The Headmistress of St Trinians school for girls, Camilla Fritton was sitting down to tea after a long day of overseeing the girls in their newest plot to get a spy into the local parliament meeting to check what they thought about St Trinians, much to her pleasure most of them still lived in fear of her girls.

She was just lifting the cup of warm Irish tea to her lips when a loud cracking sounded from outside the school, she placed her cup back down on the saucer and hesitantly made her way past the front desk to the door, unlocking the many locks that littered the door with a well-practised ease.

When the final lock slid into place she pulled open the door, greeted with the sight of a darkened campus with threatening thunderclouds looming overhead, the rain pouring down created a shield that disallowed her to see further than 2 metres past the front steps.

There was no one there and Camilla was just about to close the door when a sharp wail caught her attention, she looked down and jumped back in shock, there on her doorstep was a tiny baby girl, her small face screwed up and Camilla hurriedly knelt down, taking the small child into her arms she began rocking her gently, muttering nonsense words to get her to calm down.

"Hello there cutie, what's your name?" she whispered, the baby tossed sharply in its sleep and a small corner of paper was revealed, housed underneath the blanket the baby was laying inside of. Carefully so as not to frighten the baby Camilla eased the paper out from under her, in appeared to be more of a large parcel than a letter and Camilla found herself wondering how it could have fit under there.

She glanced at baby and a hesitant look crossed her face before it cleared, she quickly bustled inside with the baby still in her arms and locked the door behind her, turning around she let out a shriek as most of her girls lined the staircase, staring down at her apprehensively, "What's that," one of the small first years called, pointing at the bundle Camilla held, "A baby dear, wake everybody please and come with me, we have a letter to read," she said, waving the parcel with her free hand.

Several of the smaller girls broke off from the group that was following her and ran to wake those who had not converged on the stairs, hurrying back several minutes later to join the group in the great hall. Camilla had sat down at the high table and she placed the baby in the crook of her arm and opened the parcel with the other, upending it on the table.

A torrent of items fell out including a key, a letter and a small locket along with several other items. Camilla passed the baby off to the teacher on her right who cradled the baby gently; watching as the headmistress ripped opened the letter and unfolded it, her eyes scanning it.

"Okay quiet down now girls, I have some news for you," Camilla said, standing up and waving her hand for quiet. "A while ago I heard a knocking on the door and went outside, there on the steps was a baby girl, the one matron is holding now. She was left with a parcel in her blankets, it contains this letter but before I read it to you I must ask that what you hear in this letter you never talk about to anyone," she conditioned, watching her girls sternly.

"I swear." "I swear." "I swear." "I swear." "I swear." the voices echoed around the hall as each girl stood and accepted the conditions, eager to hear what was hidden inside the letter, "Very well, girls I shall hold you to this," Camilla voice thundered through the hall as the girls took their seats once again.

"Dearest Camilla,
I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is Persephone Silver nee Blade. I was one of your pupils from the time I was 6 to the time I turned 11 when I went to an exclusive boarding school in England against my better wishes. What I left unknown to you and the school was that I am a witch; I was born into a pureblood family that means all my ancestors are witches and wizards, purebloods as well.

I went to your school as my family wished for me to be versed in muggle (non-magical) ways as well as magical, when I turned eleven I did not wish to leave your wonderful school but unfortunately I had to learn to control my magic. I met a wonderful man when I was there; he was kind and generous and I loved him dearly, my family approved the match as he too was a pureblood, though they did not care as much about blood as others, and when we left school we married, a few months later I grew pregnant. Nine months later, on the 27th of June 1979, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, I named her Hermione Rosetta Silver and we could not be happier. Unfortunately these are not joyful times; there is a war going on and people: muggleborn, half blood and pureblood are all being killed, it is a dark time and I fear for my child's life.

My husband and the rest of my family have already been claimed by the dark side for refusing to support Lord Voldermort, I am writing this letter with great regret as I do not believe I will live much longer however I wish for my child to have a normal life until such a time as she goes to Hogwarts, that is the magical school I went to. I believe my time is drawing near and as such I write to ask you if I do die for you to take my child in, I do not trust those who surround me with her upbringing. I have left everything in my name to her and I wish for you to tell her of her birth right and who she is.

Furthermore I have placed a charm on her that when activated will transport her to you. I hope that you will bring her up on the values I was taught at St Trinians. I beg of you Camilla, please look after my daughter as I cannot. The items contained in this parcel are vastly important and I must ask you to listen carefully. The golden key is the key to the vault at Gringotts, a wizarding bank, when she first goes off the Hogwarts she will be given a guide to the wizarding community where she will be able to get everything she needs including money from the vault. The locket is a family heirloom and will identify her as the sole heir to the Silver name; it includes a charm that will protect her if she finds herself in times of great need.

The folded piece of parchment is another family heirloom it's a map that can only be commanded by a blood heir, I leave it up to my daughter to learn its uses. Inside the box is a pet of sorts, it is one of the last Alluvia, they are extremely rare creatures, only a few still live they are magical pets that are linked to a person's magic. They normally choose one type of animal such as a dog or a cat then morphs into other sorts of the species for example a cat could be a lion or a tiger. The final items I have left for her are quite a few books of magical nature that contains everything there is to know about magic from dark curses to the folklores to the witches and wizards of the past and present. Please see to it that she receives them as they are only available to families of the old religion.

I wish you, your girls and my daughter luck. If the time ever comes to pass when you are reading this letter than I want you to tell my daughter that I love her and I will continue to even after I am gone. That I will always be watching over her and that she must never forget how much I cared. I love you baby girl, stay strong, live and remember never be afraid of that which you don't know.

Sincerely yours,
Persephone Silver"

Camilla Fritton stopped reading and placed the letter on the table, her eyes scanning the hall as slowly her girls came out of their trances. "OI! OI! OI! So just to be clear, there is such thing as magic?" one of the rude girls called, gaining sighs of exasperation.

"Yes my dears it appears so, now remember your promises, you must never speak of this to anyone even after you leave this school and go cause havoc in the real world!" Camilla called and every head in the hall nodded their agreement, proud to be let in on such a momentous secret.

"Off to bed now girls," Matron called, shooing them out of the hall with her hands after handing Hermione to Camilla.

"It's alright Hermione, we're going to raise you to be a proper St Trinians girl, when you go to that school you're going to give 'em hell," Camilla whispered, cradling Hermione in the crook of her arm and exiting the hall after tucking the parcel into her dressing gown pocket. She moved quietly through the halls and stopped outside a pair of large double doors, taking a deep breath she entered the room she owned when she was a child growing up in the manor with her greedy brother and absent parents.

Nearly the minute her parents died and her brother left to explore the world aka be a crook, she had begun the transformation of the manor, adding desks and chairs, collecting beds for the dormitories, supplies for the art room, costumes for the drama department and so forth.

The only place in the entire manor that had been left untouched was her room, it held to many fond memories for her to get rid of. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door, she had not entered the room in many years, since she had begun the remodel. A large smile formed on her face as she took in her childhood escape, the room was huge with an ensuite bathroom, walk in closet and a small library.

A huge king sized bed sat draped in silver and purple silk sheets in the centre of the room, the wooden cradle she had owned when she was a baby was set up next to the windows that were covered with huge silk curtains and Camilla moved towards it, gently laying Hermione in its silken folds.

"Night night Mione, don't worry we're going to take good care of you here, you're a St Trinians girl now and we look after our own," Camilla whispered, kissing her gently on the forehead the baby girl rolled over in her sleep, a small sigh escaping her mouth as she crinkled up her nose, Camilla exiting the room as quietly as possible.

The full moon shone through the huge bay windows and illuminated the sleeping baby encasing her in a soft golden glow for a few seconds, in a far off house that seemed to defy the laws of gravity the same thing happened to two young boys, identical down to their last freckle.


A couple of months after Hermione first came to St Trinians she began exhibiting signs of magic, just small things at first, toys floating into her cot at night, plates moving down the table towards her, pages of storybooks turning themselves as she was reading. As she grew older her magic grew with her the displays became larger and larger however never enough to attract outside attention.

Hermione surprised the people of St Trinians by not only being gifted with magic but also incredibly smart. At the age of 6 she was already reading novels and textbooks meant for middle school students, she could also write at a middle school level and was fluent in 5 languages excluding English they were Greek, Italian, Spanish, French and Latin.

Hermione had already figured out how to use the map that her mother left to her and it was a favourite amongst the St Trinians girls, all you had to do was use the password to make it work then give it the name of the place you wanted to see. Once just for fun Hermione had said Hogwarts, a wizarding school she had read about in her book, and a detailed layout of the castle had appeared, not only that but it also showed the inhabitants of the castle from a bird's eye view.

The map showed the layout of not only the castle itself but also the grounds including a place called the Quidditch Pitch, a wooden hut, the forest, the lake and the greenhouses. Though Hermione very much doubted that they would be the same type of greenhouses as those at St Trinians, the students at her home grew deadly plants, some drugs and various vicious species of plants that were used when attacking the visiting schools.

Hermione so far throughout her life had never wanted for anything, she was taught all she needed to know by the St Trinians occupants and often things she didn't, as the years went by her power and skill grew steadily however she never lost her need for chaos, oh she couldn't wait till she got to Hogwarts. She just hoped that there would be someone there who loved mischief as much as she did.


A nine year old Hermione skipped happily through the doors to St Trinians a sharpened lacrosse stick, a gift from one of the Goths was thrown over her shoulder and a basket was clutched in her hands, the doors thudded shut hiding the blackened sky. She giggled and waved happily at Taylor and Chelsea passed, happy that St Trinians was no longer in danger of closure, the heist had gone perfectly and Miss Fritton's idiot brother had fallen for the painting perfectly and if she didn't know any better herself she could have sworn that the Headmistresses' painting was the real one.

Her two chocolate coloured pigtails contained her curls to either side of her face and a small black top hat was pinned to her head, tilted slightly to the side, a pair of black stilettoes adorned her small feet and her uniform reflected each group at St Trinians. Her shirt was cut to stop just below her belly button while the sleeves had been ripped off.

Her skirt was designed to fall to the middle of her thigh, her tie hanging loosely around her neck, lots of black and silver bracelets cluttered her wrists while a silver necklace was tied around her throat. The Headmistress had said that she wasn't allowed to wear makeup until she was thirteen so her lips were left to their natural pinkish hue and her eyes, the colour of golden amber remained free of eyeliner and mascara.

She peeked inside her basket and grinned, most of the girls closest to her stepped forward and she lifted the lid a tiny bit more to show them what was inside, receiving smirks in return as they returned to their business. Hermione smiled cheekily and continued her skipping, soon reaching the door to the Headmistresses office; she shifted the lacrosse stick and knocked quickly, the rapping sound echoing through the nearly empty corridor. "Come in," Camilla called, a smile breaking across her face when she recognised Hermione's face. "Ah Mione my dearest have you got them?" Camilla asked, patting the desk for Hermione to drop the basket.

"Of course when have I ever failed," Hermione snorted, dropping the basket in front of the headmistress and watching with disinterest as she overturned it, letting the various illegal herbs fall from the fake compartment.

"And you had no trouble pulling it off?" Camilla quizzed, sorting through the herbs and quickly storing the in her desk drawer.

"None at all you would not believe how stupid those cops stationed outside our jurisdiction are. I still don't get why they even bother it's not like the authorities will ever stop us," Hermione said, grinning slightly as Camilla dismissed her, a wide smile evident on the headmistresses face.

She quickly made her way to her room, taking out the locked wooden box beneath her bed; it contained everything that she had with her when she was left at St Trinians not that she was complaining. St Trinians had taught her everything she needed to know for the real world and she decided that when she went to this magic school she would show them how a St Trinians girl did it.

Hermione sat in the middle of her room and took the key out from the chain around her neck, unlocking the box, rifling through it expertly as her fingers grazed through the contents resting on one of the several books contained in the trunk, she had gone through them several times before but never tired of their contents, many of the items could not be used until she was at Hogwarts as they left a magical trace and her mother had instructed her by the secret letter never to create a trace until she was at the legal age, the ministry would do anything within in their power to control the Silver Heir.

A small furry head pushed its way under her arm and she giggled, pulling the tiny kitten onto her lap. "Hello Felidae how are you?" she questioned, running her fingers through her ebony fur, fondly scratching the small white patch on her forehead. A contented purr came from the little kitten before she backed up; a soft ripping noise resounded throughout the room and in the kittens place stood a large lion who stalked around Hermione, lying down behind the small girl so she could lean back on her soft coat.

"Thanks Felidae, what do you think we should look at today?" Hermione asked, pulling the book onto her lap. "How about charms?" she said looking over her shoulder to Felidae who growled contently. "Charms it is." She stated clearly, flipping open one of the books.

Ink was spread across the page in rapid motions, forming words and moving diagrams. "Hey look there's a charm to give people hallucinations and another to find your inner animal; huh I wonder what that means. What do you think Felidae should we try it when I get my wand?" she mused receiving a nod in return; she grinned and returned to the book, her eyes scanning every spell thoroughly, committing it to memory.

She was just starting a new topic on wards when her ever faithful companion rubbed her large head against the young girls shoulder, urging her towards the bed. "Come on Felidae its only like 10," Hermione whined but dutifully changed into her pyjamas and crawled into bed, after making sure that the book was safely in the box and the box itself firmly locked up beneath her bed.

She pulled the blankets up to her chin, watching as Felidae changed from a lion into a beautiful ocelot, she hopped up onto the bed and curled up against Hermione, the tiny brunette smiled sleepily and ran her hand through Felidae's fur, eliciting a loud humming noise from her protector.

"Only a few more years Felidae then we're going to Hogwarts," Hermione crooned, covering a yawn with her hand as her eyes slowly slid shut, her dreams filled with fantasies of having untold power at her fingertips. Felidae did not fall asleep for several hours, content to be curled up against her mistress, her eyes scanning every inch of the room for any sign of a threat that could endanger the small girl in her protection.