Hy~ This is my first fanfic of Vampire Knight.. It's been like forever that I wanted to do KanamexZero story, and proudly here I say I made it. n_n

Well, everything's here is will be obviously different than the original, but i prefer to keep both my fav pairing to stay in their original behavior. You know, the-mighty-Vampire-Lord, Kuran Kaname and the-my-life-is-a-messed-and-i-despise-it, Kiryuu Zero. About Yuuki, well, she still an 'apple-to-the-eyes' for both vampires.. but not for long. Not for long. Hehe~

And hey, this is a 18sx.. for everything. Exactly as what i wanted it to be.. *grin*

This is the fort-night he wakes up exactly at midnight. Well, it may be midnight for him if it's 8 years ago. For him and his kind, (which he despise most of becoming), it's similar to afternoon for human. Despite how much he didn't want to admit it, his body has coping to his current state: Bloodsucker, Vampire. The being that has makes his life all shallow and hollow. He didn't move. Lays still in his bed, contemplated into the ceiling. His thoughts are empty. Just like his soul, just like his heart, just like his life.

His once lively silverette eyes have turn to grey, his bright skin has turned to pale and his warmth has freeze. He hates how much his body refuses to obey him. He wanted so much that his heart to stop beating, as if it mocking him, pretending that he's still a human. No matter how much he hates vampires, the cause that ends his happiness, and starts his misery, he hates himself more; for becoming one of 'it'.

He closes his eyes and inaudible chants toss out of his lips. As a marked tattoo on his left column lightens in a single strike, he lifts his right hand and clenched into his shirt. The digits intentionally, slowly digging into his chest. That's it. He couldn't take any more of this. He can't manage to point his Bloody Rose to himself.

It's not because he couldn't do it, but he didn't want to do it. Being shot by gun will give an abrupt death, but he didn't deserve it. He's a Level E, a monster, and he deserves to die like one: bit by bit but excruciating. Minute after, the air filled with a faint smell of blood. The fluid is dripping slowly between the infiltrated fingers.

The sheet's in the verge of ripping out by his left hand. He clenched his teeth, swallowing his moans, pain

. He struggles so much to let his action done without a sound. He didn't care. This. All that he cares that he can no longer serves his cruel fate in this world.

He shoves his fingers deeper, wanting to reach the heart. He hates it. It's the reason that he still breathing, alive. He didn't know, as how much the blood's now flowing out, so does his tears. Then it hits him. His breath hitches, his head spins, and his stomach aches. It's the usual. When he is in the edge, longing for blood, this will happens. He can somehow manage to stay sane for couple weeks ago. However, when losing some blood while in the brink of craving, he needs tenth efforts than that.

He's eyes brighten into crimson and his fangs grow instantly. As when he starts growling, almost loudly, he immediately releases the grips in the sheet and gags his mouth with his wrist. By means, he sinks his fangs and breaks the skin. As his other activity pouring out blood, the other is gulping. It is so messed up. The other reason he can manage his sanity without taking blood from the only living pureblood in the school, is by taking his own. Though it only helps lessening the hunger in only few hours. Besides, it takes him a heave effort to keep it into his guts. As a result, taking his blood has become more often than taking a normal food.

It has never taste good, but it also never taste better even after he filled his hunger with the pureblood's blood. Each taking humiliates him more. The creature that he despise for like his entire life, become his life source? The creature that disgust him to breathe the same air, but in the end he's the one who sucked out the air from them into him? This is beyond joke. Him turned into one of them is hard enough to take but breathing, eating and living like them? It's bullshit. He had enough. As he lost in his thoughts, he didn't realize how clutter he is on the bed. Red paints the sheet almost completely.

His drinking is a mess as his left hand now is nothing but covered only by an angry blood. More importantly, his initial target reaches its goal. He only realizes when he feels his fingers touching the heart. With fortitude and without reluctance, he grabs his heart. His restrained fails as he screams out to that. His back arches, feet digging into the sheet and the tears now are nothing but a downpour. This is it. All he need is to crush the organ and he'll be gone for good.

But he may pull it through if only he is a second faster. A sudden warmth and tight grip around his right hand gasped him into reality. His crimson orbs meet a pair of dark brown. Out of shock, it stays for a moment until a stern and husk voice breaks the silence.

"Enough, Kiryuu. The more I watch you the more pathetic it is".

As the figure speaks, his gaze never leaves the skinny vampire below him. The glare shows obscure, compassion and mostly wrath. Obviously for what the other is about to do. Probably because of the sight and scent of messy blood spill all around the bed, the dark brown eyes lighten, becoming almost the same as the others.

Only it is brighter. The moment when the dying vampire snaps from his tremor by the vampire above him, he instantly advances his halted action only to no avail. He didn't care the presence of the pureblood, even if there's God in his front, because now, all that he wants is to die. However, he is stopped again. This time not only by grip, but the brunette throws out the other hands' out of his chest.

Without carrying the aimed organ together, of course. There's a reason why he is recognized as the strongest vampire ever lived. His strength comes with the brain. As when the moment Zero pulls out his grip a bit for the second act, the vampire lord takes the chance to pulls out the hand. For the second time on that night, the silverette cries out, loud. If the blood floods the bed before, now it's sprays everywhere. It looks like a massacre. But Zero didn't see that. Hell, he didn't care.

The more blood he loses, the faster he is to dying. He may fail to rips out his heart, but thanks to that damned pureblood, his previous action helps Zero as well, so he didn't complain. For a few minutes after, the room fills with the silverette's detained gasps and wails. For Zero relieves, the brunette stops doing anything. Probably the pureblood wanted him die from blood loss. Slowly, yet torturing.

Exactly how a monster should die. However, that wasn't the pureblood true wish. While the silverette struggle to cope to his dying condition, the other, observes. His facial expression is indescribable. The form on his opposites is total disarray. On the other word, the silverette looks like a living dead. His face has lost its colour, teary swollen eyes; lips are all split and ruddy in blood and the body is the worst of them all.

There's a hole and pool of blood flows out from the chest. He stops his stare at that, waiting for a few minutes for that slum to allegedly close. To his frustration, it doesn't. Behind his struggles, Zero saw the piercing stare as when the other comes forward, he backs a little. His instinct read the vampires' intent. The brunette stops to that.

He locks his sight to the turned-vampire, fumed. He knows how persistent the silverette can be. It's thicker than bricks. Zero flinched a bit when he sees the pureblood's eyes narrowed to his act. But his obduracy didn't buy that. After a few heave efforts, he manages to speak.

"Leave—me— alone, Ku—ran."

"Make me."

As if knowing that this banter will go nowhere but to the pureblood's winning, with his last strength, Zero moves in swish towards the window to escape. He is only few minutes to dying but also few minutes to have Kuran Kaname to make him take his blood, and alive. He frantically didn't want the latter.

But he should know the bloodsucker is always beyond him. He didn't even move more than inch when he sees the pureblood stand stiff before him. Zero didn't even has time to be surprised when he realize his back has crash a wall, painfully, and a tight clutch around his neck. As a result, a gore of blood leaks out of his cough. His vision sways and the pain in his chest propagates.

"You know my capability, yet you dare to run away, Kiryuu?"

As usual, the voice is firm and poisonous. Only this time Zero may heard wrong, but a chuckle included. He detests how the bastard always treats him as weak and frail in their every confrontation. But he's not wrong though.

"Fu—Fuck off, Kuran."

"I told you. Make me, Kiryuu."

By that, the clasp in his neck tightening, rewarding Kaname a painful yelp. Out of all, there's one thing that puzzles Zero. What exactly the reason for him to be here? If it's to avert him from suicide, then what he does now is pushing a rock in the edge. As if the pureblood saw his mind, he abruptly loosens his hand. Zero saw that. Exactly. The pureblood intention is to force him to stay alive. He only needs to provoke the vampire, and then he can be undone in any second.

"What's— wrong, Kuran? I, I know— you can do— better."

"It doesn't work that way, Kiryuu. I don't even need a single finger to kill you, but not now. Not today."

His effort is to no avail, again. He hisses subtly. No. He's losing. He will be alive, again. He's tired. He's tired of arguing, fighting a losing battle, especially to this man. Suddenly, he has his both hands clamping Kaname's on his neck, compressing the grips cogently. Though the effort is fragile enough for Kaname to shove off, but the pureblood didn't see it coming. For all the moment he only manages to be dumbfounded as the silverette strangles himself by his own hands. Nevertheless, he fares to snap back into the sight and instantly, again, flings out the suicide-vampire but not to another wall, but this time back to the bed.

The last thing he wants is to have a dead vampire tonight, especially the teen. As soon as Zero thumps on the crib, Kaname didn't let him to spur-of-the-moment and in hasty he's seen to be on top of the silverette, again. Only for this time, he resilient by lifting Zero's both hands on top of his head, shackling with his grasp. He's not a tolerant person to be started with to endure any foolish movement of Zero anymore.

He may have watched Zero first attempt in vexing to gash his heart out. In fact, he had been in the room for the entire night. But his edge only copes at that. He may be a calm, calculated and serene but even a vampire lord has his limit. To be with this stalwart and good-for-nothing vampire teen is never has in his list anyway. He's just retorting to Yuuki's wish as to discern to her adopted brother's absence in school for two weeks.

It's not that she has no subsidized in the effort to coax Zero to spit out in whatever distressed his mind. It's just the silverette has an invisible and dense hedge to himself and Yuuki knows that. Especially in the matter of vampire stuff, she is forbidden to breach the wall. She could only came into Kaname, saying that he is Zero's vampire 'buddies', to ensure the teen to not have something stupid in the back of his mind to do anything that either any of them will regret.

The pureblood agree to this. Is not because he cares for the silverette, it's just the teen has his mission for Kaname, to make sure his beloved human girl to always be exultant: happy. But then, observing the girl's facial swollen as she walked in to his room, complaining, he couldn't help but noticed a dried track of tears on her cheeks. Subtly, the vampire lord pissed. He swore at the time as he fixed his eyes to the turned-vampire, he will ensure the teen knows who he's dealing with.

Once he looks down to the whining silverette below him, certifies that he can no longer do whatsoever, he clouts the nauseating wound on Zero's chest, gratifying an agony scream from him. He pissed. Oh, he is so pissed. He may want to inhibit the dupe-suicide, but it didn't stop him to torment the churlish vampire into his sense. How dare he forget that he is in the pureblood mercy, not the other way around.

The reason he let Zero to have his blood is not in a thousand years to help him degraded into a filthy Level E, but for the sake of Yuuki. He dare stooped so low to let the turned-vampire to have a taste to his blood that every living bloodsucker dying to even have a sip of it. Yuuki. Only for her. But then, not even in a month, the silverette dare to shamble Kaname's plan in dying when his saint blood flows within Zero's tainted body. Emulated to his thoughts, a deadly air shields Kaname's form.

Zero perceives that, but he can do nothing but sob with pain as the pressure on his torso surge causes his heartbeats drop in plummet. Within, he yells with disgrace for letting the pureblood in the position he is now, but he submit. He thinks he hears a dialogue, but it doesn't reach him. His vision now fades, he barely feels his body and all his senses are shutting down except one: pain.

"You don't know how it takes everything in me to not kill you on the spot every time I see you, Kiryuu. How dare you to spare my blood in soiled, thinking of suicide? Oh, I will help you to that, Level E, but not until I have Yuuki in my embrace. For the time being, you are my pet to amuse my girl."

Kaname wish to linger but when he finally documented the teen below him has not moving; eyes shut and a dim heartbeat, he evidently hissed. He wants to plague the turned-vampire more to his sense, but he may overdo it.

He releases his palm on the chest, and clasps it hard 'til blood is seen. Then, he forwards it to the unconscious's mouth. He hisses again when nothing's happen. How he desired to just smack the silverette to his sense but he knows that would make it worse.

"You're so damn lucky having Yuuki to cherish you as a person."

With that, he grabs Zero in the back of his head, lifting it so it's easier to ensure his blood flows thorough into the teen's throat. He waits more in a moment, though to his frustration, again, the unconscious stay unconscious. He takes a glimpse on the wounded chest, and it stays the same.

"Shit, Kiryuu! Damn drink!"

Knowing he's now only talking to a dead, which makes him palpably panic, he insensibly do an undone thing he never has. He grits his lips with his fangs, forcing blood out and then taking the silverette cold lips to his own. He waited for a respond to that, then again, there's nothing only zilch. With cross, he forces his tongue to lunge deep into the teen's mouth with resolve that he will be rewarded with drinking-vampire, undead.

The vampire lord is too hectic in reviving, that he didn't realize he's accidently gulping dribs of Zero's blood instead. His vampire instinct arises in the spot, boosting a slumbering beast, sealed deep within him. Only then it comes to him that this is his first to swill blood other than only from a noble or a pureblood. However, he feels a weird sensation sparks. He will never though in hell confess this, but the silverette blood taste.. pleasant. Almost, delicious.

Well, in the case of blood-starve, Zero is not alone. The pureblood himself has taking blood tablet less in every day. His state of worrying Yuuki's upset condition clearly influenced him. He is now labelled as: a hungry vampire. Literally. But the craving comes with a package that he can't scribble into words. Clouded by struggling to this new feel to him, he takes a long time to gather that he finally have a respond.

His tongue now dances in duet. Zero has his both eyes slightly open, revealing shimmering cerise-coloured orbs and his fangs extended. The only that missing, is his self-conscious. Kaname grasps to reality when he is surprised by the turned vampire squeezing him. He immediately pulls away, only to see a one fine view in front of him. Zero stares the other with clouded-lust eyes, his lips parting in hitch breathing and his both hands dependably holding him. He never sees this side of the teen.

Each time they do the ritual; blood taking, the turned-vampire takes him on the neck. In other words, both vampires never see each other's face at such times. Plus, Zero will never do such thing that makes him vulnerable and translucent to the pureblood. Thus, Kaname knows this isn't Zero. True Zero. Vampires have always their 'Mr Hyde' side when in these states: blood-lust or sexual lust, or 'blood and sexual lust'.

Suddenly the turned-vampire advances to him, desiring to precede their previous action. Although he obviously means tasting blood. Only, tasting blood. The other however, has now understood his Mr Hyde's need: blood and sexual lust. Struggling to cope to the new-fangled sentiment that inwardly causes him to tremble, Kaname hurriedly gag Zero with his palm. The silverette intended action stops to that. Kaname may 17 in bodily, but he has knowledge and experience of a 100. Above all though, this is the first time he desires someone more than only for blood, and above all, this is his first time ever he knows nothing of what to do. Intuitively, the silverette lick the brunette's palm and stab his fangs into it in an instant.

Kaname must have gone astray in mind as he finds that alluring in his sight. He close his eyes shut, promising himself that he is derived by a hunger desire, prone his mind to lose, to create a sense of lust, a sexual one. There's is nothing to do with the silverette vampire, at all. However, the brunette can't promise himself enough. His awareness broadens as the smell of Zero's blood sojourn to his sense.

To make it worst, the silverette has his blood all over the place. He didn't notice before as only now, he is, as his senses are tenth wider than earlier. It is easy to control any ordinary bloodsucker of being berserk, but a pureblood, only the lines can. And now, Kaname knows he is a snap away of berserk. He can't risk a whole school to handle frenzied vampire lord, as much as he can't risk in hurting Yuuki. Then, he opens his eyes, with a brick state of mind.

Kaname has his eyes light in red-crimson, almost animalise, his mouth bare with fangs and his stoic facial shows murderous.

He is hungry, so damn hungry and Zero is not himself. What regret will be remorse? None of his imminent attempt will be revealed, only by his own. Besides, the silverette means anything to him but a 'Zero'. He stares at the teen vampire like a ghost, waiting for him to have his fill, full. However, his endurance is in vain. He urgently pulls up Zero by his death grips on the teen's cheeks, crashing their lips, bruising. He bites the poor silverette in his tongue, but only in the lower lips first, to have leaks out some blood.

Kaname ignores the skinny vampire's swallowed whines and howls, concentrate to his drinking. For god sake, the kid's taste pleasurable. This is the taste of an ex-human, new breed vampire and a hunter? A hybrid? He shoves Zero down to the bed, this time, parting the mouth to his neck. He licks the nip of his neck, down to the collarbone streak. Not only blood, but the flavour of his skin too?

This is something he has no data with. Without warn, Kaname lengthen his fangs into the silverette marked neck, excruciating and breaking. Zero screams piercingly for the last time but only to have Kaname gags him. The last thing the brunette need is by someone seeing them in this state. By instinct, again, the silverette insensibly digs into the palm on his mouth. Technically, both vampires are drinking from each other, sensually.

The brunette keeps licking, biting, drinking and licking back and forth, sinks into the sensation. Kaname flies into the bliss that he didn't realize the other has stop sipping, back to his blackout after feels like forever. Obviously, the vampire lord takes more than enough. The pureblood doesn't seem like stopping. He drowns so deep that he has awakened another. He retrieves, only to find a bulge between his legs.

"Damn. And now this?"

He mumbles audibly. He set himself in sitting and stares down. Kaname silently flinch when he finds out the comatose silverette but calm afterwards inquiring that the teen has normal heartbeat. He spends all minutes by cussing and imputing Zero inwardly. It was all started by him. His fluctuated emotion, the craving and then this: lust.

Kaname sure that he is fine with any swing, but for all the years, he only set his eyes to the teen girl. A girl. He admits that there's a time when he aroused by the lass, which only he knows. However, this, his only first with a boy, not to mention as an eternal nemesis. He couldn't come up with even a single reason for the boy to works him up so much like this. Let alone the attitude. How he wishes to repressed the arrogance and turns it into a terror. Of him, obviously. He ensue his stare, completely observing Zero.

The silverette has his head turned to his left, his signature locks falls to almost completely cover his frame. His mouth parted a bit only to show his still extended canines, blooded. Kaname knows immediately that Zero still not sated completely.

Kaname is sure that the faint reason is him. The poor teen takes less while he takes more, than enough. He sighs to that thought. Once Zero regains consciousness, he'll make sure he takes enough. He swore to Yuuki to ensure her adopted brother to be fine, after all. His eyes travel to the lower parts of Zero. His tattooed neck has lost in sight as it is roofed by a large stain of blood.

His torso has damned completely on the other hand. Zero's white shirt, that Kaname believes his uniform's shirt, torn in a sickening sight, especially on the chest. In a glance, the flaccid vampire's chest looks like a black hole. Anyone who takes the scene of it will die in tremor. Human, especially. The only saved from all is the silverette trousers. It is completely being said intact if no blood tint on it.

And above all, the most horrifying sight is the lilac-haired room. Broken walls, cracked bed (that he just realized) and blood spill in over the place. It is a palpable sight of a homicide. Anyone who sees this, especially Yuuki may devastate.

Probably claiming that Zero has died. The pureblood sigh to his own contemplation. He needs to get Zero out of here and let Seiren handle the room. Any evidence of tonight event must be unsoiled, clean and clear. As he readied himself to stand up then he remembered his earlier problem. He stares at the hump then to Zero.

He didn't realize how and when, but the time he's on the silverette blooded-tattooed neck, almost nipping, he stops. Flabbergasted. Damn! He's too aroused to think anything but that. He pulls himself up a bit, only again, to stop and stare the poor vampire. He reached out his hand, pushing away some locks to exposed Zero's face completely.

"Kiryuu Zero"