Saturn's POV

...You know when I said that bastard had a dog? Scratch that.


When I spun around to face the intruder of my privacy, I ended up coming nose-to-nose with a wolf (there's no way that thing can be a dog) that could eat me without trying. I'm a bit smaller than a normal cat, but apparently, it wouldn't make a difference.

It was then I realized that 1) I'd been frozen in place for like 2 minutes and 2) this gigantic fucking wolf was smiling at me.

That smile doesn't look friendly...Matter-of-fact, that smile shouldn't be possible for a wolf or dog to smile...

Despite the fact that my fur was wet, it stood up on end as if it weren't.

Oh, God of the one and only Catnip Heaven, what did I do to deserve this?! DK

"What?" asked the wolf. His smile got just a bit bigger. It was actually starting to scare me a bit. "Haven't seen a dog like me before?"

._. ... THAT THING'S A DOG?! eAe

"Um, not exactly," I reply. I didn't mean to, but my voice sounded like a mewing kitten. Maybe even lower -n- "May you please back away? Did I forget to say please?"

The 'dog' chuckled and took a step forward. That smile seemed to be reaching his ears now. Weird how I just now realized how sharp they were...


Oh HELL...

Those danger sirens of mine went off and I did something I did not expect to do:

I scratched him. Deeply.

The dog froze and so did the atmosphere around us. Everything was so tensed you could cut it with a knife. I heard a low, clearly pissed growl. The dog turned his head to face me, and my ears immediately pinned themselves to my head and I began to back away slowly.

This dog was pissed.

Before I could even blink, I found myself pinned to the ground with the wolfish dog standing over me.

The smile this dog had was still there, but I wasn't paying attention to that. I was paying attention the how this thing's fur was changing.

Now, originally, the dog looked like a Husky, but was about the size of a wolf. Now, that white fur he had turned a blood red while his blue eyes changed to look as though he were possessed. As for the smile, it was literally up to his ears and those teeth of his were all the size as one if my paws.

And to think I was nose-to-nose with this...this....thing.

Oh, I was gonna die today TnT...


Michelle's POV

A new kid? At a time like this?

I pick up a nearby book and open it to a nearby page so it looks like I was reading. It seemed to be working.

"What do you mean 'new kid', nerd?" asked Justin. "There's no way there can be a new kid at this time of year!"

"Well, there is gonna be one! Why do you think the teachers are gone?" shouted a random student.

"Yeah! They even say he's bringing a dog! Can you imagine that? Some kid walking around with a dog at school of all places?!" called out another.

Everyone seemed to think this was funny and treated it like it were a joke. I chuckled to myself a bit too.

Why would you take a dog to school anyways?

About 20 minutes later, we all heard hall door open and close. In a blink of an eye, we were all back in our seats, acting as if nothing ever happened. There was some talking here and there, and there was even a new voice none of us had ever heard of.

Despite the fact that there was talking in the hall, I heard the distinctive sound of nails hitting the tile floors. Most of the students thought it might have just been Saturn, but we all knew those nails sounded too big to belong to a cat like Saturn. There was something else we all noticed too.

There were more than one set of paws moving out there.

As we sat there, wondering what the hell was going on, I noticed one of the set of paws seemed to be getting closer to the door. Tensed, curious, and a little bit scared, we all stared at the door.

Instead of a dog running in, there was a black blur. A small, black blur at that.

Everyone sighed. I giggled. I knew who that was. But despite the fact that Saturn was safe, I had that unsettling feeling that there was danger nearby...

So, our creepy wolf-dog has done something to Saturn, but Michelle doesn't know! I know some of you are wondering what the hell happened to our black kitty. Don't worry. That will be explained later on in the next chapter!

Also, I will be introducing the 'Pastas in the next chapter if you haven't pointed/noticed them yet. Until then, R&R and enjoy the story!