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Pain; that was what Edward felt, unending pain burning through his body. He could feel the sun on his face as he lay wherever he was. He didn't care at the moment as he tried to remember what happened to him.

Ed tried to remember what had happened when it hit him like a train. He remembered being stabbed and appearing at the Gate where Truth was waiting for him.


"Well well well here we are again Al-chem-ist I what can I do for you?" Truth asked with a knowing smirk.

"You know why I'm here Truth I my brothers body back." Ed faced down the immortal being in front of him with a determined gaze as Truths smirk grew into a twisted smile as they looked at each other.

"And what do you have to offer me Al-chem-ist?" Truth had a hungry look in his eyes as he watched him waiting for his answer.

"I offer myself as the sacrifice for my brother's body." Ed almost grinned at the surprised look on Truths face before it vanished and the amused smile returned.

"You truly are a one of a kind Al-chem-ist." Truth paused as he thought over the offer before he started laughing which caused Ed to shudder slightly. "O I accept your offer mister Al-chem-ist but you have brought me much amusement so I will send you to another world you cannot return here and you will even be allowed to keep your alchemy and your brother will regain his body deal?"

Ed stared at Truth for a few seconds as he processed Truths words. It sounded almost too good to be true to Ed then he thought of Al and all the others before nodding at Truth.

Truths smile grew bigger as the Gate opened and the black hands reached out and pulled Ed in. He was going to enjoy watching Ed as he entered a new world much better than the last one he had sent him to. Truths laughter echoed around him as he settled down to watch Ed in his new life.

End of flashback

Ed could hear voices around him but his mind was still too groggy to understand what they were saying but judging by their tones it wasn't good. Ed turned his head toward the voices and cracked open his eyes. Whatever he had been expecting Ed was sure it wasn't a bunch of girls wearing strange dresses and make up surrounding him.

"Suki he's waking up." The voice came from Ed's left most likely from another one of the strange girls. Ed watched as the two who had been talking earlier stopped and turned to face him. One of the girls wore a strange crown like thing on her head probably signifying her as the one in charge seeing as she was the one walking over to him. Ed watched as the girl came face to face with him a determined look in her eyes.

"Why are you here and are you with the Fire Nation?" the words rang loud in his ears adding to his headache. 'Well I won't be doing any alchemy for a while.' Ed thought as he tried to come up with an answer that wouldn't get him killed.

Ed tried to rub his head to help with his headache when he noticed his arm wouldn't move. Looking down he saw he was tied up with his arm behind his back and his legs were tied together.

"The hell, why did you tie me up?" Ed's voice to his surprise was hoarse and his throat was as dry as sandpaper. This realization was followed by the pain in his muscles for being tense for too long. He let out a groan as all the pain washed through him again making the girl called Suki frown slightly. He tried to say something but his vision went dark and the pain seemed to disappear.

Turning to face her fellow warriors Suki ordered, "Bring me some water and a stretcher we'll take him to town and let him recover somewhat then well question him understood." Her warriors nodded and started to gather the things she had told them to get while others kept their eyes on the strange boy.

Ed woke up to the smell of cooking food in the air as his stomach growled loudly. Looking around Ed saw he was in a room similar to the ones Ling described back in his home country Xing. This only confused Ed even more concerning what Truth had said to him before he entered the Gate. If he was in another world then why were the rooms similar to Xing?

Ed wasn't able to finish his thoughts when a sliding door opened and an old woman walked in carrying fish with rice and other thing he didn't recognize but Ed didn't care as his stomach let off an even louder grumble then before.

"My my someone's hungry." The old woman spoke kindly in a somewhat crackly voice similar to Pinako's. Ed simply nods not trusting his voice at the moment as it still felt dry as the woman set out the food on the ground as well a jug of water for him to drink. It took all of his will power to stop himself from consuming everything into his bottomless pit of a stomach but he managed to eat everything without making a fool of himself as he normally does.

After finishing his meal Ed gathered up all his dishes when the old woman rose from her spot near the door and said, "While I'm thankful you tried to clean up after yourself I can take care of this."

Ed watched as the old woman took the dishes and headed for the sliding door out of the room when he said, "Thanks for the food." Then added, "I didn't catch your name?"

The old woman turned back to face him a smile on her face as she said, "Your welcome and my name is Xu-meng young man."

Ed blinked at the odd name but wasn't surprised by it he watched Xu-meng leave the room before muttering. "Where the hell did the Gate send me?" it was the question running through his brain since he first woken up to wherever he was.

Ed looked around the room he was currently in hoping to find something he could use to figure out where he was but his search was cut short when the door to the room was opened again. He was expecting to see Xu-meng but instead saw the girl from before walking in.

"Alright now that you're recovered slightly I have questions for you." The girl, Suki, if he remembered correctly said when he looked at her. Ed watched as she stood near the door in a slightly defensive stance so as not to be threatening but still able to react to anything he might do.

Sitting back down on the mat he had woken up on Ed waved his hand in a 'go ahead' gesture and waited for her questions although he doubted he would be able to say anything helpful.

"Firstly are you with the Fire Nation?" Ed thought about how to answer that question. He didn't know what the Fire Nation was but if he had to guess it was probably some country or something by the sounds of it.

Going with his gut instincts Ed answered honestly, "No."

Suki gave him a suspicious glare letting him know she didn't believe him but didn't press the issue and asked, "Why did you come to are island if you aren't a Fire Nation spy?"

Ed felt his temper rise at her accusing words but managed to calm himself before saying, "I didn't exactly pick to be here you know I don't even know where I am."

Ed saw the look of surprise on her face before it turned to one of anger as she glared at him.

"Perhaps the Unagi will have a meal after all." Suki's voice was calm but it didn't hide the threat in her voice as she glared at him. If Ed had been anyone else he might have been scared but he just laughed at her.

"Listen lady I don't know who you are and at the moment I really don't care I need to figure out where the hell I am and figure out why I was sent here." Ed didn't bother lying to the girl but there was no way he was going to tell her he came from the Gate and he still wanted to know why Truth sent him to wherever the hell he was.

"This is Kyoshi Island birthplace of Avatar Kyoshi." Suki said in a tone one would use with a small child.

Ed glared at her as she glared back at him before sighing. He stood up and made his way to where Suki was standing and asked, "Well since you don't obviously want me here I leave as soon as I can and you can go back to whatever you do ok?"

Suki simply stared at him then said, "The only way your leaving here is either we prove you're not a Fire Nation spy or we throw you to the Unagi."

"And how the Hell am I supposed to prove that I'm not this spy you seemed so scared of?"

Ed felt another grin cross his face when Suki started to splutter and glare even more venomously at him. Getting under peoples skin was one of his favorite pass time especially when it involved Mustang.

Ed watched Suki calm down enough to say, "Come Oyaji will decide if your trully a spy or not.