It was a crazy match. The loser walked off with barely any scratches, dumped the winner who could barely walk in her infirmary and demanded Hanji to "get him well-we need him in fighting shape."

They hadn't talked for over a month. She felt uneasiness started to pool up in her stomach before she could check out his wounds.

Hanji decided that she was furious. Not so much at the losses her side had suffered, three in a row. More for the purple and blue mess sitting in front of her on the infirmary bed.

"Are you out of your mind? What do you wanted? Look at the mess you are in. Does the win worth it?" Hanji's voice choked up while she assessed the damage left by the brute force hits the well muscled body took in.

Levi almost shuddered when Hanji poked at his left side to check out the ribs. Her touch on his body was gentle, as it always had been. How he missed it. The pains were ten times more miserable when he had to nurse the wounds himself. After he joined the scouts, it was always Hanji's job to dress up his wounds whenever he got injured. All he ever did was complaining how rough and noisy she was and ordering her to shut up.

He missed it all. The gentle touch, the endless babbling, the stupid jokes she awkwardly came up with to distract him from the pain.

"Four broken ribs. One in three pieces. You heal fast, but it will take at least two or three weeks. Are you out of your mind?" Hanji started to poke him furiously on the ribs in his good side and continued, "You always said that I am the one who is crazy. Now who has jumped over the edge? Is the winning so sweet that it is worthy of everything?"

There was not much she could do for the broken ribs now. Hanji sighed and picked up a cotton ball soaked in iodine, focusing on cleaning up the scrapings left by the direct hits. "Oh, Geez, how many punches did you take? Three hundred or four hundred? A miracle that you are still alive. Do they hurt?"

From the way Levi scowling at the her touches, Hanji got the confirmation she needed. After a long sigh, Hanji stopped in the middle of the babbling, looked up from her hands, and asked, "what can I do? what I am supposed to do for all this?" Her voice was full of frustration. She was almost in tears.

Levi was caught by surprise. His thoughts were sliding with the soft fingers across his skin when she suddenly stopped. The gentle touch he had missed so much. Words just blurted out of his mouth before he was fully aware what Hanji had asked, "I missed you."

Hanji could not believe what she had just heard. Her lower jaw dropped, turning her mouth into a big "O".

After catching her reaction, Levi repeated, "I missed you." This time, he made every word as clear as they could be.

Hanji's face blushed. She lowered her head again, pretending she was busy with dressing up his wounds. She could have fooled him if her trembling fingers did not give away.

Levi sighed, raised his hands over to cover hers, and repeated softly, "I missed you. A lot. Do you miss me?"

The truth was always hard to acknowledge but even harder to deny. Hanji wanted to shook her head vehemently, but stopped in the middle, raised her head up slowly, and lowered it just a little, barely half way back. A nod so slight that it was hardly noticeable, but enough for Levi. He swung his arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Rattled by the sudden out-pour of affection, Hanji squirmed a little in Levi's arms. He gave out a very loud uncharacteristic wimpy outcry and complained, "Geez, that really hurts!"

Startled by his response, Hanji's body froze, not even a single finger daring to move. Levi never complained about pains, not even after he broke his femur on their first recon trip outside the wall.

This must hurt a lot. Or she must have hurt him very terribly and very deeply. Oh, God. "Sorry, I am so sorry. It was all because I was too…" Her voice and body trembling as if in a silent fit of crying.

"Stop." Levi held her even tighter, "Don't say it. It is not you. I am…" Levi wanted to apologize, but the "sorry" word was just so damned hard to come out. He mumbled along for a while before he found the best two words he could say, "fifty percent."

"What? Fifty percent of what?" Hanji was a little startled.

"Fifty percent of everything I get." Levi's voice was calm, almost peaceful.

"Fifty percent?" surprised by Levi's proposal, Hanji kept on babbling, "even the best agents usually get only thirty to thirty five percent."

"You are not my agent." Levi sighed.

"Neither do wives get that much out of their husbands' estates." Nervous Hanji blurted out, her eyes twinkling.

"I know. You always complained how unfair that was," Levi said with a smirk.

Embarrassed by the slight trace of amusement in Levi's voice, Hanji's face blushed, "Don't laugh. It is not just me. All the famous female activists and philosophers, like Madame Rigdity, and Ms Hilaelius, they all were against it and fought very hard about it."

"Yep. I remember your blabbering about them," Levi snorted, "it is hard to forget how those stupid women fought for the fifty percent, when they could damn well have it all, all hundred percent of it."

"That is because the stupid men refuse to treat them as equal." Hanji's eyes sparkled. She grinned-her signature big grin, the one that spanned from one ear to the other.

Levi chuckled, glad that she had finally returned to her normal self. Squeezing her gently with his arms, he asked, "which one do you want? Fifty percent or a hundred?"

Shifting herself up onto Levi's laps, Hanji put her arms around him, careful not to hurt his broken ribs, and claimed, "I want fifty percent," her face smiling, her eyes sparkling, "and I want the hundred percent, do you have any problem of it?"

Levi let out a short hearty laugh, "no, if that is what you want," before planting his lips firmly onto hers.