!" he yelled. Hiroman handed his gun to Makiko and then picked one of the pods up. "Which one is Kixx?" he asked. Jumba chose the pod and took out a canister of water. "Put 601 in here!" he yelled. Hiroman nodded and dropped the 601 pod into the water. Soon, a large light appeared, and Kixx soon emerged. He charged at the hound and punched and kicked, but the dog started to dodge. Hiroman saw a large rock nearby and smirked. "Heads up, Kixx!" he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Lilo, Yuna and Sasha continued to hold down the fort on Leroy, picking up a buggy car. "Red Punch Buggy!" he exclaimed, trying to knock them aside. Yuna gasped and visualized before chopping right through the car. Taro picked up another blaster and shot Leroy, but this time, he caught it and sent it back. Everyone gasped as they dodged the blast.

Just then, the sound of sputtering came into the air. "What was that?" Ted asked. "There isn't even a plane in the sky!" Penny stated. Everyone then turned their attention to the hardware store Stitch ran into. "Oh, crud." Lilo cursed. "What is it?" Taro asked. "My dog found the chainsaw." She replied back. Everyone yelled in surprise as Stitch emerged from the hardware store, laughing as he had the unstable chainsaw in his hands. He then jumped into the air and slashed down at Leroy, in which he ran to pick up his last blaster. Penny, however, grabbed it first, and shot Leroy with it. Yuna and Lilo looked to them with surprise and smiled. "Not too bad." Lilo complimented. "Ih." Stitch added on, turning the chainsaw off and returning it to the store.

As soon as he came out, Leroy woke up and picked up a discarded blaster. "Ha!" he exclaimed, aiming it at everyone else. This time, Kenny stood up to him, grabbing a rock and tossing it into the gun.

"You shouldn't play with guns." He scolded. Leroy looked to the blaster and handed it to Kenny. "Oh, okay." He replied. Kenny smirked and looked to the blaster.

"Thank Yo-oh no." He said. He then looked to Penny and chuckled nervously. "I think I forgot your birthday, so Happy Birthday!" he said.

Penny, realizing the blaster was now a bomb, handed it to Marvin. "Happy Halloween!" she exclaimed.

Marvin stuttered before throwing it to Ted. "Ah! A gift to your dead relative!" he yelled.

Ted screamed and threw it to Taro. "I don't have a dead relative!" Ted exclaimed, tossing it to Taro. "Happy Hanukah!" he yelled.

"I'm Christian!" Taro yelled, passing it onto Sasha.

"Merry Christmas!" she panicked, throwing it to Leroy.

At Jessica's house, Hiroman picked up the heavy rock and threw it to Kixx. "Kixx, catch!" he yelled. Kixx nodded and caught the rock, which he threw at the dog. Jessica then picked up the belt that was knocked aside and wrapped it around the dog's neck, now holding him on a leash. "And down, boy!" she quipped.

From a distance away, someone was watching the whole thing. "Don't want them to celebrate now, do I?" the figure asked. She then gave a low whistle, a whistle that only the dog could hear.

The dog growled as Jessica tried to control it. When he heard the whistle, he stopped and ran away from the house, and into the woods. Everyone looked with much confusion. "What was that all about?" Hiroman asked. Jumba shook his head and got in the car. "All of you, get in! Still need to catch Leroy!" he exclaimed. Everyone nodded as they got into the car and towards the city.

Stitch, Yuna and Lilo all watched as Penny and her gang threw the gun back and forth to Leroy. Sasha and Taro got out and panted. "What now?" Sasha asked. Lilo just watched wide-eyed and her mouth open. "This not going to end well." She said.

"My…" Penny said.

"Mother…" Leroy added on, tossing the gun to Kenny.

"Told…" Kenny sputtered before handing it back to Leroy.

"Me…" Leroy yelled, handing the gun to Marvin.

"That…" Marvin said while handing it back to Leroy.

"You're…" Ted stammered as he handed the gun to Leroy.

"The…" Leroy said, throwing it to Stitch.

"One." Stitch finished up, acting disappointed.

Leroy cackled and looked to the gun. "I win!" he exclaimed. "Oh, blitzak." He cursed. At that moment, the gun imploded, and Leroy was knocked out. Jumba, Hiroman, Toriko, Makiko and Jessica soon arrived. "Not so tough now, are you?" Jumba asked, containing Leroy in a Containment Orb.

Yuna ran up to Penny and smiled. "Great job!" she said. Penny shrugged and chuckled. "We're good tricksters." She said. Yuna and Penny looked to each other before shaking hands.

Jessica then walked up to Yuna tapped her on the shoulder. "I think we can work things out as an Ohana." She said. The two shook hands as well before everyone heard Jumba mutter. "What have we here?" he asked.

Everyone looked at Leroy while Jumba held up a magnifying glass. "D, N, A." He read. Lilo and Yuna looked to everyone, in which they did the same, looking to one another nervously.

At the Interpol Base, Jumba looked at the DNA symbol places on Leroy. "This can be decoded." He said. Pleakley and Stitch looked as Jumba zoomed out from the text, revealing a full name. "Lady Nebula." Stitch read aloud.

"Is she who sent Leroy after me?" Penny asked. "And the one who sent that killer dog to attack me?" Jessica added on.

Cobra Bubbles then walked up and looked to Leroy. "It is now clear that there is another threat out there other than Hämsterviel." He deducted. Everyone nodded as Interpol Agent Cobra Bubbles lit up the table with the Ohana Communicators. "Ladies and Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do?" he asked. Everyone looked down and looked to the Communicators.

Yuna and Sasha were the first to pick theirs up. Everyone else waited before the next were Penny and Jessica. Hiroman smiled and picked his up. "I'm in." He said. Kenny, Ted and Marvin picked up theirs as well and nodded. "Us too!" they all said. Everyone all smiled and picked up their Communicators, smiling.

Cobra Bubbles nodded and redirected them to a room. "The Ohana Initiative is almost complete." He announced. Everyone looked to each other before they followed Bubbles into the room.

When they entered, everyone awed in surprise. There was a house similar-looking to Lilo's house, set in a location outside of the base at a location that was also very similar to where Lilo's house was.

"The Ohana Mansion is now your new home." Cobra Bubbles announced. Everyone smiled before they heard another voice. "You're not alone." A female voice said. Lilo turned around and saw a redheaded girl with a red Ohana Communicator. "Hey, Lilo." She said. Lilo smiled and ran towards her. "Victoria!" she yelled, hugging her best childhood friend.

The rest of the group all smiled as they entered the mansion. "Your room will correspond with your Communicators. Place them on the knobs and you will have everything you need." Cobra said. Everyone looked to each other and nodded before walking up to random doors. "On the count of three." Yuna said. The others nodded.

"One…" Yuna started out.

"Two…" Sasha continued.

"Three!" everyone said, placing their Ohana Communicators onto the knobs. The doors started to glow. Everyone soon entered their rooms, and smiled at their surroundings. "This is going to be the Ultimate Ohana!" Lilo yelled.

Stitch nodded and smiled, looking to Yuna. She and Lilo had the same room. "Ichariba…" Yuna started out.

"Ohana." Lilo finished, the two entering the room.

Meanwhile, at the Space Station in the Turo System, Lady Nebula looked at the outcome of events and chuckled. The dog that attacked earlier appeared and lay down beside her. "Leroy served his purpose well." She announced. "Cyber, on the other hand, did exceptional." She added on, seeing Cyber come in with Hämsterviel and Gantu behind him.

"Who are you?!" Hämsterviel demanded. Lady Nebula looked to the two and chuckled. "I am Lady Nebula, and now, you serve me." She said. The two gasped and looked to cages full of all 629 Experiments, only with their colors inside out. "You will follow all my orders, and since I decided to give Lilo and Stitch a fighting chance by sending Reuben to Earth, you will help me lead my Negative Experiment Army!" she yelled.

Both Hämsterviel and Gantu gasped as Lady Nebula came down and let out her laughter before going back to her thrown. On the table beside her, there were a pair of glasses. With one swing of her fist, she smashed them. "The Ohana… will fall."

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