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Chapter 1

1st November, 3am – Just after Halloween.

Bang! The girl woke with a start to a series of loud bangs that sounded like someone was trying to break in. It's probably just one of those silly people dressed in costumes wanting all my candy, she thought. Suddenly a woman dressed in black with a black hood so you couldn't see her face came in and started hurriedly packing some of her things into her small pink backpack. Then the woman picked her and her backpack up and carried her to the top of the stairs. There she pushed on a part of the wall and a panel in the wood slid open revealing an entire section of weapons. She put the little girl down with her small pink backpack. She then picked up an object that looked like a metal stick and started drawing on the girl's skin leaving black marks. "Whatever happens. Whatever you see. You must not come out until they're all gone, do you understand? You must not make a sound. I love you", she said. "Wait!" the little girl tried to say but all that came out was a breath of air. "Not a sound!" the woman said in a hushed tone as she took out two knives and closed the panel.

The little girl moved and sat so that she could peek out through the gaps between the panels. The bangs had stopped and the lights were off so everything was dark and silent. The banging started again this time in her ears and got louder and faster by the second until she realised it was her own heart beating. She could just see her, the woman, standing there before the door, knives brandished before her, illuminated only by the moonlight coming in from the gap between the curtains. Suddenly an enraged screech filled the silence making the girl jump. The woman quietly whispered some words and the blades she was holding lit up just as there was another massive bang and the door splintered into tiny pieces, big black creatures filled the room screeching until the woman was surrounded. The little girl screamed but all that came out was more air.

Suddenly a male voice drifted through the doorway. "You can either come with me and join me wilfully back to the place you deserve. No more hiding or running. Or you can be brought by force. Either way I am getting what I want and you can either give it to me or I will force you tell me where it is." The mad said in a deep, posh sounding voice. Give him what he wants the girl tried to yell at the woman, but she couldn't hear her, nobody could.

"I'm never going to join you." She said in a scary calm voice, "I would rather die than join you. And I'm certainly not going to tell you where it is." There was a long pause where it was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

"Fine." The man finally said. "Have it your way then." He stepped away and the girl let out a long breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding. "Seize her." The man said to the black creatures. NO! The little girl wanted to scream.

The black creatures rushed to the woman as her blades sliced through the air graceful but deadly as two of the creatures went down howling in pain before disappearing in to nothingness. It was as if she were dancing a dance of death and the little girl watched in fascination as one by one the creatures disappeared until there was only two lying on the ground slowly dying. One disappeared just as a glowing sword came out of nowhere and rested against the woman's neck.

"I was hoping," the man said, "that it would not come to this." They stood there for a long moment just looking at each other trying to figure who would make the first move.

"You know you don't have it in you to kill me." the woman said in a calm, gentle voice that sounded like she was trying to calm a wild animal. The man snarled and pushed on the blade so she gasped as blood began to well up. He then removed the blade from her neck and put it against her stomach.

"I don't need to kill you, you're already dead to me!" he snapped as he pushed again on the blade, deeper, twisting and pushing enough for the woman to let out a small cry of pain. "It'll only get worse and you know that now TELL ME WHERE IT IS!" the man yelled. At that moment the last remaining creature that everyone had forgotten about lifted its tail-like thing and struck out at the woman, hitting her on the back causing her to stumble forward into the blade already piercing her skin, and shoving it deep into her stomach. She let out a cry of someone in immense pain as the demon disappeared and she slowly sank to her knees.

"NO!" the man roared as the woman went down, the sword still protruding from her chest. She didn't say a word as she kept letting herself down until she was lying on the floor. The little girl watched in horror as the man carefully removed the sword and laid it down, taking the woman's head and laid it on his lap. The man started speaking softly to the woman, comforting her. As hard as the little girl strained to hear what was being said she couldn't make out the words. Then the woman said something to the man and he nodded and started to sing a song that sounded like a lullaby as the woman on his lap closed his eyes and finally was still.

The little girl tried to yell something in anguish but all that came out was another chocked gasp. The man's head had been bowed in farewell but snapped up at the sound and looked straight at her as she continued to peek through the gaps between the wood. He slowly stood up, resting the dead woman's head back down on the floor and walked towards up the stairs and towards the wall there the girl was hidden while she slowly inched away, towards the back of the small space, clutching her small pink backpack to herself in fear. The man felt along the wall in front of him until he finally found the panel that opened the compartment. It slid open just a single tear slid down the little girl's face.

The man looked down at the little girl and stood there looking at her, as if calculating what to do, his face passive. "What is your name child?" he asked. She looked at him, terrified unable to say a word as she glanced back at the dead figure on the floor. The man's face softened a bit as he said softly "I'm not going to hurt you. I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted her to be safe. She just stole something from me and I wanted to scare her into giving it back. I didn't want to hurt her and I'm not going to hurt you." he sounded sincere and like he was telling the truth and the girl felt she could tell him her name. There's nothing harmful in telling someone her name, right? But as she tried to speak her attempts were once again useless. He looked at her as if he understood why she couldn't speak even when, she herself had no idea. "Who looks after you?" he asked softly. She looked over at the only other person in the room and her eyes filled with tears threatening to spill over.

A creaking noise followed by a growl came from outside and the man looked towards the sound. "Come child." he said in an authoritative voice "we don't have much time." he said quieter. He looked back down at the girl just as another tear slid down her cheek. He sighed and bent down and grabbing her under the shoulders and pulling out from under the shelf of weapons and various other objects, and placing her down on her feet on the ground. He knelt down and gently prised the backpack from her hands and guided her arms through the straps before standing back up again and taking her hand. He walked her down the stairs and past the still body of the woman. As the girl passed her she could just see the faint outline of the woman's face, the corners of her mouth turned up in a small, peaceful smile. The man paused just outside the door and the girl turned around to look at the still figure on the floor one last time before the man closed the door, shutting out the woman forever.

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