A/N: Mostly what you'd call a drabble. I have no idea why
this just popped into my head. But ya all lucked out.

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4 months ago Sheldon looked at Penny and asked..."Are you happy?"

She said no. Then asked him..."Are you happy?"

He said no. At the same time they both said..."Let's fix it then."

Penny gave Leonard the boot and Sheldon did the same with Amy.

A week later over hot dogs and spaghetti Sheldon asked..."Are you happy?"

Penny said..."Almost." Then she asked him..."Are you happy?"

Sheldon said..."Almost." Then he asked her..."What will bring you to 100%?"

Penny said..."When you finally kiss me."

So Sheldon did.

Two weeks after that first kiss. Sheldon had Penny pinned against her bedroom door and
told her..."I'm done going slowly with you."

Penny replied..."I'm a big ole 5 you know."

Sliding both his hands under each of her thighs he lifts her up until she wraps her legs
around his waist. Then he opens her bedroom down and heads for her bed.

As he lays her down, he tells her..."I'm going to prove to you I'm a big ole 10 in this just
like everything else I do."

Penny smirks and giggles at him.

Twenty minutes later Penny was no longer smirking.