Synopsis: After waking up in a city thought to be abounded, and without any memory of how he arrived there, Carl must rely on a fellow lost stranger named Clementine, if he hopes to make it out of the city alive. What originally started out as a simple escape plan, soon turns into a desperate fight for their lives, sanity, and very soul. An AU crossover between the video game & TV show.

Author's Notes: I'm going to tell you all right now, this is a very, very random idea in my head after a random brain fart. So everyone hold on to your seats, it's gonna get weird. Also, they'll be an update to City Life soon. This is just a fun story I'm going to be updating twice a week. There will be no OC in this game, cause I never feel a need for them. This was originally planned to a humor fic, but now I'm transforming it into a different type story. Cerberus system here we go!

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Warning: Rated T for swearing, cursing, Language, and bad words, violence, and Carl's brain farts and Clementine's randomness.

Chapter 1: Waking up in Vegas

"Oh, god, my head." Carl groaned as his blood-shot eyes slowly opened.

The first thing he saw was an unfamiler ceiling above him. That in itself struck him as odd. Mostly because the last thing he could remember was being' outside near the group's campsite, but he couldn't remember why.

Suddenly his head starting hurting horribly, the room started to spin, and before he knew it, he had managed to roll himself out of the bed and had crashed to the floor.

"Oh, Walker Jesus, why?" He groaned to himself.

His head was pounding.

The dim lighting in the room felt like a freaking solar flare!

He tried to pick himself up from the floor, using a nearby red velvet heart-shaped coach as support in the trial. His body was burning, he started to have an attack of cold sweating.

When he finally got onto his feet, he got hit with the urgent need to throw up, and it took all the will power he could muster to push that need down.

When he finally got control over his body, Carl's memories finally started to fade back to him.

The group was celebrating…celebrating someone's birthday. Holy crap on a stick! It was his birthday they were celebrating!

Now he remembered a little more, he had just recently turned sixteen, and the group was celebrating, and then after things started to die down, Daryl and his dad had told them they had seen a bar a little ways away. They were taking him for his first real drink. They didn't invite any of the other guys in the group, because they felt it was a personal thing, and Carl didn't argue.

Tasting a sip of his mother's whine at the CDC didn't count apparently. Though Daryl did say if he acted the same he'd bitch slap him. His father agreed with the punishment.


So they had gone out to a nearby bar, but he couldn't remember what happened next…

It was at that moment Carl felt a little cold, he then noticed he was wearing only his boxers.

'Okay, that's…weird.' He thought to himself dryly.

Through out the years a lot of weird things had happened to him, I mean a LOT of weird things, and after awhile he had stopped showing reaction to those kind of things, but today was weirder than normal.

Taking notice of his surroundings, he also noticed that he was in a room, said room looked pretty trashed, but not normal end of the world trashed, but more of recently trashed.

There were liquor bottles everywhere, beer cans, the furniture in the room was trashed, shell casings were littered all over the floor. All in all the room looked like crap.

At that moment, Carl realized that beyond the room being totally destroyed looking, it also looked like a really fancy room…You know, before the mess was made.

He was also able to guess that he was in a hotel or motel of sorts, since he noticed the mini bar, chained down TV, and the way the room was deigned. He had stayed in hotels a couple times before the world ended, and it looked pretty much like the ones he had seen awhile back, but you know, the ones he had sen awhile back were a lot cheaper looking.

'At least that explains the mini bar.' He thinks to himself. 'Too bad the broken window is still a mystery.'

The window in question, was bigger than him, expensive looking glass was littered around the edge of the floor. Inspecting the glass, Carl could tell that the glass was broken from the inside.

Sighing, Carl walked over to the window, hoping that if he got a good look outside of the giant glass window, that maybe he could take notice of his surroundings, maybe there would be a clue about where he was.

Now, Carl's last memory was that he was heading to have his first drink with his father and a man who was like his uncle, and he remembered driving down some back water dirt road, in the middle of nowhere.

What he saw when he looked out the window was anything but some back water dirt road in the middle of nowhere!

Bright neon lights!

Sky scraper buildings!

A big ass glowing sigh that read: The Venetian Hotel & Casino

And the biggest, most mind crushing thing that he could have seen to make his head spin was a giant sign in the far of distance that read…

Welcome to Las Vegas

Carl suddenly felt the need to sit down.

The teenager's legs grew weak and he fell to his knees as he looked at the mesmerizing, yet brain shattering confusing sight in front of him.

He didn't move from that spot for maybe fifteen minutes, but for him, if felt like mere seconds.

Finally, when twenty minutes passed, the teen regained composure over his brain, or well at least control over it.

His eyes widened in horror, and his head shot up and he let out a disturbed yell.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" He bellowed out into the empty hotel room.

Or at least he thought the room was empty…

The teen's heart stopped when he heard a soft moan echo from behind him.

Quietly letting out a curse, Carl turned around slowly, expecting to see a walker baring its' teeth and ready to attack him, but instead he saw the blankets in the bed he was just lying in, start to move around.

Then he saw someone crawl out from underneath the covers, and his mind broke even more when he got a look at the stranger who had just popped out from the blankets.

The stranger was for one thing a teenage girl, said girl was wearing something that Carl could only describe as being the bastard child of both underwear and pajamas. Her hair was a wild mess of short black curly hair that pointed in complete disorder, while her skin had a caramel brown tone to it.

The two stared at each other for a couple of moments.

Finally Carl spoke up first.

"Um, Hi." He says awkwardly. "I'm Carl."

"Uh, oh, I'm Clementine." The girl replied slowly. She was clearly going through the slow wake up process that he had just gone through.

Carl blinked.

Clementine blinked.

Carl then went to open his mouth to say something to the stranger.

Clementine's eyes widen. Clearly the girl had fully woken up.

"Um, are you okay?" Carl asks, inching closer.

Clementine pulled out a pistol and pointed it his way.

"Oh, shit." He muttered putting his hands in the air.

Clementine cocked the gun back. "Swear."

So here he was, in Las Vegas, in a hotel room, in his underwear, with a girl holding him at gunpoint.

Before the world had ended, Shane had told him never go to Vegas, and back then he didn't understand what that meant, but as he stood there in his underwear, being held at gunpoint by this stranger, he finally reached a moment of clarity.

Fuck Vegas

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