Hello, fellow FanFictionist! I am not dead! XD

I know I haven't uploaded since late year, but that's only because school has been distracting me constantly. Also, while I was taking my many month long break, I got hooked on Creepypasta again ._. I blame my friend XD Her name is Michelle the Killer and you can find her on Quotev :D

I came up with this story when we were doing a RP in the middle of class X3 She's posting our RP on Quotev as a story, so this story kinda has nothing to do with hers. Wesis only sharing characters and ideas :D

Now that that's out of the way, I don't own anything related to Creepypasta. The character Michelle belongs to Michelle the Killer while Saturn is actually me X3 Everyone else belongs to me.

Michelle's POV
It was a normal school day for me in the beginning. Other than the fact that I almost missed the bus today and it was raining, it seemed alright. I usually sit in the middle of the bus, but seeing that all the seats were taken, I chose the front. It's best up here anyways.

Our bus comes super early, so sometimes we get there before some of the teachers. Most complain about how they could be sleeping at the moment while others really don't mind. Me, on the other hand, enjoy it because I have time to do what I need to do without being bothered. 20 minutes later, we arrived at the school. I decided to skip breakfast today. I really don't eat much.

As I walked down the hall, I noticed how empty it was. Only ΒΌ of the teachers were here, so it was much expected. I wandered down the 7th grade hall, completely ignoring the fact that I skipped my locker. I always do that, though. I have a top locker, and since I'm one of the short kids, I don't even bother trying to reach the lock. Plus, I need my bag for my laptop. After someone made me drop it last time, I didn't want to take anymore chances.

I quickly found my Homeroom and went to my seat in the back of the class. Making sure I was the only one in the class, I took out my private notebook. It was a writing/sketchbook. As I flipped through the pages, I came across my favorite picture.

It was a picture of a boy in a white hoodie. He had an insane smile carved on his face and had a bloody knife in his hand. Beside the insane looking boy was an exceedingly creepy Husky with a smile that could outdo the Cheshire Cat without really trying. With a small smile of my own, I noticed their names in the corner of the paper:

Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog

They were both Creepypastas, but that didn't stop me from liking them. After checking up on the other stories and images, I close and hide the book in case someone walks in and sees me with it. Not even a minute later, I heard the bell ring, signaling me that the others were coming soon. I sigh.
I hate Mondays...


Saturn's POV
I HATE Mondays. Only a jerk would have enough nerve to throw a cat into a recycling bin and roll the bin outside. Oh, did I forget to mention it's raining?! Slowly, I crawl out of the now tipped over bin and take note of the section of the school I'm outside. I'm in the front of the school. Great.

All the buses have apparently left so no one will be coming by soon. My ears perk up to the sound of laughter coming from behind me. Without even turning around, I recognize the laughter immediately. Justin and his gang.

That stupid group of jerks always pick on me and other kids. I flatten my ears angrily when I hear them asking why a pretty little black rat like me is outside when I know my fur will get wet. I only let out an angry growl that they clearly didn't hear. Five minutes later, I hear them walking away along with the sound of the morning bell going off.

Shivering, angry, and tired, I slowly walk under the closest tree and fall over into a shivering heap of black fur. Boy, do I despise Mondays...