Author's Notes: Another update bites the dust! Just so everyone knows, this story is set years after both the TV series and Video game, people have died and left, and both Clementine and Carl are at least very late in their teens. With nothing left to say, lets get this show on the roll!

Chapter 3: Tank Inbound

The teens finally managed to climb back to the original hotel they had woken up in. Thankfully the elevator shaft had enough things that Carl and Clementine could climb up from, but that didn't change the fact that they had to CLIMB the whole way back up.

"Arms burning…lungs on fire…need vacation." Clementine panted finally reaching the abounded hotel room.

Carl followed closely behind her, panting heavily himself, but also watching the elevator shaft closely. If walkers were running now, the last thing he needed to see them do was to climb…

Just then his vision was blocked by Clementine shoving her water gun in his face.

"Oh, come on! You're gonna shoot me again?!" He questioned outraged.

"No you, moron!" She yelled back. "I'm offering you water."

In a split second, Carl took the water gun out of her hand and started to repeatedly shoot water inside of his mouth. When it was finally empty, he took a long intake of breath then handed the toy back to her with a silent thank you.

"So, what happens now?" Clementine asks as she throws the toy gun away. It wasn't hers and she didn't need it anymore, so why should she even keep it?

Carl walked passed Clementine, looking at the giant broken window in the motel room, then back inside the room to look at the sheets, and then he looked at Clementine and gave her an evil smirk. "I've got in idea."

The girl looked back and forth between everything Carl had just been looking at, and it had only taken her a couple of seconds to put all the pieces together on what the teen was planning to do. "There is no way in walker earth that you're going to get me to-"

10 minutes later.

"God, I hate you…" Clementine muttered to herself, as she held on tight to rope made out of dozen of bed sheets.

"So you're telling me this marriage isn't going to work anymore?" Carl asked sarcastically as he climbed further down. He had opted to go first down the sheet rope, so he was ahead of Clementine. He made sure to keep looking up at her to make sure she didn't slip and fall on top of him. No reason to die that way.

'The view isn't too bad either.' His brain pervertly thought as it admired the way Clementine's jeans hugged her body.

Once again, Carl brutally murdered the perverted thoughts in his brain by shoving them off the rope sheet and to their horrible doom. DOOM!

"God, I need therapy." The teenager thought to himself.

It wasn't that he didn't have an interest in girls…okay yes that was actually it. It had been almost half a decade since the world ended, and he had well since hit puberty, but the last thing he ever wanted to worry about was woman or girls, or even sex. You could say he took up a Dixon mind set.

His thoughts were shaken as he heard a hitch pitched scream above him.

For his efforts, Carl didn't bother to look up, He just accepted the painful truth and embraced it.

Clementine came sliding down the rope, hitting Carl and dragging him with her as they cascade down the floors faster than ever.

Luckily, for them though , they had already climbed down the highest levels and only had to land one story on some dead corpse.

"My body doesn't like you." Carl mumbled out.

'Speak for yourself, kid.' His body echoed back stubbornly,

"Well, I hate your body too." Clementine shot back. She extended a hand and helped Carl up and the two teens finally got back n their feet.

When they settled their footing, the two of them finally got a good look at what Las Vegas looked like at the moment, and you know what? It looked like the shiniest piece of shit either of teens had ever seen.

"What's next?" Carl asked breaking the silence.

Clementine snorted. "You're asking my opinion on the matter now?"

Carl shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not always an ass. Humor me."

"Whatever." Clementine muttered. She scooped out their surroundings, then shrugging she just started walking south of their current location.

"Yeah, sure, let's just walk a random direction." Carl remarked to himself. Sighing, the teenager then started to follow clementine.

1 hour later

The two teens had walked in silence for a while. Neither one of them felt like speaking to the other, mostly because they still didn't trust the other. Eventually though, soul crushing silence starts to get on your nerves after so much time has passed.

"So, Clementine, You got a last name?" Carl asks not looking at her.

"Yeah, everyone does." Clementine answers.

Carl actually cracks a small smirk. "You're kind of a smart ass."

"Well, I am smarter than you." She responded.

Carl snorted loudly. "Yeah, just keep thinking that, sweet-pea."

A cold chill ran down Clementine's spine as she heard Carl call her that. A wave of memories came flooding through her, painful memories that made her cringe that the thought.

She closed her eyes, taking deep, soothing breaths, mentally chanting to herself. 'You're okay, Clementine, you're okay…' She said this repeatedly to herself.

Carl noticed this, and for a second, he wiped the cocky smirk of his face and transformed it into a confused one. "Hey, um, you okay?" He asked stepping closer to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.

The touch of Carl's hand broke her out of her trance and she snapped back to reality.

"I'm alright…I'm…" Clementine's words died slowly on her lips. The girl just roughly shrugged Carl's hand off her shoulder and continued walking. "Let's just keep moving." She coldly utters. "I see a police station up head."

Carl was perplexed by Clementine's sudden coldness, he knew they weren't talking so friendly with each other, but they had dropped all hostility. He sighed to himself for a second, and then he closed his eyes for a moment. When Carl opened his eyes for a moment, his eyes squinted low, a dark shadow over took his now cold eyes and the teen was replaced with a young man.

"Let's go then." He matches her voice in coldness.

When they had arrived at the police station, both young adults noticed that it was straggly abounded, well all but the corpses littered all over the floors in every room.

Carl looked down one of the corpses and smashed it's skull with his boot. "Finish them off in the head. Make sure thei-"

His words were cut off by Clementine smashing a corpse of her own with her boot. "I got it." She grumbles.

The two of them met each other's eyes with a hardened glare, then Carl broke it off first and walked off into another room. When he got in there though, his cold demeanor warmed up a bit when he saw what was in the room.

"Hey, Grimes, you find anything?" Clementine asked loudly from the other room.

When she got the answer, the girl rolled her eyes and stomped her way to Carl's location, trying her best not to swear at the teen. She kicked open the door and was ready to berate him, but stopped when she noticed him staring at a collection of items in the contraband locker of the police station.

"I thought the weapons lockers would be cleaned out, but most overlook this stuff." He said gently. Carl's hands gently moved across a katana sword that was on a shelf, a small nostalgic smile on his face. Then his hands went to a revolver, and his smiled warmed even more.

Clementine watched in silence as Carl inspected a collection of different items slowly, as if reliving past experiences with each touch. Finally, he turned back to her and handed her a machete and a handgun.

"Hope you know how to use that." He said, a cockiness returning to his voice.

Rolling her eyes, Clementine ejected the clip out of the handgun, checked the bullet, reloaded it, and then cocked it back after turning the safety off. "Yeah, I think I can handle it.

She then watched as Carl took the revolver and the katana sword off the shelf, and fixed it upon himself.

"Oh, now please tell me you know how to use that." She says gesturing to the sword Carl was now holding in his hand.

The young man easily took the sword out of its sheath, and demonstrated an expert level of control as the blade danced around his body and surroundings. He then lightly threw it in the air and cached the handled effortlessly with one hand then returned it to his sheath.

He then gave a smirk her way, and Clementine had to do her best not to show how impressed she was with his skills with the weapon.

"So, who taught you all that?" she asked as she started to load spare clips into a backpack she had just taken off a shelf.

Carl loaded some bullets into his pocket, making sure that each caliber was the correct one for the gun. "My mother taught when I was younger." Carl said distantly. "She was better though than I could of ever been." He continued. He then passed a curious glance her way. "Who taught you how to use a gun that way?"

"My dad taught me how to use one." Clementine said looking away from Carl as she continued to load her backpack with supplies. "I think I was barely nine or something, I don't know…my mom taught me all the tricks though. She was in the air force, she could be tough, but she always did it to protect people."

For a moment, Carl thought of his father's best friend for a moment, wondering if maybe things had been different…No. Things could never have been different.

They continued to stock up on supplies in tense silence for an hour, but finally Carl did was the first to break it.

"I'm sorry." Carl spoke up when he was done loading his bag.

Clementine looked at Carl trying to see if he was being sarcastic or not, yet she only found sincerity in his face. Sighing, she let the cold facade slip away. "It's okay." She softly said. "Let's get out of here sheriff."

Carl tips his father's hat her way then pulled his newly acquired sword. "Lead the way, Clem."

The girl smirked. "Don't go soft on me, Grimes. We're not friends…yet"

Just then, a roar was heard again, and before either of them could react, the wall to the police station started to be banged on repeatedly. Bricks were starting to fall the ground and the room shook that they were in.

"We should go." Carl barked starting to run out of the room.

Clementine didn't bother saying anything, she just took off after Carl, taking out her handgun as she ran.

The teens kicked open the front door of the police station, but instead of the empty streets they had left, they had been met with crowds of walkers in front of the.

Carl's mouth hanged gaped open. "Holy-"

"-Shit." Clementine finished for him.

Not even wasting a minute, both of them started to fire of round at the horde. The walkers screeched as loud then started springing there way.

"Damn it, I forgot they could run!" Carl shouted as he took one of the lurkers head s off with a swipe of his sword.

Clementine fired off three bullets into the monsters heads then shouted. "How in the world could you forget that?!"

Just as the horde was getting lower, they heard the roar again. They turned around to see where the roar was coming from, and were shocked tremendously.

The creature in front of them was a large, monstrous abomination. It stood on the knuckles of its large arms, covered in scars and lesions. The thing was incredibly, at least the bulk of ten walkers combined. They weren't even sure if the thing had jaw, all they saw was its tongue hanging out, the things skin was darkish pink, and wait, was it running their way?!

"Fire!" Clementine screamed as she started unloading her entire clip into it.

Joining her in array of bullets flying, Carl started to fire of shot after shot, but it didn't seem to even phase the thing.

"Carl!" Clementine screamed at him. "Carl! I think this is the running part!"

Her screams fell on deaf ears as the young man continued to fire shot after shot at the monster, until his bullets ran out. He then took his sword out and started to run at it, but was stopped by clementine grabbing his wrist.

"You lunatic!" She hollered at him. She dragged him away from the thing. That seemed to of woke him up and both of them then took off running down street.

The thing, the tank like monster was chasing after them almost as fast the running walkers, it was throwing anything that got in its way, walkers, cars, trucks!

One of the cars that had been thrown had started howling its alarm, and the sound of hordes of walkers came running its way. The streets began to litter with more and more walkers, all following the sound of the alarm.

The teens dived down an alleyway, spotted a fire escape nearby luckily, they ran and jumped over obstacles, and when they got close to the ladder, Carl jumped onto it and scaled it quickly.

Following close behind Carl, Clementine climbed the ladder, but just as she was close to getting to the first level, the tank started to tear piece by piece of the latter off.

She frantically scurried away from it, jumping, and climbing from level to level. Finally, she latched onto the top level, but the monster tore it off, letting it fall with him.

"No!" Clementine screamed in panic as she started to fall with the beast.

Fear took over her body, and clementine felt water start to build up in her eyes, but just as she was ready to embrace the feeling of death, she felt herself grabbed by a warm hand above her.

"Gotcha, bitch!" Carl said down to her as he catches her mid-air. He then pulled her up and both of them collapsed onto the roof of the building.

They both panted heavily, letting the cold stone of the roof cool their burning bodies. Finally, they stood up on shaky legs, Carl helping her to her feet first, and then they looked off at the city of Vegas.

Something was going on in this city. Something worse than they had ever experienced before. Running walkers, that Tank!

"We're going to make it out of this." Clementine said, determination strong in her voice as she loading a new clip

"Kill all sons of bitches." Carl said as he held his sword firmly in his hand.

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