So I just wanted to a great, big, final author's note to wrap this up.

First off. I have to thank The Editor, the great demon Fluffziel. The great demon is seriously amazing, wonderful and terrifying in all it's aspects and this fic would have been significantly poorer, and probably not even finished, without It. I don't think you guys realise just how amazing this hell spawn is. As an example, "I am wealthy and eccentric." "angry burrito" "God Save the Queen" as well as the impetus for all the extra smut came from our most merciful Demon in their editing genius. If you are making any burnt sacrifices in the near future, throw in a few pieces of cheese for The Editor.

Second – I have to thank a friend of mine. She's not part of the fandom, and she doesn't have a name by which I can refer to her, but she is the reason this fic exists. Way back in January when I had fallen down the rabbit hole of shipping for the first time (yes, this is my first real ship!) I was leery of modern AUs, having been horribly traumatized by a Digimon fic at an early age. She insisted that they were fantastic things and then promptly came up with a plot for an Office AU and told me to write it. That plot became Anna Summer, PA. So, mucho love to my wonderful bestie. You are my muse. 3

Third – you guys. All of you. As I said in my first Author note, I can't believe how much love this fic has been getting. I've had people send me such amazing messages, telling me that this silly fluffgasm has made their lives better, or made them smile when they needed to, or made them laugh inappropriately in the middle of the night. And the fan-art! And all the cool people I've met and made friends with... I was not expecting any of this at all and it has been such an incredible experience for me.

And a FAQ:

I won't be writing another multi-chapter fic, or a sequel. I'm sorry, I really am. You may have noticed, by the infrequent updates the last few months, that life's gotten busy for me. Writing Anna Summers was an incredible experience, and I don't regret it one bit, but it is a time consuming project. And I have original stuff I want to write. If doing this fic has shown me anything, it's that I'm a decent writer. Good even. I want to write original novels, and maybe you'll come across a novel in a bookstore one day that's full of fluff and humour and gay people and you'll wonder about that fanfic you read all that time ago... :) (and no, can't tell you when I get something published. My parents don't know I ship Elsanna, nor do they need to know.)

I encourage you to follow me as an author, though. I definitely see myself writing more one-shots every once in a while, maybe some Anna Summers stuff will even slip in there. And, if you haven't, add this fic to your favourites. It'll allow other searchers to find it and experience the fluff and angst and smut. :) And if you have any questions about the fic, or about anything really, PM me on here or message me on Tumblr. I only bite if you want me to. ;)

Holy crap, how did I write a full page Author note?

Keep shipping,

Capt. Elfy