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Let's ring up the curtain!

Friday, 12th August

It was one of those days when Aoko was walking the way home without any company. It was an understatement that they quarrelled a lot. And after each and every one of their fights she ended up thinking about them for the entire day, pondering what she said or did that led to it. However, this time the seventeen-year-old girl didn't occupy herself with this question for long. That stupid Kaito, it was his fault entirely. Aoko found him being most amused, sitting in his chair in class, giggling at Kaitou Kid's new message. That day, the morning newspaper announced another sensation, one familiar, yet eagerly anticipated every day by the public. As usual, Aoko's childhood friend would be reading through the lines of the announcement multiple times and look forward to the evening when he will once again escape from the police's grasp. Aoko didn't like when Kaito ignored her opinion about that cheeky thief. Seeing him reading Kid's message, she got the feeling he was laughing at her father's misfortune at capturing the thief, thus mocking the entire division of the Metropolitan Police. She ended up losing her temper and raising her voice as always, but this time the whole situation escalated. Both of them said too much and she decided she would leave her friend behind and walk the road by the river on her own.

"Fine! I don't need your company anyway," shouted Kaito after her just before she shut the door with a loud bang.

Thinking what a huge moron Kaito was, Aoko also got concerned about her father for she knew he won't be able to sleep a wink until the showdown with the thief. There were two days until Sunday, the written date on the notice. Aoko really wished for her father to finally capture Kid, so he would get some rest at last and it made her both angry and miserable to see so many people rooting for the thief. Throughout the past months, Kid's fan base grew larger and larger, attracting many citizens to the site of his heists, making the job of the police even more difficult and increasing the chance of their failure. Above everything else, her childhood friend was one of them as well. No matter how hard she tried, she wasn't able to understand the greatness and the hype about Kid. The only thing she knew was that he made her father embarrass himself over and over again.

After arriving at home, she prepared a bento box for the inspector and hurried towards the police headquarters to give it to him. She knew he wouldn't come home for lunch now that Kid has reappeared; therefore she decided to bring the lunch to him.

Like after any other of Kid's notices, the division was a mess. People were running aimlessly through the corridors shouting and dropping various files on the floor, and then picking them up only to proceed to run like madmen as if it was the end of the world. One of them dropped an issue of the morning newspaper. Aoko picked it up in order to return it to its owner, but he was nowhere to be seen anymore. Thinking that they would surely have more issues at the station, she kept it and slowly walked into the direction of her father's office, carefully avoiding the nervous crowd of people around her. While waiting for the inspector, she decided to read the article concerning the heist. Even though Kaito had already told her about it, she wanted to read the details with her own eyes. The story, which could be found on the second page, said:

"The incredible thief returns! Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police Department received another note from the cheeky magician saying he would be back this Sunday in order to steal The Red Wonder, a precious ruby that has travelled to our country all the way from France. Will Inspector Nakamori, who is famous for his numerous attempts at trying to catch Kid, finally bring him behind bars this time or will another gemstone slip from the police's grasp along with the thief? Will his identity ever be discovered?"

Aoko read angrily through the lines, close to losing her temper again. What is so special about Kid? He's just another petty thief, nothing else!

On the same page there was another article with details about the gem along with its owners. Aoko looked at the picture and let out a silent scream. First there was a photo of the gem in question. It was a fairly large tear shaped ruby, enclosed in a silver bracelet. Apparently it belonged to a twenty-year-old girl named Emma Roux, the only female descendant of a rich French family. This family heirloom was said to be one of the rarest gemstones in the world, therefore it was no wonder Kid was after it. The Roux family had another descendant, a young man named Maximilien, Miss Emma's older brother. Their parents died in an accident ten years ago, that's why he was the one who was taking care of her even though she was already an adult. The reason why they were in Tokyo was because the Roux family was one of the sponsors for a famous local event which required them to be present at the opening ceremony. It was supposed to be opened on Monday, a day after Kid's announced date. Also, the Roux family's roots originated from Japan, that's why it was natural for them to have tight connections with the country.

It was the photo of Miss Emma and her brother that left Aoko baffled. Maximilien had a fairly Caucasian appearance, but Emma on the other hand… She seemed to have inherited more of her family's Eastern genes for she looked just like any other twenty-year-old Japanese girl. Actually, she looked exactly like Aoko.

Aoko looked closer at the photo in the newspaper, still not believing what was in front of her. It was true. Their height, their build and even the colour and length of their hair was identical. The only difference was the colour of their eyes; Aoko's were blue and Miss Emma's were bright green. In the photo, Miss Emma was wearing a dark green coloured beret that was her trademark, but other than that they looked the same.

"Aoko! What are you doing here?" asked Inspector Nakamori who came along the corridor and noticed his daughter sitting on one of the chairs in front of his office. His voice made her jump.

"Otou-san! I brought you some lunch." She handed the bento box to her father with a smile. "I thought you wouldn't come home for lunch today since Kid…"

"That bloody thief!" he exclaimed without accepting the lunch his daughter made for him. He directed his steps towards his office while continuing, "The entire division is turned upside down because of him. I will never let him take The Red Wonder! Wait, he can have it, but only over my dead body!"

Aoko decided to wait for her father to calm down. He always acted overly irritated and excited whenever there was a notice from his long time enemy. She silently followed him into his office still gripping the bento box tightly. Once inside she put it on the edge of his desk. It was only then that she noticed they weren't the only ones in the room. From the photograph in the newspaper Aoko recognised the Roux siblings. She couldn't help but stare at Miss Emma, her eyes sweeping the other girl's face over and over again. Her father and Maximilien seemed to have noticed it as well for they kept looking in silence at the two girls. It was Emma who spoke first.

"You… You look like me," she said slowly, still not believing her eyes. Aoko kept silent, only her face lit up in a bright red colour. She also noticed the famous bracelet on Miss Emma's wrist. It dangled happily making an almost inaudible clicking sound whenever she moved.

"Inspector, is she allowed in here?" Maximilien broke the silence with his question. "She might even be Kid in disguise, we can never know." He threw Aoko a suspicious look.

"She is my daughter, Aoko. She brings me lunch and stuff." He looked at his daughter. "Kid dressing up as Aoko? Oh, rest assured, Kid wouldn't disguise himself as her. If I catch him doing such a thing, I will show him what I am capable of as a father and as a policeman!"

Aoko smiled politely at Maximilien's puzzled look, and then took a seat at the back of the room. The other three discussed the details of the security system at the hotel room the Roux siblings were staying at. Kid said in his notice he would descend from the sky and claim his treasure in the moonlight. The Red Wonder wasn't so easy to steal though. The lock could only be opened with a specially made key that the oldest son, Maximilien, wore around his neck night and day. Miss Emma also had the piece of jewellery around her wrist all the time for she had no need to worry of losing it. This meant Kid first had to acquire the key from the brother, then sneak into the sister's room and unlock the bracelet in order to take it.

However, there was one part that didn't really work. Miss Emma wasn't willing to cooperate with the Japanese police, no matter how many times her brother and Inspector Nakamori told her it would help a lot at preventing Kid to commit the theft. When they asked for the reason, she just shook her head and claimed she would stay in the room below in the hotel, not wanting to be involved in any way. While listening to their conversation, Aoko had an amazing idea. The more she thought about it, the more convinced she became it would work. A faint smile spread across her features as she thought about the surprised look Kid would have when he discovered the truth.

Suddenly, Maximilien received a phone call.

"Excuse us, but we have to go," he said after disconnecting the line. "There are some things we need to discuss regarding the opening ceremony on Monday."

"Can Miss Emma remain here for another fifteen minutes? Just for the usual formalities," asked the inspector. "One of our policemen will escort her to the hotel once we're finished."

"Yes, sure," answered Maximilien and rushed out of the room.

Aoko saw this as her chance. She approached the other two and said, "Otou-san, on Sunday when Kid comes to take the bracelet… I'd like to switch places with Miss Emma."

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