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"Say my name," he asked her, in between the kisses he was peppering along her collarbone.

"Hmmm?" she questioned, not sure she'd heard him correctly, his mouth busy on her neck.

"Say my name, Maria," he lifted his head, and his eyes burned into hers. "Say it, I need to hear you say it."

Her clear, blue eyes were enormous as she returned his gaze, and did as he asked. "Georg." his name a whisper from her soft lips.


"Georg," she purred, as he ran his fingers through her hair, just as she was still doing to his. Their actions mirrored one another; so in tune were their hearts and souls.

"Maria. My Maria," he lay his head on her chest, her softness a contrast to his own strong lines and sharp angles.

Yes, yes, I'm yours.

Maria closed her eyes, as she held the him in her arms. She relished the closeness, feeling his weight upon her, feeling the beat of his heart so close to her own. This was dangerous territory, she knew that. This was not only highly improper, but downright sinful she was sure. 'O that he would kiss me with the kisses of his mouth' had always intrigued her when she read from Solomon. Now she began to understand what it meant, as she felt those word deep within her soul.

"Cap-Georg, I really think I should go before someone sees me here. Let me help you up," Maria suggested.

"I'd much rather stay right here, with you," he murmured, as he held her. "You don't need to go; no one can possibly see you here. It's dark as pitch. I'm actually amazed I can see your beautiful face at all." He raised his hand, his index finger tracing the edges of her face; he cupped her chin and raised his lips to hers and kissed her once more.

Beautiful? She felt herself blushing, and turned her head away. Now she knew it was the whiskey. She wondered how much he'd consumed, and how much of this he would remember in the morning.

He sensed her discomfort. "Maria, you are so beautiful. Don't be ashamed. Please," he smiled at her, as she touched her forehead to his. "You are beautiful inside and out." His voice was now barely more than a whisper. "In these past few weeks, I have come to realize that you are nothing short of amazing. You have turned this house completely around, brought me back to my children, made us a family again. I will forever be in your debt for that."

"You were always a family. I merely reminded you of it." The two of them sat quietly for a few moments, before Georg spoke again.


Maria was confused. "Of course; I'll be here until the end of summer, just as you'd requested." Her throat caught at the idea of having to say goodbye.

"No, no...please. Stay. Stay with me," he sounded vulnerable, wounded. Speaking thoughts created by the haze of the whiskey. He had to be. It couldn't be anything else.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. He feathered his lips across her face, causing her body to pull itself closer to him. So many thoughts were racing in her head, and they were all spinning together so that none of them made any sense at all. Maria finally found her voice.

"I think that's the whiskey talking, now."

"Not at all, my darling Fraulein, I haven't had nearly enough for it to control my tongue. It may have chased away my inhibitions, though."

She giggled, in spite of herself. "As well as your sense of modesty." He laughed as well, then turned serious again, as he took her hand.

"You've changed me."

Georg raised her hand to his lips, He turned her hand over, and kissed her palm, then the inside of her wrist. She shivered at the intimate gesture.

"Maria, I want you. I want to be with you. I want to know everything about you."

"I don't know what to say. I've never, um..."

"Never what, Maria?" Georg let his lips glide across her cheek, as Maria brought her arms around his back and held him. He smiled against her mouth. "Never been kissed?"

"Not until you, tonight," she admitted. "I don't want to do anything wrong, I...I just want so much to be close to you," she sighed, as his mouth moved back down to her neck.

"Maria, nothing you do could be wrong."