Kaito held the ruby into the moonlight. The appearance of the jewel didn't change. Seeing that, he let out a loud sigh and let the jewel disappear into the depths of his pocket.

It is not Pandora. It's a dead end again. And what should I do with her now that she has figured it all out? He looked at the sleeping Aoko who was now slowly regaining consciousness as if she had heard his thoughts.

They were on the roof of a building that was not far from the hotel. While Aoko was sleeping he decided to put down his disguise. It didn't matter anymore whether he had his cape on or not. He leaned her against the wall and used his jacket to cover his sleeping friend. Even though it was in the middle of summer, it was still a little cold on the top of that roof in the cool breeze.

"Where am I?" asked Aoko in a silent voice. As she stood up, the jacket slipped from her which she quickly grabbed while muttering a faint sorry.

"Not far from the hotel room. The police were getting impatient and since there was the danger of being interrupted by the inspector, I took you here," said Kaito and pointed at a building in the distance. He thought of the struggle he had to go through while transporting Aoko here, the struggle of avoiding getting distracted by her warmth and the smell of her clothes as he was tightly holding her during the short flight. Not speaking of her skirt which revealed more of her skin when a stronger wind blew in their direction. Kaito shook his head slightly. Focus.

"Oh," said Aoko and kept silent for a while trying to remember what happened in the past hour. Then her memories returned. "You are Kaitou Kid," she repeated the sentence from before.

"Yes." The answer was short. Kaito didn't know what else he could have said.

"I wish I knew your motive," she said looking at her friend expectantly. She wasn't angry anymore; she came to the conclusion that her childhood friend must have had a very good reason for disguising himself in order to commit the crime of theft night after night. The small dose of the anesthetic she inhaled seemed to have cleared her head somehow. Hoping for an answer, she stepped closer to him and handed him the jacket. Their eyes met in the moonlight and Aoko saw a strange, yet pleasant shine in Kaito's eyes, one she had never seen until now.

Kaito's poker face was history. He decided that Aoko deserved to know. Not about everything, of course, but only a part of the truth that he's been hiding. Telling her everything would only result in unwanted worry from her side, especially if she found out about that shady organisation and about what happened to his father. There was a chance she wouldn't understand; nevertheless a weight would be lifted off his chest. All this time he was constantly anxious about being discovered, especially by Aoko. He was sure he would lose her and this he couldn't bear. And Kaito couldn't help it. The way she was standing there holding his white jacket, the wind softly playing with her long hair, her eyes reflecting her request for an explanation, she looked devastatingly attractive. However, he didn't even know whether Aoko felt the same way as he did.

"I will tell you," he said a little uneasy.

"Yes?" Aoko asked with a puzzled look.

"You have to understand that I can't reveal everything. Even what I am about to say shouldn't be said out loud. I will do it though because…" Kaito hesitated; he had difficulties saying what was on his mind. With his fingers he ran through his thick hair, ruffling them in the process. "I will do it because if I don't, I will lose you. And I never want that to happen," he said eventually.

Aoko's breathing stopped for a second and she was afraid Kaito would hear the wild pounding of her heart. Being occupied with that she couldn't respond.

Did Kaito just indirectly confess his feelings for me? Aoko couldn't believe what she's just heard. Despite having a crush on her magician friend for a long time, she always thought he didn't consider her more than just a friend. She never noticed anything that would tell her whether Kaito ever thought about her in a romantic way.
Except for the fact that we are an inseparable couple. We tell each other everything and spend most of our free time together. I don't think I can name anyone else in Kaito's life who shares such a bond with him. Surely he wouldn't choose to spend his time with me if I wasn't special to him, would he? This question bounced around in her head like a tennis ball. Could it be she didn't see the forest for the trees?

"I am searching for a rather peculiar jewel," Kaito continued, breaking off her train of thoughts. "It is one of a kind and I just have to get my hands on it. It is hidden within an unknown jewel and I will only know whether I got the right one if I look at it in the moonlight. Sadly, the one I acquired tonight isn't the one I am searching for. Aoko, you have to understand that I can't quit being Kaitou Kid until I find this gem. I owe it to my father."

Aoko knew about the circumstances regarding Kaito's father. If all this concerned Toichi, she was convinced Kaito was serious; his father was an inspiration for him after all. Even though Kaito was always cheerful and cheeky, Aoko knew that deep down he was still desolate for he loved his father very much.

"Arigatou. For telling me," said Aoko when Kaito fell silent.

"You're not mad anymore?" asked Kaito surprised. "You sure looked like you were about to kill me back in the hotel room."

"No. I knew you wouldn't do such a thing without a good reason. Although there are quite a few questions I want answered regarding your secret identity, but I don't think I will receive them." She looked at him and noticed his victorious smile. Kaito was more than glad Aoko wasn't going to chop off his head anymore. As soon as this was settled, his cheekiness returned.

Aoko continued, "Well, you are very happy all of a sudden. You have to know that I am still making up my mind about telling my father… You did break the law after all. If I withhold this information, it will make me an accomplice."

"What if I kissed you?" Kaito asked all of a sudden. Taking her by the waist, he pulled her closer making her drop the jacket she was tightly gripping throughout their entire conversation. "Would that make you willing to become my partner in crime?"

"W… What?" Aoko looked at Kaito. She felt the warmth he was radiating; she could perfectly feel it through the thin fabric of their clothes. The whole thing was so confusing. First she found out he was the famous thief all of Japan was talking about and the next moment he confessed to her and now he was doing something she has never even dreamed of. Well okay, that's obviously a lie, but she never thought it would actually happen one day. The bonfire burning in her cheeks could even be seen in the darkness of the evening.

Silence fell which Aoko soon broke, seeing that Kaito was still awaiting her answer.

"Kaito, I… I will… I will keep your secret," she stammered in confusion. With Kaito being so close she couldn't focus properly.

"Really?" asked her friend with a delighted face. He wiped away a wisp of her dark hair from her forehead.

"Yes, but… But it still doesn't mean I agree with it," laughed Aoko nervously. With her gaze she followed Kaito's movement. "Err… Will you take me back to the hotel? I think I heard someone shout just now," she said almost in a whisper now, but having no idea what she's just said. Aoko felt like everything was spinning, like she was in the middle of this enormous carousel that made her dizzy and unable to act adequately. The world around her ceased to exist, the only thing she saw was Kaito's blue eyes looking into her own and the only sound she heard was her own heart which was beating faster and faster with every passing second. The strength in her lower limbs threatened to evaporate like rain on a hot summer's day. If Kaito had not gripped her tightly, she would have had difficulties standing straight. Then she noticed something else. Being so close to him she could feel the same was happening to Kaito as well.

Kaito hesitated. "Aoko, I…" Before he could stop himself, he leaned in closer, eradicating the distance left between them with rapid succession. He thought if he didn't do it this time, there might never be another chance like this.

"Yes..?" Aoko's hands curled into a nervous fist and she closed her eyes.

A moment after that the first kiss between Kaito and Aoko happened. Despite it being rather short and awkward, they had no wish to change it in any way. Only to repeat it.

The two childhood friends who were now more than just that stood silently as the soft breeze caressed their cheeks in the moonlight. None of them felt the need to say anything. As we all know, actions speak louder than words.


On the top floor of Tokyo's most prestigious hotel an army of police officers were about to fall asleep while on duty. Inspector Nakamori was walking up and down nervously checking the time every five seconds.

"Mattaku, my entire division is sleeping, Kid refuses to show and that Maximilien has disappeared as well. I'm getting too old for this job," he murmured with a displeased expression on his face.

"Keibu, shouldn't we check on Miss Emma?" asked a tall young man who was seemingly new on the force.

"I just knocked on the door fifteen minutes ago and everything was fine. Don't you think she would have screamed or used that remote if Kid had made an appearance?"

In that moment the entrance door opened only to reveal a confused man in his twenties dressed only in his underwear. His gaze swept through the dozen officers and finally came to a halt on the inspector.

"Inspector Nakamori!" he shouted and directed his steps towards a rather surprised inspector. "Please explain to me who on earth knocked me out, took my clothes and then put me on the roof to freeze to death!" Lightning was shooting from his green eyes.

It took a moment for the inspector to realise. "KID!" he screamed, sending everyone in the room flying. He ran to Miss Emma's room and tore the massive doors open. As expected, his daughter was nowhere to be seen. The only things that greeted them were the opened balcony doors and a piece of paper that was lying on the bed equipped with the thief's signature. It said, "I borrowed the ruby and its carrier for a while. Don't fret, inspector, I will return the ojou-san unharmed."

After tearing the paper to shreds, the inspector ran to the window clenching his teeth.

"Kid, give me back my daughter!" His voice got carried away by the same soft breeze and made a certain magician not so far away unable to suppress a smile.

So this was it! You, lovely and faithful reader, have reached the end of my fanfic. Thank you for taking the time and reading through the lines after each update. It really means A LOT to me! 3 As always, I hope you liked it and I also hope I managed to surprise you at least once :) To tell you the truth, the story didn't quite develop the way I first imagined it, but I assure you that the version you got to read was the better one. And besides, getting those two together has been part of my plan since the beginning ;)

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