DAY 151


Dear diary, is me, Ishigashi. Even if this is the 151st day in which I am writing here, is incredible to say that I haven't written here since 200 years.

Ixal was destroyed.

I am looking at a damaged control panel, it says a destination: "X=2,094; Y=5,195; Z=1,650; Planet: Rat···", I think we have landed at the planet Ratoniik, an habited planet.

I am surrounded by 184 (I've counted it) capsules, and 10 people that are still as disorientated as me; I looked at them, they are from my planet, and even I recognise some of them.

I recognise some people's faces here:

I recognise Sinope Rinoa, she was a saleswoman on a shop next to the administration building

I recognise Tarvos Boson, a security guard

I recognise Despina Laks, a teacher from Ixal Kindergarten.

I recognise Phobos "God of Destruction" Quasar too, he was a persistent delinquent... but he seems so crestfallen that anybody can accuse him in a court right now.

And I recognise Bitway Ozrock too, an office companion on public administration, he is looking at the wall, he have went out of the capsule a few minutes before writing this.

I'll go to see him

Over and Out



I've seen Bitway, he embraced me, he was scared and his eyes were full of rage; few seconds before seeing him, he started to scream; but calmed down when he saw a known face, now he is asleep, with his head laid against my shoulder; maybe the panic made him being awake and fatigued him at the same time.

I have seen more people that I can't recognize very well. But they aren't moving, I know they are alive because I can see them breathing.

When I see the capsules, compared to the millions of people that lived in Ixal, makes me cry and curse Faram Obius to commit that contempt for life.

This isn't over.

Rather, this is the beginning