Darkness. Black fire spreads over the body. It consumes, and it creates. It creates a monster.

It drags on and the flames do nothing but grow, they grow until the entire body is surrounded by a coffin. A coffin, decorated with silver fire. A coffin the foolish mortals think means the monster is dead, but it only means he will survive. He will survive and he will continue his reign and his massacre.

Chapter 1

***500 years after the "death" of Count Dracula***

I sat on my desk. Actually, thats not true. I drooped, and I started falling asleep. My brain drooped as Mrs. Prude drolled on about something or other mini molecules that turn into asthma or something.

"Ms. Cassandra! What is the…" i stared at her mind blank as she asked me something about lung cancer or something like that.

"Um…" the other girls started giggling, "Pi?"

"After school detention," Mrs. Prude slammed her giant unabridged book on my desk, "Stay awake this time!"

"Yes ma'am." I sighed.

Another after school detention. Did this woman not understand it was because of the late night after school detention i was about to fall asleep sitting up.

The bell rang and I stood and walked out to my locker. The usual jerk-faced dick heads shoved me into my locker and then took my money. I shoved my self back upright letting my brown hair fall in curtains around my face and my thick side swept bangs falling into a thick shield in front of my right eye.

I readjusted my purple Kirby shirt and pulled up my baggy cargo pants. And people say I don't care what I look like. Old shirt, cargo pants, hair that is always mussed and falls to in between my shoulder blades. I'm a supermodel.

After seven more hours of torturously boring classes and stupid jocks shoving me into lockers and walls and water fountains and a door and the principal and then into the dean's office, I finally got back to Mrs. Prude's class and sat down with the other in trouble students. I swear that woman hates me. Her tight black bun that stretches her face and her sharp features, she's basically the little animated devil I've seen once on a commercial.

I felt my mind begin to wander in order to quickly pass the dreadfully boring time between the beginning and the end of detention, which ended at 10:00 and I got home after about one hour of walking so I got home at 11:00 and spent an hour tracking down my mother from what ever pub she was drinking her weight in alcohol, so I generally got to be around midnight. Then at 4:00 am I had to get up and hold my mother's hair while she puked her weight in alcohol. After that lovely display of disgusting puke and gagging, I'd have to go back to bed and most likely spend the next two hours until my alarm went off wide awake staring at the ceiling trying to sleep.

"Alright, that is all you are all dismissed."

"Finally." I murmured as I grabbed my back and quickly walked out into the hall before the Jocks could catch up to me.

I found myself running, like I always did, to avoid Jock Jake, Jack, Adam, and Joseph. They sprinted after me at their top football tackle speeds, and then like always caught me and planned a new way to torment me.

They dragged me to an old, run down building that would instantly be associated with insanely haunted house full of crazy guys who murder people. Then, Jake started laughing.

"Not scared, are you Cassie?"

"Scared of what? Kicking your little winky place so hard your non existant grandchildren will be permanently crippled in the lower body?"

I saw their brainless faces go blank stupidly. Numb skulls.

"Good, then you're going inside." Joseph walked over his, opening the door like a polite guy. The dick head.

"No!" I shoved back hard against the guys trying to escape, "everyone who's ever gone in there hasn't come out!"

They kept shoving.

"I've got my mother to take care of!"

They kept shoving.


They shoved me inside and slammed the door. I heard someone dragging a tree branch in between the handles and then I saw them do the same to the windows. I guessed they did it also to the back door. If there was one.

"Good luck surviving!" I heard their mocking calls as they ran.

My heart began to race. I was stuck, in the haunted house of all haunted houses. My escape routes were cut off, no one was coming to help me.

I felt myself shaking. It's just an old house Cassandra, I told myself, nothing is in here, monsters and ghosts don't exist.

I finally calmed myself down and then stepped carefully across the threshold of the old house, then up the stairs.

I looked around the house for something to use to get out. All I found, was a black and silver coffin. I stalked forward slowly, scanning the area around the coffin cautiously. Nothing moved, no shadow stirred, not even a breath of expelled air.

I leaned over the coffin and opened it slowly looking at it. It was empty, dark violet cushions. I cocked my head slightly. An empty coffin, that makes no sense.

"Alone," the voice hissed in my ear, "and unprotected. That's not smart girl."

I felt a hand, a hand cold as ice, slide gracefully around my mouth and another slide on my neck right beneath my chin.

"You should learn better."

My eyes widened for a second, and then slumped. My consciousness slipped away and I knew in that instant, I'm going to die.