"Daryl?" Carol called as she rounded the corner on the upper level of their cellblock. Apparently, he had a surprise for her after coming back from a run with Glenn and Michonne.

"You're gonna love it" Glenn had said to her, unable to contain the grin slowly creeping onto his face. He never was good at lying.

Footsteps echoing softly with every step, she soon came to a stop in front of the cell they shared, the inside of which was concealed by the dark cloth hanging over the doorway. She pulled back the heavy fabric and peered in, blue eyes meeting the figure standing, back turned, by the bed.

"Glenn said you had something to show me" she asked as she took a step into the cell.

Daryl turned his head slightly so he could see her, but kept his body facing away from her. Carol looked at him with suspicion, eyebrow raised.

"What are you hiding?" She asked, smiling, while attempting to sneak a look at what he was holding.

"Somethin' I found while we were out. You're gonna love it" he said, a hint of excitement creeping into his voice as he spoke.

He turned to face her. Carol's eyes widened as soon as she saw his surprise, and she moved a hand to her open mouth. A 2 metre long corn snake was curled around his arms, slowly slithering through his hands. A stunned silence hung thick in the air.

"Gorgeous ain't she? Found 'er slitherin' around on the street, I think she must've come from the pet shop down the road from the store we we're in today. That'd explain why she's so friendly. Raised in captivity"

Finally able to speak, Carol was nearly frantic.

"But Daryl, what if it bites someone? We already have enough to worry about without a snake loose in the cell blocks!"

"Well she ain't venomous, if thats what you're worried about. And I won't let 'er out of the enclosure" Daryl respond cooly, obviously unfazed by the dangers a snake presented.

"You got it an enclosure?" exclaimed Carol.

"Okay its just a box but we'll get a proper enclosure next time we go out"

"But Daryl-"

"Hey, she's not gonna do any harm. C'mon, just look at 'er" he said, turning the snake's head so that she and Carol were looking directly at one another.

Carol couldn't help but soften a little at his hopefulness. It was like looking at a small child with a new toy.

"'sides, I got 'er for you"

Daryl offered the snake to her without hesitation. Carol jumped back a little, still unsure of the snake, before slowly reaching out her hand towards it. She flinched when she made contact with its scaly skin, a weird combination of smoothness and roughness. Goosebumps formed on her skin as it slithered up her arm and across her shoulders.

"Okay, I think I'm done now" she said in an anxious tone, not taking her eyes off the long reptile curling around her shoulders.

"Think you could mind her for a minute? Gotta go drop this stuff off to Hershel"

"Wait what?" she uttered as she turned back towards Daryl, only to see him disappear through the hanging cloth.

"Daryl. Get back here. Daryl what do I do? Please don't leave me with this… thing. Daryl Dixon, you get back here right now!" she cried frantically as the snake continued to move along her other arm.

Daryl snickered to himself from outside the cell, back pressed against the cool metal. He might just leave her few a few minutes, eventually she'd warm to her new pet.