Now, it ain't my fault when I walk, the jaws drop.

24th – Alessandra Balis, District Three

Alessandra's mother was a wreck. Her prized daughter, a bloodbath. Once they'd relocated to Three, she'd thought for certain that even if Alessandra was Reaped, she'd at least have the insurance of training on her back. Nothing helped her in the Games – not her spoiled attitude, her naïve ways of going about, nor her arrogance.

23rd – Serafina Aegis, District Two

Serafina, the best of the academy. Dead. Twenty-third place. This was almost unheard of in Two, and unsurprisingly, her parents were disgusted. Reluctant to collect Serafina's coffin, they cremated their daughter anyways, and her brother scattered her ashes over the yard where the ghost of a young girl had often pranced.

22nd- Cohush Nigrum, District Nine

Without Cohush's tolerance and vigilant constancy, many of the patients at the makeshift hospital suffered. There was no more of his watchful eye, no more happiness spread throughout. Some died. Others withered away, fretting over themselves with no patient Cohush to guide them. He was truly missed by many.

21st – Ben McMhon, District Seven

Ben had always been the annoying insect that swarms your head in the summer, there for a reason but not doing his job. His siblings wept as they watched his death, but after his small casket was buried in the ground and everybody got back into their busy routine at home... Ben was to be forgotten; never spoken of again. That was that.

20th – Savanna Poppet, District Ten

Savanna's entire family, mayor and little sisters and all, were saddened by her demise, but there had been an air of finality. It had been sealed ever since the goodbyes, when Savanna had acted so suicidal and dull. Mrs. Poppet had warned her children not to get too attached to the new Savanna on the screen – and they didn't.

19th – Camo Russo, District Eight

Camo wouldn't bow. He would never. And that was the one thing that his mother appreciated about him. He may have been concealing his identity, the real Atticus Russo, to protect his brother's honor, but to her, Camo was always himself. She cremated his bloodied body to put in a small jug, and she never left his side until her own end.

18th – Bark Umbral, District Eleven

A stumbling ghost to haunt the arena, indeed. His coffin weighed heavily on his family's consciences as a reminder of a sour childhood. His pals and buddies at home were stricken as they watched Bark lie on the ground, slowly losing air. Who would be there to back up their aliases whenever they got caught for stealing food, now?

17th – Leaf Ender, District Seven

Although Leaf was a sweet, humble young girl, it was written in the stars, her death. Nobody really expected her to make it past the twentieth mark, so when she did, citizens of Seven were pleasantly surprised. Her family mourned for a docile child who they had lost; it was the village she grew up in that sobbed for her being.

16th – Annabell Berry, District Twelve

Nothing to say. She never really did have anything to say, did she? Her silenced voice was docile, her moods gentle, and yet, nobody wept for her passing. Her body was refused by her father, who spent his remaining days slaving away at his place of work. Annabell's mangled body was sent back to the Capitol, where it was briskly disposed of.

15th – Alexis Tress, District Nine

Sobbing through false tears, Alexis's parents accepted her body… then quickly buried her, shedding their facades and revealing their true selves – people who could not have cared less for their daughter. They thought of her as a possession, a pretty image who lived with them and occasionally piped up, and nothing more.

14th – Alister Rain, District Five

His family was sad, sure. Losing a child is never simple, never easy. But with Alister? People didn't like the change he underwent. They'd always seen him as the kind of guy you could bounce back to with ease, and he'd accept you. He lost himself in that arena. He became tough, gruesome, gritty, and relentless… and people didn't like that.

13th – Nubu Chandlers, District Ten

Much like with Alister, Nubu lost himself on the plantation. Or perhaps it started before the arena even came into play – his mind, never the most stable, quivered until it fractured. His family couldn't say that they were surprised – even though they adored Nubu with all their hearts, something was always off about the boy.

12th – Coral Fisher, District Four

Always the soft-spoken and flirtatious young girl, her parents wept for her when her stone-cold corpse returned. Her young brother stared down at her body, a single tear marking his face. They took her limp form to the sea, to the peak where they so often watched her go cliff diving. They took one last look at her, and they let her go.

11th- Francis Theroux, District Six

It went both ways. Francis used his parents to get what he wanted, no matter how much he stammered through it, and they used him, in more ways than one. He left behind a marking of wealth that they'd use long after his death, and they never kept a single one of his paintings. Even his precious paintbrushes were discarded, lost in translation.

10th – Nessa Aoki, District Eleven

Dead, deceased, perished. Nessa was banished from the lives of her family and friends, and Joshua was especially affected. Young love is never the easiest to give up, and certainly not under those circumstances. He visited Nessa's meager grave often, rambling on and on to her about his own troubles, never once losing sight of her.

9th- Jinx Tesatsu, District Six

Nobody mourned for Jinx. Nobody missed her. Well, maybe one – her airhead best friend, Calico. Nobody really linked her to ever being the sadist of District Six – they just pleasantly noted that there were no more torturings, no more deaths. They thought that perhaps Jinx or Francis's deaths had upset them. How wrong they were.

8th – Brucite Gergeon, District One

His family? Sad, but they got over him. Nano was probably the most affected, but he poured himself into a new hobby – painting. The girls? They're the ones who mourned for him. Tons and tons of the girls he led on, flexing his muscles to and flirting with, had been heartbroken when Brucite passed. They were the ones to care.

7th – Constance von Trapp, District One

District One was not proud of Constance. In their opinion, she was a bumbling girl who was clumsy, made pointless relationships, and overall, was badmouthed quite a bit. Gloss didn't back her up – he had been acting all this time. Twisted. He would spend his days flirting with the other young, vulnerable girls, hoping to volunteer.

6th – Percy Brizo, District Four

Percy's family was so hopeful for him. They had always wanted Percy to excel in whatever he did, and when he broke them the news, they had been shocked, but supportive. And then he died. The Brizo family had him buried at the local cemetery, at a large funeral that was attended by all of Percy's friends – and Grover, naturally.

5th – Lux Sephina, District Five

Without Lux, Array and Aeol were lost causes. She was the main provider for the family, with the two boys feeding off her like leeches. Array soon passed away from starvation, while Aeol was quick to find a job, pitied by all because of his position. He soon became addicted to morphling and spent his days obsessing over Lux and Array.

4th – Arthur Augustus, District Three

Who mourned for Arthur? Just about everybody. Though most were annoyed by the bouncy boy, they just as easily loved him and his comical personality. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people, some of them merely people from his school who knew his jokes and pranks. He was laid in a local cemetery to rest in peace.

3rd – Willa Seamstress, District Eight

Willa's group of friends were stricken, as was her family. They had always been brazen as they come, cocky almost, in expecting Willa to reign as victor. When she was killed, everybody was in complete shock – they had, in their minds, thought that she would always come back to them, but not in the form of a slim wooden casket.

2nd – Surtr Kayhiv, District Twelve

Surtr had exceeded everybody's expectations. He was the irritating fly to most, that one mosquito that just won't leave, but to his family and friends, he was the light bulb that lit up their world. They had expected his death to be set in stone from the moment his little foot touched the stage, but he had outdone what anybody thought.

1st – Slate Bessarion, District Two

Slate married Artemis mere weeks after he came back as a victor. Kissing her on the cheek when he came off his victory tour, smiling, always smiling, they both knew how messed up this was – and yet, how grateful they were! Deya would grow up with a father figure. Slate could live out the rest of his days in peace – and so he did, known as the wisest mentor that Two had ever experienced. He watched as multiple victors grew up after him – Helios, Hestia, Kronos, Lance, Eidra – and was their second father. He was the wisest of the wise, never seen without a family member clutching his hand, and he loved his life. Sure, he was upset about what had happened in his Games – but he knew better. He knew to shake it off. There were better things at hand to experience.

He even lived to see a new president rise from the ashes.

Everybody knows Juliet Violette Snow, more commonly known as Violette. Every district has suffered under her mirthless, unmerciful hand. And every single citizen residing in Panem knows exactly how the tight-lipped woman rose to power...

The Capitol and districts both were left gaping at their television screens as two young rebels, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen, threatened to commit suicide if the Capitol didn't cherish their love. Scrambling to say something, Seneca Alabaster Crane, now known as "the fool who dug his own grave" told them they could both reign as victors- completely against the traditions of the Games.

The districts saw this as an escape. District Eight was first to spark a revolution, closely followed by District Twelve, the rebels' home district. Seizing one last opportunity to gain control of power, President C. Snow ordered a Quarter Quell. The twist was simple- all tributes would be past victors.

The 75th Games were filled with bloodshed, tears, and eventually, one victor. Katniss Everdeen was killed off at the bloodbath, the result of an arrow to her temple thanks to Gloss Catch, a District One victor. Finnick Odair soon went insane, driven by his love for his own unstable-minded love interest, Annie Cresta, slammed a trident into each one of his allies, starting with Beetee Latier and ending with Peeta Mellark. Not four days later, Finnick Odair reigned victorious.

Little is known about how C. Snow passed away. Just two hours after Finnick was taken into the custody of the Capitol to be prepared for post-Games speeches, President Snow dropped dead. Some think of old age; others believe the power of a newfound failed rebellion got to his head. Still others suspect that poisons were slipped into his celebratory feast. Nobody, though, knows for sure.

And so, after his death, his daughter took over. Juliet Violette Snow, a thirty-five-year-old with soft blond hair and piercing grey eyes rose to power, claiming the position of President not a day after Snow himself passed away.

So begun the Violette Verse.

And Slate had seen it all.

A/N: Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert.

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