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Chapter 17: An Unexpected Reunion

Celebrating Six Years of Success on "Stitch! Ichariba Ohana Forever"

Previously on Stitch! Ichariba Ohana Forever

Ai: "My name is Ai, leader of the Chinese Faction of Team Ohana."

Spud: "Hey. Lilo."

Lilo: "Spud! How could I ever forget?"

Lao Shi: "Yin and Yang are known not only to be opposites, but sometimes, a good mix."

Lilo: "Oh my gosh! Are you two dating?!"

Cobra Bubbles: "Have you ever been married?"

Spud: "Having an Ohana outweighs anything the World has to offer."

Ohana Mansion

Everyone was still recovering from the last mission they had against Lady Nebula. TJ and Spinelli were checking up on Jake, Kim, Lao Shi and Shego as they continued to rest in the infirmary.

"So, just like that, two major leaders of Team Ohana were taken out?" Spinelli asked.

"Look, I wasn't proud of what I did to beat Lady Nebula, but fighting with members of Team Ohana was the only way to win," TJ said. He and Spinelli walked away as Delores entered with Victoria to help treat the wounds. "Penny and I are the only two who can lead with Kim and Jake out of commission for now."

"Don't beat yourself up, Teej," Lilo said, standing at the entrance with Stitch, Yuna and Ai. "We would have done the same in your position."

"Well, I'm not sure," Ai said. "I only came to deliver the message about Experiment 630. It was only fortunate that I came to assist TJ when I did."

"How's that search coming along anyways?" Yuna asked.

"How about we go to Gretchen and find out for ourselves?" Lilo suggested.

"Ih." Stitch nodded.

Outside, at an airport, a woman with blonde hair and a white dress with a midriff came off of a plane. She looked around before looking to her phone, seeing a picture of herself with Spud, as well as another with a boy who looked like Spud, only with blonde hair like hers, and cut short like Spud's as well.

"Come on, please…" the woman begged. She walked out and entered a taxi, which took her to her destination. She started to go through her contacts before coming across Spud's number. "I need you… more than ever now."

Inside of the computer lab, Spud and Gretchen were typing away while Jumba was looking through the files of all the known Negative Experiments that Team Ohana had encountered so far.

Lilo, Ai, Yuna, Stitch, TJ and Spinelli came in just as Penny Proud was looking to some more files.

"Try these ones over here," Penny suggested. "Maybe we missed something."

"How's the search coming along?" Yuna asked.

Spud sighed. "No luck yet," he said. "Jumba's been combing through all of the work he, Delia and Hämsterviel had when they were all partners, and Pleakley is checking with the Galactic Federation in seeing what can be done to counteract 630 if that Experiment is found."

"What do we name him?" Stitch asked.

"Wow," Lilo said, rubbing the back of her head. "It's been a while since I've had to think of a name for an Experiment. I don't think I've even got it anymore."

"How about names later?" Penny asked. "Finding Experiment 630 is serious."

"If Lady Nebula were to get her hands on an Experiment that can reshape reality, there's no telling what she would do with the universe." Ai said.

"Well, it's a good thing we're not gonna let her win," Lilo said before looking down. "I just wish there were a way to save Myrtle."

"Lilo, I know it' hard, but we may have to put her down when it comes to it," Penny said. "I don't want to have to end the life of one of your childhood friends, but we don't have a choice if it comes to it."

"And it won't," Yuna said. "Myrtle is part of the Ohana. We can't let her be taken over by Dark End!"

"Agreed," Jumba said. "Which is why Jumba is endlessly working on solution to remedy infection."

"Best we focus on the matter at hand first," Spud said before his phone started to buzz. Everyone looked to it as he picked it up. Narrowing his eyes at the caller, he promptly ended it. "Never again." He said sternly before going back to work.

Stitch walked over and picked up Spud's phone. Dialing onto it a few times, he managed to get in, and looked to the caller.

"Stacy Wintergrin." Stitch read.

"Who's that?" Lilo asked.

"Spud's Ex-Wife," Trixie explained. Everyone looked to her as she walked in. "I managed to get Jakey up and running again, but Kim is slowly recovering. I can't believe that shrew had the gall to call you again."

"Can I please focus?" Spud asked, irritated.

"Sorry," Lilo said before looking to the phone, seeing a text coming in. "'We need to talk, this is urgent. Wait where you are'," she read. "What does that mean?"

"What?" Spud asked. He looked to his phone and his eyes widened. "What's going on?"

"Spud, there's someone at the door for you," the voice of Huntsboy 88 came through. "She looks like that cheerleader who we met when you were a frog."

"How'd she find us?!" Spud exclaimed. He got up and walked out.

"What… what's this all about?" Yuna asked as she, Lilo, Ai and Stitch ran after Spud and Trixie.

The blonde woman looked to Huntsboys 88 and 89 shyly. "Um, hi, guys…" she said. "Sorry about those mean things I said to you those years ago."

"To be honest, we've been at the receiving end of a lot of insults." 89 said.

"You'd have to be more specific." 88 added on.

"I called you losers?" the woman said with an eyebrow raised.

"Ten people did that." 88 said.


"Ten times more." 89 said.

"Okay, that's enough," Jake said as he, Spud and Trixie came to the gate. Stitch, Yuna, Lilo and Ai walked up as well. "What are you doing here, Stacy?"

"This is Stacy?" Yuna asked.

"Yeah, and who are you?" Stacy asked.

"Friends," Ai said. "How did you get past the security systems?" she asked.

"I just asked for the new address of Arthur Spudinski, and this is where I arrived," Stacy explained. "I have no idea about whatever is going on here, I swear."

"I've gotten your calls, seen your texts, but my answer is still the same," Spud said. "Now… please go." He said before turning around to walk away.

"Spud, I know I don't know much about your personal life, but please, this was your wife," Lilo said. "At least… at least hear what she has to say. She looks scared."

Spud turned around to see the sad and concerned look on Stacy's face. He let out a sigh.

"Okay," Spud said. "But this had better be important."

Inside, Stacy and Spud were sitting down in the lounge. Everyone stood at different areas of the room as they looked to each other.

"You got a new hat." Stacy said before letting out a nervous chuckle.

"Outgrew my old one," Spud said. "I see you've ditched your heels."

"Sandals are better here," Stacy said. "How are you doing with Trixie?"

"We haven't… done it yet." Spud said.

"Oh… I see." Stacy said, almost sounding relieved.

"Okay, we've caught up," Spud said. "Now… what's going on?"

"I've been trying to get in contact with you for weeks," Stacy said. "Spud… it's our son."

Spud leaned in. "Jay?" he asked.

"He's missing," Stacy said. "For almost three months. I didn't know who else to turn to."

"So you came to us?" Rose asked.

"How does she know about you?" Stitch asked.

"And more importantly… how did you break up?" Lilo asked.

Everyone looked to each other, all with concerned expressions on their faces.

"Should you tell it or should I?" Stacy asked.

Spud sighed. "I was the one who never responded," he said. "I'll tell it."

"You don't have to." Rose said.

"It's time they knew," Spud said. He motioned for everyone to sit down. "It had been a few years after we finished Middle School, and we all graduated High School. I was still deciding, and I got a visit from Stacy."

"I finally decided to come out and reveal that Spud and I were in love," Stacy went on. "Naturally, a lot of our peers were shocked, but we didn't mind. We were happy, and soon, our friends were happy for us."

"We got married a few weeks after," Spud said. "Everyone was there… well, almost everyone. You all know about Brad."

"That he fell back or something else I'm missing here?" Stacy asked.

"I'll explain later." Jake said.

"So what happened then?" Ai asked.

Spud looked up. "We were settling down at an apartment. It was all we could afford at the time," he went on. "We moved to Manhattan, and for a while, we were living a normal life. That was… until the biker trolls attacked."

"Yeah, the same ones whose mama we turned to stone with instant sunshine, Yo." Trixie said.

"It came at the most inconvenient time, during a date between me and Stacy," Spud said. "They came in during a fight with Jake and Rose."

"I had no idea what was happening at the time," Stacy went on. "I wanted to run, but Spud… he didn't."

"Yeah," Spud said. "Because Trixie and I were close to Jake, we were trusted with a few potions, and I went in just as some of them were about to attack. That was it, I blew my cover in front of Stacy."

"Then she knew everything." Yuna deducted.

"Not at first," Spud said as he looked to Stacy, who had a guilty look on her face. "It took some time, but I explained everything to her. About who I was, about Jake, her time under the control of the Gorgon Sisters, and everything we were up to back in school. It took a lot of time for her to process, especially since she was almost pregnant at the time."

"So… then what?" Stitch asked.

Stacy sighed. "It started to all make sense to me, all of it," she explained. "I was allowed to see Magus Bazaar, and other parts of the Magical Community. I finally understood everything, and I came to accept it. I allowed Spud to take his days to help Jake and his friends, knowing they had world-saving business to attend to. That is, until the day I went into labor."

"I left a fight to go support Stacy, and Jay W. Spudinski was born," Spud said. "I wanted to badly to have our son grow up with us, but… so many more attacks on the Magical Community came."

"We handled them as best as we could, but we needed Spud," Rose went on. "We promised him he would be needed once a week."

"But… the weeks turned into days, and he couldn't be home for the time he wished for," Jake said. "After a while, we learned something very… alarming."

"What?" Yuna asked.

"The attacks stopped for a month, and we came to visit Spud," Jake explained. "But he and Stacy weren't at their home. We found them… at the office."

"Why?" Yuna asked.

"Because…" Spud said while glaring at Stacy. "Stacy called for a divorce. She just did it without any consent, and wouldn't talk about it. We signed the paperwork, and she moved away with our son. He was six years old."

"I keep telling you, it wasn't because of you!" Stacy argued. "That's why you've been ignoring my calls and texts, hasn't it?!"

"You hated me in school, so why wouldn't that have been the reason for us splitting apart?!" Spud argued.

"Guys!" Yuna said frantically.

"Those times have changed! I'm a different person now! Always have been since we became official!" Stacy argued back.

"And look where we are now!" Spud yelled. "How's Nigel, by the way?"

"Oh, he's fine," Stacy snarled. "I'm sure you and Trixie are getting along just as well!"

"Enough!" Lilo yelled, getting everyone to stop and look at her. "Ohana doesn't argue. What's done is done. Let's take a deep breath and calm down, and then Stacy can explain more about the Sitch."

Everyone sat down and took several deep breaths. After a while of silence, Stacy looked to Spud.

"What's happened to Jay?" Spud asked.

Stacy sighed. "When he was old enough, I tried to tell him as much as I could about what you and your friends did for the world," she started to explain. "Since you only gave me small details, I had to work with what I had. Jay wasn't that happy that he not only didn't get to meet his father, but that he could have lived a whole other life. He went off to try and find magical creatures, some sort of friends."

"That's a big risk, even for Jay," Spud said. "Did you tell him about Magus Bazaar?"

"Hadn't come to me at that time," Stacy went on. "Last I heard, he went to speak with other magical creatures, some big shots in Manhattan, something to do with Mr. Alexander Xanatos."

"Xanatos?" Lilo asked. "As in Xanatos Enterprises?"

"I don't know what he expects to find, but that was the last I heard of him from my other friends," Stacy explained. "They were frantic about him too. I needed help."

"Do you have any leads?" Spud asked. "Stacy, there's the good kind of magical creatures and the bad kind. I don't think anyone with a history working for someone like David Xanatos qualifies as good."

"I do," Stacy said with a nod. "Her name is Elena Maza. Apparently, she was the first human to have made contact with magical creatures back in the 1990s," she said. "Please… help me find Jay. I wouldn't have come to you otherwise."

"I'll help," Spud said. "He's my son, after all."

"I promise, after this, I'll be out of your hair, of everyone's hair," Stacy promised. "Just please… save my son."

Lilo looked to Stitch and Yuna, and Ai as well.

"She needs our help," Yuna said. "But she broke up with Spud."

"Even divorced couples can be brought back together," Ai argued. "Rarely done, but we have to help them."

"Ih." Stitch agreed.

"Okay," Lilo said before looking back to the New York team. "We're coming too. You'll need the help of Team Ohana."

"You all want to help?" Stacy asked, surprised.

"Family… never gets left behind." Stitch said.

"Plus… we got the best ship." Yuna said with a grin.

Soon, the Big Red Battleship left the Ohana Mansion. Inside, Stitch and Lilo were at the controls.

"What do we know about this Xanatos?" Yuna asked.

"Well, Alexander has a clean record, but his father, David, not so much," Ai said, pulling up a profile. "He pulled a lot of dirty tricks, which included cloning experiments, genetic mutations on others… he even reportedly turned his fiancé into a monster at one point."

"So, he's not very nice, is what I'm getting at." Jake said.

"There are details about some big guns he worked with, but they're too vivid," Lilo said, looking at another screen. "I guess that once we visit this Elena Maza, we can find out more about what we're in for."

"I do hope so," Rose said before looking to Trixie and Stacy sitting next to each other. "Awkward…" she said, rubbing the back of her neck.

"So… how's Spud treating you?" Stacy asked.

"Good, good," Trixie replied, looking elsewhere. "You remember, when I used to be a cheerleader… and I trashed Spud…"

"Looking back, I regret making you do that." Stacy said.

"Thanks," Trixie said before looking around. "Nigel ever tell you he was a mage?"

"Hmm, he may have let it go to his head at a few parties. He makes a mean scotch." Stacy said.

"Yeah, he sure does." Trixie said.

The two wives of Spud continued to look around before Stacy started to stifle back a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Trixie asked.

"You remember those two girls who kept telling people what would happen to them?" Stacy recalled.

"Oh, the Oracle Sisters!" Trixie beamed, snapping her fingers. "Forgot you were there when we had them."

"They told me I'd end up alone with Spud one day," Stacy said. "Looking back and remembering the dance, I can start to see why I thought they were crazy."

"You too, huh?" Trixie said, letting out a chuckle. "They told me that we would tie the knot. You know what happened?"

"What?" Stacy asked.

"He couldn't tie his shoe, so I tied it for him," Trixie replied before the two let out laughs. "We tied the knot!"

"Man, your loves were fun with the magic community," Stacy said. "I can't believe I was avoiding you all that time!"

"Well, we did almost sell Jake…" Trixie said. "Still kept the money from Rotwood, though."

"Hmm, didn't Jake grow rich at some point back in school?" Stacy tried to recall.

"Leprechaun gold, that was," Trixie said. "Weren't you the first one to take notice of it?"

"Yeah, I was," Stacy said before she and Trixie let out sighs. "Those were good times."

"Amen." Trixie agreed.

"Um…" Jake said, laughing nervously before he and Yuna made their way to Spud. "Should we be concerned that Stacy is only now realizing some of our mishaps were because of the magical creatures?" he asked.

"Honestly… I'm a bit scared that they're only starting to get along now." Spud said.

"Um, Stacy, I hate to ask this of you, especially in this situation," Lilo said as she walked up to Stacy. She took out her Ohana Communicator and showed the symbol of Lady Nebula. "When you found that Jay was missing… was this seen at all?"

"No, not from what I can remember," Stacy said. "All I recall was a set of scratches on the wall where he was last."

"Scratches?" Stitch asked.

"I hope that this Elena Maza knows more about this than we do." Lilo said.

The Big Red Battleship continued to fly until it eventually reached Manhattan, New York. Making its way to an apartment downtown, everyone dropped out before Lilo dialed some buttons. The Big Red Battleship soon cloaked itself before they all went down.

"How did you learn about magical creatures in this part of New York anyways?" Jake asked. "Gramps and I never found any around here."

"Jay told me they were in hiding, but for good reasons," Stacy said. "When he said they only come out in the day, I thought we were dealing with vampires. Now, I know it's something completely different."

"Vampires are way scarier," Jake said. "Trust me, I should know."

"According to my Communicator, the Maza Family lives somewhere here," Rose said as she led everyone to one of the suites. She knocked on it, but there was no response. "Should I knock again?"

"Let me try," Lilo said, walking up with Stitch. "Hello?" she asked, knocking. "Is this the Maza residence?"

The door opened up to reveal an African-American woman around her late forties, wearing a navy shirt and a red jacket with black pants, and her hair was black. She looked to the group before seeing Lilo and Stitch.

"Lilo?" the woman asked.

"Elisa?" Lilo asked. "Is… is that you?"

Lilo and Elisa both laughed and hugged each other before she petted Stitch.

"Good to see you again, Stitch." Elisa said.

"Back up a moment," Trixie said. "You two know each other?"

"Yes, but that's a story for another day," Lilo said before looking to Elisa. "Great to see you again."

"You too. You were only the size of Stitch the last time I saw you," Elisa said before noticing the group again. "I see you've brought friends."

"Yes, because this is an urgent matter," Ai said. "We need your help and your daughter's help, Elena."

"She's out on patrol, but if this concerns her, you'd better come in." Elisa said, opening the door all the way for everyone to come in.

"Thanks, Lilo said as everyone entered. Inside was a luxurious apartment. "You got that promotion and raise, I take it?"

"Chief retired, and passed on her title to me," Elisa said. "Chief Detective Elisa Maza, at your service."

"Good for you," Yuna said. "As the Chief Detective, do you think you can help us with a case?"

"What kind?" Elisa asked, making some food at the stove. "I'm an open book with anything. Matt is just off doing patrol, so he should be back soon."

"Our son, Jay Spudinski Wintergrin, is missing," Spud said. "He was last heard doing business with a man named Alexander Xanatos. What do you know about him?"

"Alex?" Elisa looked up. "David's son?"

"You know who David Xanatos is, huh?" Yuna asked.

"Back in 1995, I didn't trust Xanatos for his shady business," Elisa explained, turning the stove off. "I was right on a lot of occasions, since he would use deception and manipulation to get away with almost everything. It was only when me and my friends saved his son that he stopped conducting those shady deals. Helped us a lot in the end afterwards."

"Do you know what happened to Jay?" Stacy asked.

"When I met Jay, he wanted to know about my friends," Elisa said as she looked to Lilo. "They're still around."

"Goliath and the others?" Lilo asked.

"Yes, but older like me," Elisa confirmed. "The last I heard from Jay Spudinski Wintergrin, he was looking for some magical object, but not one I had heard of before," she explained. "David and Fox still do business, but mostly look after their son as he prepares to become the new head of Xanatos Enterprises," she went on. "If anyone knows about what happened to him, it's the Xanatos Family and Goliath."

"Got it," Jake said with a nod. "Thank you."

"No problem," Elisa said. "My daughter is with them now. I'll go with you."

Heading to the tallest building in Manhattan, everyone made their way to the elevator. As soon as they got up, they were approached by a man with blonde hair and glasses.

"Mrs. Maza, a pleasure to see you again." The man said.

"How has immortality been treating you, Owen?" Elisa asked.

"Oberon still makes sure that I watch over Alexander, as always," Owen replied. "Mr. Xanatos and Alexander are on the rooftop right now, Fox with them," he went on before noticing the rest of the group. "And these are?"

"Ohana Secret Service, branch of Interpol," Lilo said. "I need to see Goliath right away."

"You know Goliath?" Owen asked.

"Old friend, long story." Elisa said.

"And the Xanatos Couple too." Yuna added on.

"Ih." Stitch nodded.

On the rooftop, an elderly man, roughly in his fifties, with a woman the same age and with a tattoo on her right eye, watched as a twenty-year old teen was working with an armored gargoyle suit.

"How am I doing, Dad?" the teen asked.

"Great, Alex," the man said as he walked forward. "You should get the hang of this in no time."


"YES?" The three asked before seeing Elisa walk up.

"Elisa," Fox said, walking up and hugging Elisa before the chief shook hands with David. "Nice to see you again."

"Hello, Alex," Elisa said as Alex climbed down from the armor. "I see the Steel Clan suit is coming along nicely."

"Father made sure that it was to my liking," Alex said. "I still can't thank you and the Gargoyles enough for what you did for me."

"The pleasure is all mine, but I'm not here for a social visit," Elisa said before seeing a younger woman, about twenty-nine years old, with the same clothes as Elisa, walk forward. "Almost time for patrol, Elena."

"Sorry, just wanted to make sure I got a good word with Dad before I spread my wings." Elena said.

"Goliath?" Lilo asked, walking up with Stitch, Ai, Yuna, Jake, Trixie, Spud and Stacy. "Where is he?"

"Have… have we met?" David asked.

Five figures flew through the air, getting Yuna and Ai to gasp. Soon, five gargoyles flew down.

One of the figures had a pair of katanas on them while another was armed with a sword and had a scarred eye. The other was large and fat, with a short gargoyle that looked almost skinny, while the only female was dressed with white cloth. The largest among them was a purple gargoyle with a large belt and brown cloth.

"Elisa, it has been a while," the large gargoyle said. "Elena has been well since your promotion."

"Goliath, is that you?" Lilo asked as the large gargoyle looked to her. "It's been a long time, but I was a short Hawaiian girl. You helped me find one of our cousins, and we named her Anna Stesia," she said as the rest of the gargoyles gasped. "Looked like a baby gargoyle."

"Lilo!" Goliath exclaimed. "My, you have grown."

"Is… is that you, Stitch?" the red gargoyle asked as Stitch crawled up.

"Aloha, Brooklyn!" Stitch exclaimed.

"What's going down?" Brooklyn said with a chuckle as the two bumped fists.

"Wow, there's a lot about what Lilo and Stitch did with these guys we don't know about." Yuna said.

"I'm more surprised we never knew these guys before." Jake said.

"Goliath, I wish we could have more time to catch up, but this is serious," Lilo said before motioning to Spud and Trixie. "These two are the parents of someone who has met you, Jason Spudinski Wintergrin. He goes by Jay."

"Jay?" the female gargoyle asked. "Is he in trouble?"

"Yes, Angela, I'm afraid so," Lilo said. "We were told he was last doing business with Xanatos Enterprises, and that he knew you."

"Anything you can tell us?" Spud asked.

"Please," Stacy said. "He's our son."

Goliath stepped up. "Jay has told me that you two were hardly there for him," he said sternly. "If you are concerned for him now, then as a parent, I shall assist."

"Thank you," Stacy said. "Thank you very much."

"What can you tell us about what happened with Jay?" Spud asked as Stacy held his arm.

"Jay last met with us two weeks ago," the eye-scarred gargoyle said. "He was looking for something, not like the Phoenix Gate or the Grimorum Arcanorum, but another artifact. One that was known to grant dragon powers."

"I think he called it the Draconic Spire," the skinny gargoyle said. "It was only a myth in the Grimorum Arcanorum, but it was said to grant anyone eternal dragon powers."

"What price does it come with?" Jake asked. "Anyone who would willingly become a dragon has a price to pay."

"And who are you?" the scarred gargoyle asked before a dog-like gargoyle walked up.

"Easy, Bronx," Lilo said before turning to the scarred gargoyle. "Sorry, Hudson."

"I'm Jake Long, the American Dragon," Jake said. "Assigned by the Dragon Council of the magical realm."

"Ah, so we finally meet," Goliath said. "Sorry we had never met before. We were uncertain of your intentions years ago."

"That was when I was… reckless. Now, I'm serious about my task," Jake said. "And I am even more serious when my friends… and their families."

"Jay has still said many things about you two, especially you, Arthur Spudinski." Goliath hissed.

"Goliath, we've been helping out families, no matter what their problems were," Hudson said. "Surely, Alexander wouldn't be here if not for us, nor would he have been safe if not for Lexington. Brooklyn even put himself in the way for two runaways."

"Please, Goliath," Brooklyn said. "I know we didn't have a high opinion on divided families before, but we have to help these two. Remember what Lilo taught us?"

Goliath sighed. "You're right," he said. "Very well. We shall help you."

"In fact, I think I know where to look first," Elena said as she started to unzip her jacket. "Jay came to me, and mentioned something about a certain location at Central Park. From what I have learned, a lot of magical creatures are there, hiding from prying eyes."

"Central Park," Alexander said. "That's a good place to start."

"I'd go with you, but my days of going into danger are over," David said as he looked to Fox. "Fox is my only goal now."

"But we will help you out in any way we can." Fox said.

"Good," Yuna said before looking to Spud and Stacy. "You two up for this?"

"You know it." Spud nodded.

"Anything for my son." Stacy said.

"Then let's go," Elena said, undoing her jacket. It spread out and revealed to be wings, attached to her back. She leapt off the roof and laughed. "Try and keep up, Dad!" she called before gliding away.

"She got that from you, you know." Elisa said, looking down with a smirk on her face.

"Could be you," Goliath said. "You are pretty daring, after all." He said before leading the rest of his Manhattan Clan after Elena.

"Come on," Lilo said before Jake spread his arms out. "Let's go."

"Dragon Up!" Jake called out, transforming into his dragon form. Rose got onto his back while Spud and Trixie tossed out their Ohana Communicators. They turned into gliders while Yuna and Ai activated jetpacks. All of them leapt off of the top of the building, with Lilo simply jumping into the air.

"Come on!" Yuna called out as she grabbed Ai.

"What's going on?!" Ai yelled.

Elisa looked up before Goliath climbed back up. Grabbing her, the two smiled at each other before flying off again. As they did, Lilo and Stitch both pressed buttons on their Ohana Communicators, and soon, blue and red jetpacks appeared, matching their respective colors. Everyone soon flew off towards Central Park to find Jay.

"So, you're Arthur?" the fat gargoyle, Broadway, asked. "Jay always was talking about your adventures. What could ever make you walk away from the family."

"It wasn't actually my idea to walk away…" Spud said as Stacy looked away guiltily.

"It was more of some… disagreements that we had." Stacy spoke up.

"I'm sure that you can find some common ground," Lexington said. "We have on dozens of occasions."

"This one… is more complicated." Stacy said.

"How so?" Brooklyn asked.

"Whatever it is, it can wait," Hudson said, looking forward as Angela and Elena took the lead. "Seems like our two ladies have found something." He said as Bronx started to growl softly.

"Yuna, let us land," Goliath said as he soared next to Yuna and Ai. "With any luck, we can find more clues on to what has happened to Jay."

"Good idea." Yuna said before everyone landed down.

"I swear, Elena," Elisa said as she looked to her daughter retract her wings. "Your flying gets better."

"You think Matt will take it easy on me now?" Elena asked.

"As your human father figure, I guess he'll have to see it for himself," Elisa chuckled before seeing Lilo scan around while Stitch was looking out for anything from the trees. "How are we looking up there?" she called out.

"So far, I'm getting nothing," Lilo said. "Even with the magic scanners that Spud added in, I'm not picking up anything out of the ordinary."

"What about you, Stitch?" Broadway asked as Stitch continued to look around.

Stitch kept his focus all around him, looking back and forth like a periscope. Using his night vision, he suddenly spotted something near the park exit close to the entrance to Grand Central Station.

"Ikata!" Stitch called out.

"Stitch found something!" Rose called out.

"Let's check it out!" Ai called to everyone before she, Angela and Elena all ran towards Stitch's direction.

Everyone nodded and made their way towards Stitch.

Leading everyone, Stitch led them to the gate. As soon as he did, he stopped, prompting everyone else to stop as well.

"What is it now?" Stacy asked.

"I think I know this," Spud said. "See, some placed in New York are cloaked as entrances to the magical realm. There's a station that leads to Magus Bazaar, and on Ellis Island is a magical prison."

"They really should have taught that about that place," Stacy said. "Wait, was Alcatraz an entrance too?"

"I think so," Jake said as Spud scanned the gate. "Spud, you got anything?"

"This gate leads to… the Dream Realm!" Spud exclaimed.

"Where we fought the Chimera?" Trixie asked. "Boy, I ain't goin' back there again!"

"Well, I am! To save my son!" Spud exclaimed before running through.

"Spud, wait!" Stacy called out, running through as well. Like Spud, she vanished into what appeared to be a portal.

"We can't let him have all the fun!" Yuna exclaimed before running through and taking Stitch with her.

"Now I know what it was like raising Ani." Lilo said as Elisa walked up, the two with hands on their hips in sync.

"Try raising a human-gargoyle hybrid with two husbands." Elisa said before she and everyone else ran through.

Inside, Spud and Stacy were looking around.

"This… this must be the Dream Realm." Stacy said, looking around.

All around, several different cities and locations were set, each with different desirable traits to them.

"I can see Trixie's Doctor dream," Spud said. "She always had that even after graduating from medical school," he explained as Stacy looked on with an impressed look on her face. He continued to look around before spotting a gargoyle who looked like Angela, only with a golden headpiece and red eyes. "Wait, who's that?"

"Angela?" Stacy asked.

The gargoyle let out a demon-like roar before soaring to a dreamscape that resembled a land of dragons.

"Jay stole the Dragon Spire," Stacy said as everyone else came through. "That Angela lookalike must be trying to get it too!"

"Demona!" Goliath exclaimed in surprise.

"Not her again!" Lilo exclaimed.

"You know her?" Stacy asked.

"Long story, one to tell once this is all done," Lilo said as she looked around. "So, everyone's dreams are here?"

"Yeah, and Demona went there!" Spud exclaimed, pointing to the dragon land dreamscape.

Yuna took out her Ohana Communicator and aimed it at the dragon land in blaster mode. Though she did not shoot, the Ohana Communicator did start to beep like a metal detector.

"Something with high magical energy is there," Yuna said. "It has to be the Dragon Spire."

"Let's not waste any more time," Goliath said. "If Demona still has not learned her lesson, she cannot be up to any good."

"Come on," Lilo said. "Let's move!"

Everyone nodded as they ran to the dragon land. However, upon reaching it, several dragons made of what appeared to be shadows swarmed in. They were about to charge in until Demona was seen fighting them.

"Mother!" Angela called out.

"MOM?!" Yuna and Ai exclaimed.

"Aunt Demona!" Elena called out.

"My daughter, niece… Goliath!" Demona yelled after punching away a shadow dragon. "Thank goodness you're here!"

"What is going on here, Demona?" Goliath asked.

"I promise to explain after I get some help with these abominations!" Demona replied, backing away from more shadow dragons.

"Let's give her a hand, then," Rose said as she took out her HuntsStaff. She took out another and handed it to Stacy. "I always carry two. You'll need this."

"Just swing it, right?" Stacy asked as she took the staff.

"More or less," Stitch replied. "Ikata!"

Everyone charged in and started to take on the shadow dragons. As they did, Stacy found herself in front of two, causing her to quietly squeal. One of them flew at her, but she swung the HuntsStaff she was given, destroying it. Looking to the others, she ran and slashed at them as well.

Ai kicked at two more Dragons before jumping off of another. As she did, she took out her own Ohana Communicator and blasted another in the sky before forming a boomerang to toss at the one she used to jump off of. Catching it, it transformed into a sword, which she used to slash at several other shadow dragons with a Tai Chi fighting style.

Yuna spun and kicked at a shadow dragon before blocking another in a kata stance. Holding her ground, she swung her other arm forward and knocked it aside before using her Ohana Communicator in naginata mode to slash away more. She spun around, her naginata spinning as well, before taking out seven around her.

Jake flew up as several dragons chased him. Luring them to Hudson, he took out his sword and slashed at them before Bronx mauled away at two more. As they did, Lexington leapt on top of another and started to claw at him before Brooklyn slashed another.

Broadway punched several shadow dragons into oblivion while Angela and Elena flew through several more. Near them, Elisa was using her gun to shoot down more before Goliath grabbed three of them and pounded them into the ground. He looked to Elisa and smiled before the two exchanged enemies with each other.

"Come on!" Lilo called out as she and Rose both shot at several shadow dragons. Demona flew in and clawed at more of them, causing the two to nod at her respectfully. She nodded back before she and Rose slashed at more of them, causing them to disappear.

Trixie spun around, break dancing away from each of the shadow dragons. Landing in between eight of them, she spin-kicked them before using her Ohana Communicator in sword mode to slash them away. As soon as they were in the air, she attached a scope to her Ohana Communicator and placed it in blaster mode. Shooting each of them down, they disappeared.

Stitch cannon-balled himself at more of the shadow dragons as Lilo was backing away from more of them. Goliath noticed him and grabbed him before flicking him at a distant shadow dragon. He bounced off of each of them like a pinball before reaching Lilo, where the two sent twin punches to two more, causing them to fly through ten more shadow dragons, wiping them out.

As Spud was slashing away more of the Shadow Dragons, one of them flew up and breathed dark fire at him. He formed his shield and blocked the fire, but was sent back to where Stacy fell back from another attack.

"Imagine if every day of dodge ball was like this." Stacy said as she started to get back up.

"If we don't make it out of here with Jay…" Spud said. "Why did you do it?"

"Wait… what?" Stacy asked before slashing away another shadow dragon.

"I prepared a dance for you. I got us a nice apartment, and was able to get it for a good price, and I was there to cheer you on at regional cheer-offs," Spud said. "Then, after I revealed my magic secret to you, you called me in for the papers. Why?"

"Spud, it's not like that," Stacy said before Spud shot down more shadow dragons while Lilo and Yuna kicked away more behind them. "It wasn't because of you that I left with Jay…"

"Then why?!" Spud yelled as he opened fire on ten more shadow dragons. "Was I not good enough for you?! Did I not—?"

"Because I was never good enough for YOU!" Stacy yelled, slamming her staff down. A wave came from it, sending several shadow dragons flying away before falling to the ground, tears in her eyes. "When you said you had a magical side, I didn't know what to believe. Then when I saw it… I didn't think I was the one for you. I didn't think… I was good enough for someone who had such an amazing life… one he could never share, and for good reasons."

"What?" Spud asked. He looked to a shadow dragon and lowered his weapon as he knelt down. "You thought… you weren't worthy of me?"

"Jake was a Dragon, Rose was a Huntress," Stacy said. "If you were a partner to him, one who could do amazing things with magic like fighting biker trolls or solving the equations to Pandora's Box… what could I offer?"

"Stacy…" Spud said as he helped Stacy back up, wiping some tears off of her face. "At the time, I didn't think I was good enough for you," he said. "I mean, you did run away from me each time I tried to flirt with you, and you did have Trixie trash-talk me during the gorgon crisis," he pointed out. "I'm sure that you also learned some more of my times when you were with Nigel after—"

"I never remarried," Stacy admitted, shocking Spud. "Granted, I did go to him to ask what he knew about the magical world, but I felt I wasn't good enough for anyone who lived an amazing life of magic," she said as more shadow dragons started to surround them. "That's why Jay ran off. I told him all that you told me about your adventures with Jake, about magic. He was so amazed by it, and I did my best to pass it on. But I failed… he ran off because I couldn't offer him anything else."

"Stacy Wintergrin, listen to me," Spud said. "I have something to admit too… I never remarried either."

"What?" Stacy asked, her turn to be surprised now. "But… you and Trixie…"

"We talked about it, but I needed support, some space away from romance after the divorce," Spud said. "I remained single. For six years, I remained single. We have each other… and I'm sorry I blamed you for our falling out."

"Oh, Spud!" Stacy yelled with tears in her eyes as she hugged Spud tightly. Spud gasped a little, but smiled and hugged back.

Everyone looked to Spud and Stacy as they had their moment. However, as dark fire started to breathe around them, they stopped and readied their weapons again.

"Let's do this, honey." Spud said.

"You know it, Arthur." Stacy said.

As the shadow dragons flew at Spud and Stacy, they both slashed at them relentlessly. Spud knelt down as two shadow dragons charged at him from the side, allowing Stacy to roll onto his back and stab them before spinning him to shoot down several more. When he got to his knees, he tossed Stacy into the air, where she performed a cheerleading somersault and kicked down seventeen more before Spud slashed away ten others. Together, the two clashed weapons and sent a blast from them to take out the rest, all shadow dragons in the area now gone.

"Wow," Jake said as he, Rose and Trixie looked on. "A lot of new things we're learning today."

"You never remarried?" Rose asked Trixie.

"Yeah, we only had one moment, and that was that accident in the closet on homecoming," Trixie said. "I only supported him. He needed someone to help him after the paper signing."

"That's rough, buddy." Jake said.

"Ih." Stitch agreed.

"This is the reason I never found someone to fall in love with," Lexington said as the rest of the Manhattan Clan watched. "And… the other reason."

"AW…" Yuna and Ai both said as they watched Spud and Stacy look into each others' eyes.

"Well… this is something." Elisa said as she walked next to Demona.

"Yes, it is," Demona said before she and Elisa looked to each other. "Too soon?"

"Maybe." Elisa said with a shrug.

Lilo looked on before clearing her throat. "Um, well, as touching as this reunification is…" she said, getting everyone's attention. "Demona… what are you doing here?"

"I had discovered that the Dragon Spire was stolen," Demona explained. "And… years ago, after what happened in Hawaii… I had an Epiphany… I was the one to blame for what happened years ago."

"It took me years to cope with the loss," Goliath said. "But… I am glad that we can both move on now."

"I have been trying to do good, I truly have," Demona said. "I've been secretly helping people and stopping criminals every night, and even in the day. But when I found that Jason Spudinski Wintergrin had the Dragon Spire, I knew it had to be recovered before he could give it to him."

Everyone looked to each other in confusion before Yuna stepped up. "To who?" she asked.

"A man named Eli Pandarus," Demona said. "I had been tracking him for years since David Xanatos passed his business to his son. He was in league with a woman…"

"Lady Nebula," Lilo said. "I'm not surprised."

"Meega Nala Kweesta!" Stitch snarled.

"Where are they now?" Yuna asked.

"And what's with the shadows?" Ai asked.

"In the wrong hands, the Dragon Spire can create a dark army of dragons," Demona explained. "I fear that Eli Pandarus, or lady Nebula, have already used its power to do such atrocities."

"Then let's go," Spud said. "I don't want to waste another second, knowing my son was used for this!"

"That he was," Demona said as everyone ran ahead. "Eli Pandarus manipulated him into becoming his apprentice years ago, and only promised him full power once he was delivered the Dragon Spire."

"I'm going to kill Pandarus for this." Stacy said, gripping the HuntsStaff tightly.

Going further into the dragon land, everyone found a young man resembling Spud, only with blonde hair with green streaks, part of it covering his eye, and a dragon logo on his chest. In his hands was a dragon-shaped lantern with a golden jewel in the center. Above him was Eli Pandarus, as well as Lady Nebula.

"Nebula!" Lilo called out. "Or… Myrtle… what have you done?!"

"Stay out of this, Lilo!" Lady Nebula called out. "This doesn't concern you this time!"

"My friends, my family, and their families, are my concern!" Lilo argued. "Let Jay go, both of you!"

"Oh, but why should I?" Eli asked. "The boy has been unhappy with the secret of magic that was kept from him. I am offering him what no parent could… a life of his dreams."

"Dad…" Jay said.

"Jay, please listen to me," Spud said. "That man cannot be trusted. He is a tyrant, someone who will turn their back on you without a second thought. He tried to kill Jake on more occasions than I can count, and he even held me hostage, each time for his own selfish needs!" he exclaimed. "Once you give him what he wants, he will kill you, or worse!"

"Please, listen to your father!" Stacy called out.

"He left me!" Jay argued.

"No… I left him," Stacy said, surprising Jay. "I never thought I was good enough for him… so I left him. I thought I could use the stories he told to teach you… but I failed. I'm sorry for that, Jason, but I see the mistakes I have made. I will never leave you, my son," she said as she and Spud held hands. "I promise."

"Could she ever teach you magic?" Eli Pandarus asked. "She's just a human! You can be so much more, more than your father and the American Dragon!"

"Jay, please, I know I wasn't there for you when you grew up… but I can be there for you now, if you just make the right choice," Spud said, holding his hand out. "Please, my son… come back to us."

Jay looked to the Dragon Spire before looking to Spud. He looked back to Eli Pandarus and Lady Nebula before looking to his parents again. Finally, he placed the Dragon Spire above him.

"Jay?" Jake asked.

"What is he doing?" Lady Nebula asked.

"How did Mom say Jake did this?" Jay asked. "Oh, yeah… Dragon Up!"

Everyone covered their eyes as a bright light surrounded Jay. Soon, he was up in the air, flying with dragon wings on his back. He looked down at Eli and Lady Nebula while dropping the Dragon Spire into Spud's hands.

"For years, I did what you asked me! For years, you never cared for me like any parent did!" Jay yelled.

"Nobody's perfect." Eli said before shooting a spell at Jay.

Before the spell could be completed, Stacy tossed the HuntsStaff into Eli's shoulder, sending him back and breaking his wand.

"You traitor!" Lady Nebula called out before running at Jay.

"No!" Lilo called, activating her sword. She ran back at Lady Nebula with Ai and Yuna before all three locked with her sword.

"You're not going anywhere!" Yuna called out.

"Stay here!" Ai ordered.

"I know my place… I thought you were my family!" Jay called out as he flew to Eli, who was whimpering due to now being defenseless. "I could finish you off here…" he started before flying back to Spud and Stacy, who held him tightly and lovingly. "But that's not what I want to be… I want to be nothing like you!" he yelled before looking to his parents. "I want… my family back… it's all I wanted for years."

"That's my son." Spud said with a smile.

"Looks like your plan failed, Pandarus." Hudson said.

"Turn yourself in, or face the consequences." Goliath ordered.

Eli panted nervously while Lady Nebula looked to her odds. Breaking away from Lilo, Yuna and Ai, she willed her sword away.

"Your move!" Stitch called out.

"You won today," Lady Nebula said. "But know that Dark End will have his moment! Once all the experiments I need are gathered!" she yelled before teleporting away.

"Why would she help someone like Eli Pandarus?" Jake asked.

"That's what I want to know more than ever," Lilo said before walking up to Eli while Yuna took his broken wands. "Now… what was your deal?"

"She needed the code to open my family's box," Eli said. "She helped me for years… but I don't know what she wanted with the power, I swear!"

"That remains to be seen," Lilo said. "Once you're questioned by Interpol and the CIA."

Outside at Central Park, Cobra Bubbles arrived and took Eli away.

"This isn't fair!" Eli complained. "I would have been all-powerful if it weren't for you meddling kids and those gargoyles!"

"Yeah, we've heard that before." Lilo said with a roll of her eyes.

Spud looked back to Stacy. "So… once we get back home… to my new home…" he said. "Any chance we can… start again?"

"I would love that." Stacy said before she and Spud kissed.

"Thanks for the help again, Goliath." Lilo said.

"Anything for Ohana." Goliath smiled.

"Seriously, how do you know these guys?" Yuna asked.

"That story…" Lilo said as everyone walked over. "I shall now tell…"

To Be Revealed In The Next Chapter

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