Alright. Without any further ado, I give you the 2nd caption.

The lilac-haired teen's back arches, follows by a silent scream. His both hands grip the brunette shirt, excruciating, trashing. The efforts meet in vain. The hands on each side of the silverette are nothing but un-budge. Only if it's not that agonizing. Only if the thrusting canines in his left column find peace. Only if the vampire above him stops pumping hard that it's painful. It is unbearable that he can't find his voice. The room fills with anything but a disturbing loud prod of flesh to flesh and a small groan comes from the pureblood, only by couple or triple minutes after, come hoarse and painful whines and moans of the lilac-eyed.

"No!" Thrust.

"Sto...stop!" Thrust. Thrust.

"Plea..Please" Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

"Ahh!" Thrust. Thrust.

The grips on Kaname's shirt fall limply. No more trashing, no more struggling and no more screaming. Zero has faint himself at the last cry. Tears are streaming down his snow-pale face; his signature hair come disarrays on the chalk coloured pillow and his lean body painted by his own blood. This sight excites the pureblood. Though Zero has stops moving, but his are not. Not yet. He lift both Zero's legs to his shoulder as he leans down and grinds the poor teen entrance forcefully.

He breathes out a pleasure as he manages to access deeper by the position. The muscle in the tight ring has loosened up because Zero's unconsciousness. He pulls out his swollen shaft almost all the way, only to pump back in piercing, drawing blood out of it.

The auburn-haired smirk when he is rewarded by a gasp from Zero after minutes of prodding. Zero only manages to wince slightly to open his eyes but shut back when Kaname increase his speed. When the silverette screams to that, Kaname grips on the boy's thighs tighten, bruising. "Ahh", he groaned. How much it aroused him to hear that little music to his ears.

Zero's hands reach back to Kaname' shirt, trashing, though to Kaname it is only a light thud in his chest. A dark chuckle to that. Kaname bends forward only stops when his lips touch Zero' earlobe, nips it and drinks when blood draws out.

For the umpteenth time that night, Zero screams out loud. He's in so much pain. Every nerve in his body feels nothing but a pure pain. His head feels heavy that it falls and rises back and forth, only to make it light. His clasp on Kaname's chest drops several times but didn't manage to fall down completely when a strike of pain hit him, makes him grabs it back, dependably. In short, his body has reached its limits, urgent to shut down only to have 'pain' to switch it on back.

It is so agonizing that a hunger he supposed to feel with the smell of blood turns to sickens him. But he didn't care. All that he wants is to have all this stops. But Kaname seems to have the antonym to it. He will make sure his victim to scream, to struggle and to awake at the moment, because it gives him a pure pleasure to 'eat' his prey alive.

To his frustration, the silverette cries out for the last time before again, falls limply, powerless beneath the mighty pureblood. However, Kaname didn't see that. He is so blinded with lust and pleasure, only after he fills the lilac-haired with his release, he notice Zero is no longer breathing. No more blood flows in his veins, no more of anything. The pureblood smirks, sated and satisfied. His animalise crimson orbs and elongated canines didn't last long as he joins the dead vampire, only that, he's alive.

A swift breeze of midnight caresses his face at the moment he wakes up.

"That dream again."

He closes his face with a palm. Two brows knitted together beneath it. His breath hitches, only not audible enough to be heard by any being at the moment. He accidently touches his canines. Then he knows that his eyes must be a bright crimson-red now.

"What? I'm sleeping with this form?"

Ensures he calms down, with rush, he brings himself up, almost leaving his bedroom with a robe wears him, when then he stops. He must have gone to bed right after he's out of bath. He admits that he's a little tired due to his daily routine. Not to mention, he also needs to handle a 'thing'. A 'thing' that makes him being devoured by such dreams in these two days. He sighs and turns to his wardrobe to change the attire into his casual one: An auburn slack-shirt and a black trouser.

After that, he opens the door mentally, and walks out along a hallway gracefully only to stops when he reaches a door. He manually unlocks the door and enters the room. It is not as enormous as the pureblood's, and its interior is nothing shows a posh as well. Kaname intentionally picks this chamber as it is fits well to its occupant. Ordinary, futile, level E and 'zero'. The chamber has nothing but only a basic of what a room should be. No more, no less. As he physically opens the door, he does so when he shuts it. He didn't want to surprise the lodger that may lead him to flee. Only if he is now awake. To his frustration, the said person didn't.

A lean body lays stiff on a divan. His pale features merge with the similar palette of the bedstead. The figure seems so small in that average-sized bed that makes Kaname wonder if the silverette has a small frame from the beginning. As he forwards, he then settle himself on the left of Zero's. He stares the teen in a moment, which actually him hearing the steady heartbeat of the unconscious. He sighs in relieve. The vampire lord reaches out to strip the blanquettes on Zero's torso, only to expose his naked chest.

"Hmm. Slow, but healing anyway", he talks to himself.

There are circling scar on Zero's chest, an evident to the last episode of both silverette and brunette happenstance. As what Kaname remember, three days have passed since then. It means Zero hasn't awake in three days in a row. He cares not, but Yuuki had been worrying deadly to visit Zero. The only reason she didn't, which she couldn't shows up is because Zero has been hospitalized in the Moon Dorms.

Kaname told her to only come when Zero has awaken, health in alive, and promised her that he will look after her adopted brother. Kaname assured that any vampire will not dare to lay hands to his girl, but he didn't want to play 'Truth or Dare'. Not this time. He is busy enough to play a leader and now he needs to play a 'nurse'. He really does despise this filthy being in how influenced his existence in between his relationship between Yuuki. He is pretty sure that Yuuki will never deny him, as he knows how the precious girl likes him to all of her heart. But her heart sure is big enough to have the lilac-haired be part of it. As much as she cares for Kaname, there is always small fragment for Zero, as her beloved brother.

Sometimes it cringe Kaname how funny fate plays its part. He is just so close to embrace his most cherish person, but then there is Zero that always turns everything to the very start. It was a week ago when Kaname finally able to close his distant to Yuuki as he asked her out to his innocent excuse, to go with him to the State Library in doing some research, which obviously, delicately he meant a date. Then only a day before the said date, there she was, in his room, completely forgotten about the promised day only because she is upsetting about a damn filthy level E.

Though by a stoic fa├žade he wears, a deadly aura surrounded the pureblood as he lost in his thought. Just because it doesn't reach the laying silverette, it sure has appealed the whole Moon Dorms resident. And appealed it is. There a sudden knock on the door.

"Kaname, is there something wrong?" A voice heard behind unlocked door after a couple of knocks didn't meet a respond.

The aura suddenly plummets, yet there's a faint visible remnants. The brunette let out a breath and answered, "No. Everything's fine. You may enter, Ichijou"

The said name enters, revealing a fine man with a blonde-hair and his usual gentle face shows concern.

"Though I thought you already had a kill". He leans on the door frame with arms wrap his frame, not completely entering the room.

"You know, you can give him to me. I can look after him for you". Ichijou said, breaking a moment of silent while walking towards his childhood friend and stops at the right side of the bedstead.

"Thanks, but no thanks. You well known that this 'thing' needs to feed, do you?" Kaname finally speaks.

"And why it must be yours, I wonder?"

Kaname who didn't realize he's been staring Zero for all the time, lift his head and change his view to Ichijou. At the moment, Ichijou swears he saw a faint cherish-coloured strike in the brunette's eyes. Nonetheless, he keeps his gaze to Kaname. Not as to challenge, but as a friend talking to one.

"My blood is the suitable catalyst in degrading a formation of a Level E, which I believe you know at the upper hand."

"Besides," Kaname proceed before having Ichijou rebuttal, "It's for Yuuki. The last thing I want is her being hurt by any existing being, especially a filthy one, that live and breathing together with her."

"Well, I agree with you at the first, but I'm not sure about the latter. We can always watch the girl", Ichijou stutters when Kaname glares him to his last word, "..Yuuki, Cross Yuuki-san, in every ground you tell us to. We may not a pureblood, Kaname, but we are a Noble."

Ichijou doesn't need to explain more to that. Kaname purely knows that Noble is a second in vampire hierarchy, either in terms of wealth, position or, of course, in strength. On top of that, he has his own cycle of Nobles in this Moon Dorms, aka, friends. The closest. The vampire lord doesn't have to think twice to trust them. Well he might to, when it comes to another blonde Noble, Hanabusa Aido.

"Yes, you're right Ichijou. But I believe I wanted to do that with my own. I want to make sure my precious is safe by my own eyes, my own hands."

Kaname has his stare with Ichijou loose; only tauten by another light in his eyes, care and love. Ichijou sighs as he notices that. Every time his childhood friend has his tongue about Yuuki, he couldn't help but notice that slight change in Kaname eyes.

"Love. How can I argue with that?" Ichijou thought by himself.

"Well, if you say so, what else can I do?" The blonde Noble replied, shrugging his shoulders while stoking his locks with a defeated smile.

Smile draws on the brunette is the only response only to have it gone as when Ichijou question him.

"How about him then? Any progress?"

"As you can see. I've been feeding him for the past two days. I'm not generous enough to have him having my blood any longer. He should be grateful he is someone's brother."

"Well of course, he almost killed himself using a spell. Though this is my first time inquired a hunter use his weapon to himself. He's that suicidal huh?"

Right to the blonde Noble speech, Kaname has his both orbs glowing into crimson whilst fisting both his knuckles that Ichijou fails to see, and said, "And yet it's my pleasure to do that on his behalf"

Ichijou has his eyes rounded up and then smirks after.

"I believe that's a waste of all your hard work, Kaname." The sun-coloured eyed Noble continues after he heard Kaname snorts, "Still, I believe he's healing right? I'll handle Yuuki san and tell her Kiryuu-kun soothing condition. As the sweet girl she is, I believe she will understand immediately, which makes your tons works lighter, eeih?"

As Ichijou sees Kaname approval nod, he walks himself out only to stop at the door frame.

"I hope at the time Yuuki-san visit here, Kiryuu-kun will only have that scars on his chest, Kaname. Only that." Ichijou said, looking at the pureblood by his shoulder almost jeering.

Kaname once again snorts then reply, "We'll see."

Smiling to himself, the blonde Noble let himself out, with his palm waving on the air.