Epilogue: The Engagement

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And without further ado, my little ponies, the REAL last chapter!

Three years later

Mr. Cake was manning the Sugarcube Corner today. The foals were off at school and his wife was out with a friend. Pinkie was hanging out with some friends. He pleasantly gave out sweets to the customers like usual, happy to do so. After the usual morning rush, since many ponies liked to have sweet things for breakfast, business slowed.

While waiting for another customer, Mr. Cake took the time to put some more things into the oven. He was cracking some eggs when he heard the "ding ding!" of the store's bell. Quickly getting the yolks in the batter, he rushed out to greet the customer. "Hello, welcome to...Cheese Sandwich! Well, hi!"

Cheese was in his travel outfit. "Hello, Mr. Cake," he said in his low cowpony voice.

"How'd the party in Manehattan go? Was it a hit?" inquired Mr. Cake.

Cheese lifted the hat to reveal his usual puffy hairstyle. "Actually," he admitted sheepishly, "I kind of fibbed on that one. I wasn't going to a party. I was doing something much more important."

Mr. Cake's eyes widened. "More important than parties? This must be serious. Where did you go?"

Cheese looked very nervous. "Well...I went and saw Pinkie's family, actually."

"You didn't bring her with you?"

"Couldn't. This was something I couldn't bring her along for. I...well, I asked for her father's permission to...to marry her."

That shocked the taller stallion. He staggered back in surprise. "Marry?!"

"He said yes, but that I should also ask somepony else," added Cheese. "Somepony who is like her other father figure, in Ponyville."

Mr. Cake's mouth was agape. "So what you're telling me is..."

Cheese looked at Mr. Cake hopefully. "Yes, sir. I'd like your permission to marry the sweet pink mare living in your bakery; I want Pinkie to be my wife."

Mr. Cake smiled. "Cheese Sandwich, I can honestly say that Pinkie obviously loves you very much, and if Igneous said yes then I will too. You have my blessing to ask for Pinkie's hoof in marriage."

Cheese grinned widely and hugged him. "Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I promise, I'll make her the happiest mare in Equestria!"

Mr. Cake blinked before laughing. "I don't doubt it."

Happily, Cheese trotted through Ponyville with his to-do list and a cupcake. It had three check boxes which read:

•Ask Pinkie's father
•Ask Pinkie's father figure
•Ask Pinkie

Cheese checked off the second box. "Done and done," he commented as he chomped into the sugary sweet in his hoof. "Now the third and hardest..." he sighed through a mouthful of cupcake. He got shivers just thinking about this; how the hoof was he supposed to ask her?

The venue wasn't a problem. Cheese had already reserved a table for two in a rather nice restaurant, and had even paid extra bits for an especially nice table. And as to what he would propose with, he had done some research. Unicorns typically proposed with rings, and pegasi might wear rings on their wings or the base of said wings, but earth ponies could not wear rings, period. Some just went without jewelry, but Cheese wasn't about to spare that expense. He had bought a rather nice ring and a cheap yet nice-looking chain that could hold it around her neck. After a particularly large party order a few months ago, Cheese had procured a bit of extra money. He had set it aside for wedding/proposal expenses and immediately got to work, getting a reservation and buying the jewelry.

And now, today, the day of the reservation, he was finally going to ask her to be his wife. Oh, he was so nervous...and he still had no idea how to ask her. Get down on one knee? Grovel at her feet? Ask her casually? Dress up like her again?

As these options floated through his mind, Cheese suddenly became aware that he had walked right into somepony. And, of course, that pony had to be...

"Yay! Cheese, you're back!" cried an excited Pinkie, bouncing around him. He was glad to see her, of course, but did she have to be here now

"H-hi, Pinkie!" laughed Cheese nervously. "I missed you!"

"Me too! Wow, you came back today, just like you said, just in time for that date you asked me on! I've got a really pretty dress, Rarity made it for me!" rambled Pinkie as she continued to bounce. Cheese forced a grin.

"That's great! Can't wait to see it!"

Satisfied, Pinkie bounced off. Cheese sighed in relief that he was able to keep it together. He went home, a house he had bought a little while after becoming Pinkie's coltfriend, to wait impatiently for the time of the date as well as put on his suit.

"I wonder what was up with Cheese earlier?" asked Pinkie to Gummy as she slipped on the dress she had had Rarity make. It was high-waisted, with a deep red top half and a long, white skirt with gold accents. The neck was also gold with a halter top style and Rarity had added some high-heeled shoes that matched the top half of the dress.

"I mean, he seemed even more nervouser when I mentioned our date!" she added as she pulled her head through the halter top. She shook the skirt out and it settled prettily over her back hooves. "I wonder what he's got that he's so nervous about. Hope he's not totally breaking up with me..." she sniggered. Then, Pinkie's smile dropped. "Wait...what if he is? Oh my gosh, what if he is?! I don't know what I'll do if he breaks up with me!" Pinkie stepped into the shoes. "Oh, Gummy, don't look at me like that. It's a valid worry."

Gummy, of course, showed his concern as he did with all emotion; his eyes faced different directions as he stared at nothing.

Pinkie paced around. "Ooh..." she moaned. "That'd be...oh, he can't do this to me! I love him too much!" Her thoughts were broken by a knock on her bedroom door.

"Pinkie? Cheese is here," called Mrs. Cake.

"Coming!" replied Pinkie. She forced herself to push these worries down. Of course he wasn't going to break up with her; this was a nice place! Why would he take her to a nice restaurant if he was going to break up with her? Shaking herself one more time, she adopted a confident look and went outside to meet her date.

Downstairs, Mr. Cake was eyeing Cheese with a knowing look. "Are you ready?" asked the older stallion.

"Honestly? No," sighed Cheese. "I'm so nervous! This is the night that will determine our entire future together! I can't mess it up if I don't want her to leave me forever!" he finished in a wail.

"Relax! It's stressful, yeah, but when she says yes..." Mr. Cake's eyes glazed over with a dreamy look. "It's the most wonderful feeling in the world..."

Cheese wasn't satisfied. "But what if she—Whoa." He had suddenly looked up to see Pinkie in her dress. The pink pony had appeared out of nowhere. She took his breath away. "Pinkie...you look..."

Pinkie giggled. "You look super cute too!" And he did; he was in a nice black suit that had a red bow tie that coincidentally matched her dress. He actually had pants as well. She bounced down the steps and in no time reached her date.

Cheese offered his arm. "Shall we?"

Pinkie took it. "Mm-hmm. See you, Mr. and Mrs. Cake!" The pair walked out as the bakers waved goodbye.

Mrs. Cake looked at her husband. "What were you two talking about?" she asked suspiciously.

"Oh, colt stuff. Too complicated for you to understand," chuckled Mr. Cake simply. His wife rolled her eyes playfully.

"Wow, I can't believe you got such a great table!" exclaimed Pinkie. "I mean, it's right next to the window and everything! Somepony's spoiling me~" she sang in her Pinkie-esque way.

Cheese waved a hoof. "Oh, please. Nothing's too good for you, Pinkie."

"Still!" Pinkie looked over the menu. "Whoa. This all looks so good. I have no idea what to get!"

"Take all the time you need," said Cheese. Inwardly, he kicked himself; the longer she took, the longer he'd have to wait until he proposed! Then again, he didn't know when to actually do it.

Thankfully, Pinkie replied, "Nah, this actually looks pretty good. This one with the spaghetti and stuffed grape leaves. Sounds yummy in my tummy!"

Cheese frowned as he observed then menu. After looking, he decided on the feta salad. The two handed their menus to the unicorn who was their waiter. "Thank you," he said as he dipped his head. He levitated the menus as he went back into the kitchen as the couple began to converse.

"So, Cheese, what do you think would be cooler, a turtle with a bunny face, or a kitty with a bat body?" asked Pinkie a while later. They had finished their main courses and were awaiting the waiter with their dessert.

"Well, I think the kitty with a bat body," commented Cheese.

"Me too!"

"Listen, Pinkie," sighed the stallion. It was now or never, and if he waited any longer then he was going to sweat right through this suit. "We really need to talk about our future."

Pinkie's smiled faded. It couldn't be that her fears would come to pass, right? "F-future?"

"Yeah. I've kind of been thinking about this for a long time..." gulped Cheese. This wasn't going to be easy, but he had to do it.

Pinkie's eyes were beginning to fill. "Thinking about what?"

"Well...I think that—"

He was interrupted by the arrival of the chocolate cake they were going to share. Cheese wanted to stare angrily at the waiter but he knew the unicorn was just doing his job. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, Sir. Would you like me to bring the check next time?"

"Yes, please." The waiter bowed and left.

"What were you going to say?" asked Pinkie in an accusatory voice. "You think that...?"

"I think that I've waited long enough." Cheese got out of his chair as Pinkie was about to do the same to beg him not to leave her. She stayed in her seat, though, out of curiosity. A few heads turned towards the stallion interestedly. Cheese dug in his coat pocket and pulled out a box. "Pinkamena Diane Pie, we've been together for about three years after I helped plan your birthday party. Even before that, you inspired me to do what I loved, and helped me discover my destiny. Well...while we're on the subject of destinies, I can only think of one for myself. And that includes standing by you, forever. I can't imagine a life without you. For that reason I ask you...Pinkie, will you marry me?" He opened the box which revealed a ring on a gold chain.

Pinkie was crying. "Yes, yes, one billion times yes!" she spluttered as she threw her forelegs around Cheese's neck. There was clapping from the other customers as Cheese laughed with joy and spun her around before kissing. He slipped the chain around her neck after they broke apart. "I can't believe it, we're getting married!" she squeaked. "What if we have little foals and then they have little foals and we have a big family?!"

"Whatever you want," replied Cheese as he held her close, immense happiness radiating from him as he did so. "Whatever you want."

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