Clary felt something tickle her feet, her eyes open she smiled to see Jace's face right next to hers.

"Have a good nap?"

Clary smiled as Jace continued to gently drizzle sand over her toes. His hair was shining golden like his eyes in the sun. Jace silently reached his one of his hands behind her head to pull her into a kiss; with the other hand he continued to sprinkle sand on her toes. The sand started to catch between her toes and soon her whole legs were covered in sand.

"Jace," Clary yelled. She had been too distracted kissing him that she didn't released he had been slowly burying her.

"Stay still," he whispered starting to move around the sand at Clary's feet.

When he moves his head away, Clary see's that he created her legs into a sand mermaid.

"You look just like Ariel," he laughed.

Clary wanted to move, but he had done such a good jump she didn't want to ruin it.

"You're just missing one thing," he said jumping and running down to the waterfront.

Clary couldn't keep herself from staring as he dug in the shallow water. Jace's swim trunks made him look like a Calvin Kline model to Clary; perfect sharp muscles.

Before she knew it, he was back with a handful of green sludge.

"This might be cold," he laughs placing a string of green over Clary's bikini top. Clary squeaked and wiggled trying to get free. Chuckling as Jace set down two other strings over the straps. Now her whole top looked think a wet green mess of moss.

Jace continued to decorate her sand tail with seaweed; finally he pulled out two purple star fish and placed them over her boobs.

"Jace!" Clary squealed at the coldness

"It's scaly!"

Before Clary could justify to anything Jace snapped a picture and ran down the beach.

Clary kicked and thrashed until she was free of the sand and ran after Jace. He was already half way to the other end, there was no way she would be able to catch him.

"Jace, you can't run forever!"

"Watch me," he yelled back stopping in place and turning to face Clary. Jace spread his arms mocking the classic 'come get me.'

Clary speed up and crashed right into him, knocking them both to the sand.

Clary and Jace were entangled in sand, Clary's hair spread out on Jace's chest and her legs twisted in his.

"You smell like seaweed," Jace whispered hold Clary to him by her waist.

"Well whose fault is that," Clary asked smirking down at Jace.

"You still have the star fish stuck to you," Jace whispered as if he was telling her she looked perfect on her wedding day.

Clary looked down and turned red from head to toe. She kept off Jace and turned away from him, attempting to pry the star fish from her body.

When she finally managed to pry then off she turned after furious with Jace. He was still in the sand laughing his head. Clary literally thought he might die of laughter.

Clary stood with with her hands on her hips and tired to look as sexy as Isabelle.

"Fine, then no more of this," she said as seductively as possible.

Jace stopped laughing and froze in place like he really believed her.

Clary smirked and swaggered off, purposely shaking her butt.

As she walked, she noticed guys pausing while passing a football or fighting a splash war to stare. In Clary's mind this was very strange since they didn't stare while she was chasing Jace down the beach with two starfish stuck to her boobies. Or maybe they did and she just didn't notice. Ether she was enjoying the attention and knew it annoying Jace.

Just to push him over the end Clary stopped and turned and started walking into the water near a group of guys.

"Hey," she smiled doing the girlist wave ever.

All the guys just kind of stood there not knowing what to say. Out of the corner of her Clary could see Jace was red from head to toe in anger and was in the process of stomping over now. She had to be quick.

"Can I play?"

The guys just kind of turned to each other and nodded. They weren't bad looking Clary thought, I mean none of them have a six pack like Jace of golden eyes.

Just as Clary was about to toss the foot ball, Jace came up behind her and scooped her over his shoulder.

"Play times over," he announced.

Clary crossed her arms but made no attempt to get away.

"Hey, don't treat a lady like that!"

Clary smirked at the fact one of the guys was standing up for her. He had brownish hair and almost a perfect six pact, the kind of guy Isabelle went for.

She watched him swing from view as Jace whipped around to face the guy, leaving Clary staring at nothing but sand.

"Please, she is more than just a lady; the ginger over my shoulder here is a goddess. And you do not treat a goddess by watching her run across the sand with star fish stuck to her or state at her butt," Jace snapped.

Clary was in shock. Was she really a goddess in Jace's eyes?

"Can I get down," Clary whispered so the group of guys won't hear.

Jace shook his head, "No way, for all I know you could run off and create a baby with one of those dudes."

Clary's jaw dropped to the floor. There has got to be a compliment in there somewhere.

At that note Jace turned and stomped off, Clary quickly waved to the guys who were over all confused. She heard one of them whisper something about starfish.

"Nice tattoos," one of them called out as Jace making his way past the sand onto grass.

"Was all that stuff you said about me true," Clary whispered when Jace finally set her down behind a group of trees far from sight of the group of guys.

"Of course," Jace replied brushing a hand on Clary's cheek, pushing away a piece of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail.

"You are a goddess, but just remember I am the god."

Clary giggled," bad grammar, don't you mean a god."

"No, the god."

Jace chuckled and pulled Clary into his arms. When she didn't struggle he toke that as a sign she was joking on the early note of 'no more of this.'

Clary little kissed Jace's cheek and could taste and bitterness of the lake water on his skin.

Before long it was a full out make out session. Jace pushed up against a tree and Clary was draped all over Jace's body. It felt even sexier since they didn't have many clothes on.

Clary's arms were wrapped around Jace's body, feeling every muscle, every curve.

The feeling of kissing him was so familiar but so new at the same time.

Jace moved to run his fingers through Clary's hair and pull out her ponytail, then pressing her back up against the tree.

Clary wanted this, she lived this. Just not here. She pulled away and looked up at Jace.

Breathing heavily she toke his arms and put them on her waist to reassure him.

Jace understood and kissed her on nose before leading her back to the beach.

They lay on the sand of another hour before finally deciding to pack up.

"Yeah sure," Jace said continuing a conversation on the phone while Clary folded the towels.


"No I have plans with Clary."

"7 works."

"Okay, okay, see you then."

Jace hung up and walked back over to Clary, taking a quick moment to marvel at her bikini body whole she was turned around. Jace thought she was the most beautiful thing ever, but Clary had always been self conscious of her body, never really liking it.

"Who was on the phone?"

Jace smiled faded and she covered up with a baggy t-shirt.

"Alec, he wants to talk I guess," Jace responded using air quotes with talk.


"Yeah, is that alright?"

Smiling Clary responded with nod. Jace hadn't spent much time with Alec since him and Magnus went traveling. It will be good for him.

The sun was starting set by the time Jace and Clary got back to the institute.

"Alec wanted to meet me at Takis, so I am goanna go throw on some clothes," Jace kissed Clary quickly. "See you after dinner."

After Clary was all showered and dressed she was going to have a peaceful night filled with chick flicks, nail painting, pizza and pjs, but Isabelle decided to ruin it.( hahah ruin, rune! Pune intended)

"Clary. Good your back. Magnus wanted to have dinner with me and said I could bring you if I wanted!"

Isabelle was standing in Clary's doorframe wearing a minuscule shirt that barely counted as a dress.

"I was kind of planning on just relaxing tonight Izzy," Clary replied digging through her closet to find her favourite pair of bunny slippers.

"Oh come on! We can make it a girl's night!"

Clary raised her eyebrows, still unable to raise just one.

"A girl's night with Magnus."

"He's feminine enough, he's more feminine then you are," Isabelle sighed.

"I'm just tired and want to stay home!"

"Please," Isabelle started whinnying

"God fine," Clary sighed. She couldn't have a night at home properly without her bunny slippers anyway.

"Perfect," Isabelle cheered. "Now hurry up and get changed and let's go."

"What's wrong with this," Clary asked gesturing to her made in Brooklyn t-shirt she stole from Simon and blue boot cut jeans.

"A lot," Izzy scoffed taking hold of Clary's clothes and starting to pick something out for her