*300 years later*

Vic sat by the fire. Dison had become a vampire hunter and one of the best because of his prior skills. Allen had moved to the Americas to held with their division of hunters. The others had died a long time ago.

The vampire-vampire hunters war had erupted into a vampire human war and by the looks of it the humans would win. Without Vladimir Dracula the strength of the vampires was questionable. Vic's own father had fallen to that war and now Vic stood as lord of his house and aided the humans in their struggle.

Cassandra was written in the human history books as a brave hero. When interviewed, Vic and Dison had told what they thought had happened. They both had trouble talking about it.

Dison walked in, he had long since stopped talking to himself, "Vic, there's someone here to meet you."

Vic stood and followed after Dison and what he saw astounded him. A little girl, she looked like a spitting image of Cassandra.

Vic stared at Dison for a second.

"The guess of the people is that since she was stabbed with a holy sword and that she risked herself to kill a demon her soul was held until a child was born. The girl was born not breathing and according to the locals the parents prayed for three days and nights and then a bright light was above the child and her hair turned dark. She then woke up and according to them, her eyes were filled with intelligence beyond her years."

The girl smiled looking up at him, "you two look the same. Except that now you're both taller than me."