Galaxy's most dangerous creatures, entry number seven in the list.

Little is known of the origins of human beings, as it is something they guard jealously, all we know is that their race, following the trend by which they name everything registered by their brand of science, the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, has been around for at least a hundred millennia.

Hailing of the Planet Earth, in the Sol System in the Unknown regions of the Galaxy, humans started moving to other planets when their population reached the ten billion, colonizers have since mixed with other compatible species1, somehow all the human genes come out on top, only ten percent of the non-human parent's genes can be found in a baby.

The main dangers of crossing a human become apparent when one is running away from them, as a human can last eleven days without sleeping before dying, and their walking speed is topped at ten kilometres an hour, and are able to triple, sometimes quadruple that speed when going at their fastest, though running rapidly drains their stamina.

An hour of sleep is enough for a human to keep moving for ten hours, their optimal four hours gives them three times that.

Another thing to be noted is that while uncommon in this times of energy weapons, humans of the past often dipped their projectiles in their spit before putting them in their clips, for it is a well known fact all over that human saliva is unlikely not to infect a wound it touches, only wookies and hutts are exempt from this effect. Currently, human saliva is widely used by bounty hunters and capture squads for immobilizing a target.

In the same topic, humans are also the most creative minds in the galaxy, not the smartest, but human children question what they learn, wanting to know why they do so and trying to understand what happens when things are not done in the conventional way. A human scientist was the leader of the mandalorian armour development.

Another human strength is that unlike many other species they do not go into shuck unless they are hit on a lethal, soft spot, this is to say their heart, lungs, stomach or kidney. Broken bones, flesh wounds, infections and poisoning, all are things a human can deal with, if given the right equipment, a rigid piece of wood or stone can serve them for setting a bone, while plants, if they prepare them correctly their stomach can digest herbs to create antidotes and medicines.

Recreational activities of humans include ingestion of alcohol in doses of 0.25 in their bloodstream, this is enough to normally leave them without proper motor skills, so if one is planning to assassinate a human the best time to do it is when they are inebriated

Also a recreational activity is the consumption of smokes, this is done by either inhaling burning tobacco, cannabis or other dried plants, each plant smoked has a different effect on humans.

There are rumours that on Earth one can find several clubs dedicated to fist fighting, some of them transmitting around the globe.

As any other creature, humans have weaknesses: the main one mentioned above, another one is that their civilians for the most part rely on military forces to keep them safe, though not all civilians are defenceless, they are prone to addictions, the females are in a constant state of hormonal change and the males are hormone driven, their children, though it was a standard month longer not five millennia ago, are defenceless for their first week.

A human's reflexes are not anything to scoff at, even though they are not within the top thirty in speed reactions. They are able to hit a ball the size of an adult's fist when it is moving at 150 kilometres an hour.

It has been noted that while not recommended, a human approaching the age of ten can still be trained in the ways of the force, despite the fact that the current head of the jedi council, master Yoda, does not like taking children over the age of three for other species, outright refusing some when they reach the age of seven.

There are human methods of achieving emotionlessness, though it is generally agreed that to use them on a child of any specie is one of the worst things to do, and legal only in Hutt territories, where slavery is still practiced publicly.

Footnote 1: humans are compatible with most humanoid mammals, twi'leks and zabraks have made their sub-species when breeding with humans, and there is a coruscantian life form that evolved from selective breeding with attractive humans.

(A human named Brick Strum is the number 42 in the most dangerous bounty hunters, Jango Fett, the mandalorian, number 1 in the list, has made comments that he prefers working with him and his crew than with Cad Bane, number 2 in the list)