Here Comes The Sun

By: The Duchess of Arendelle

Chapter One

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"Elsa. Hey Elsa! Wake up!" Anna jumped excitedly on top of her sleeping sister. Elsa cracked open a groggy ice blue eye and glanced over at the bay windows in her bedroom. "Anna…go back to sleep, it's not time to wake up yet." Elsa sleepily told her over eager sister as she rolled over and placed a fluffy white pillow over her head. Anna huffed and flopped down on top of her sister much like she did when they were children. "But Elsssaaa, the sky's awake so-" Elsa cut her sister off mid phrase, finishing her sentence for her. "…So you're awake, so you have to play. I know, I know. I've heard it all before. But Anna I'm sooo tired. Running a country by yourself isn't easy you know. I need as much sleep as I can get."

Anna rolled off her sister and laid down next to her. "But Elsssaaa, you can sleep any ol' time! I hardly ever get to spend time with you during the day because of your 'queenly duties' and at night you're way too tired to even talk, and we have 13 years of catching up to do." At this Elsa opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her little sister. It had only been two weeks since 'The Incident', as they've been referring to it, and ever since the younger redhead had been following her around like a lost puppy. It was adorable really. Everything Anna did was adorable in her eyes. 'Whoah, going into dangerous territory there Elsa' she thought to herself as she continued staring at her sister. But Anna did look absolutely gorgeous with the light of the rising sun hitting her beautifully freckled skin perfectly. She looked like a shining angel.

Anna was looking at her expectantly. "I'm sorry what did you just say?" Elsa snapped back into reality, shaking the thoughts of just how beautiful and lovely she found her sister. Anna huffed again, and repeated herself, "I said, you're not trying to shut me out again are you?" Anna looked hurt and God, Elsa couldn't stand the sight. "Wha- of course not! What would give you such an idea?" Anna looked her sister straight in the eye, "It's just- well, I know you're busy ruling Arendelle and everything, but sometimes it feels like you are actively avoiding me. It's been 2 whole weeks since…'The Incident' and I can count the number of times I've seen you on one hand. So…it just seemed like you were trying to avoid me on purpose…" Anna trailed off. She thought Elsa was trying to shut her out again, trying to avoid her. Which, Elsa had to admit, she was, but not for the reasons Anna might be thinking of. It was hard for Elsa to be around Anna. So, so hard. On top of still having the lingering fear that she might bring harm to Anna…again, she had started to develop feeling for her little sister. Feelings one sister shouldn't hold for the other.

Elsa turned over in the bed, fully facing her sister who now had her face turned away from her. Elsa carefully placed her hand on her sister's cheek, turning her head to face her. She gently coaxed Anna into looking her in the eyes. Anna's own eyes were shining bright with unshed tears. She took her thumb and lightly rubbed it against Anna's warm cheek. "Hey Anna…." Elsa started, Anna looked directly into Elsa's eyes as a small smile started playing on Elsa's lips. "Yes?" Anna said in a small voice. Elsa's smile started growing as she quickly sat up in bed, magically making a snowball appear out of nowhere, she threw it straight into Anna startled face. "…Do you wanna build a snowman?" Elsa finished.

Elsa startled giggling as Anna lay in bed, completely shocked. By the time she broke out of her surprised stupor, Elsa had already ran out the bedroom door, heading for the empty ballroom, full on laughing now. Anna then jumped out of the plush bed too, huge grin on her face running after her sister's icy footsteps. And as she followed the sounds of her older sister's laugher, she couldn't help but think it was the most beautiful sound she'd ever heard.

2 hours later.

Anna and Elsa lay in the middle of a completely snowed over ballroom, snowflake still floating down all around them. The two sisters were out of breath and exhausted after an exhilarating snowball war, not snowball fight, but war, where both sides fought valiantly with their respective small army of inanimate snowmen. But alas, after 2 hours of running, laughing, and throwing snowballs, both sides were pushed beyond their limits and decided to call a truce, for now. As they both lay on the snow covered ground, chest heaving from exhaustion, Anna turned to Elsa, after she caught some semblance of a breath, and broke the comfortable silence they had going. "Thank you Elsa." Anna whispered, with as much sincerity as she could possibly muster. Elsa turned her head to look at her sister, the redhead's chest still heaving up and down, she blushed and instantly looked away. "For what?" Elsa whispered back, not wanting to destroy the peacefulness of their surroundings. Anna still looking at Elsa even if Elsa wasn't looking at her, grabbed her sister's icy cold hand. Elsa flinched and slowly pulled her hand out of Anna's grip. A flash of hurt ran across Anna's face but was gone as quickly as it came. She understood. She knew it would take more than 2 weeks to undo 13 years of fear and isolation. But she did scoot closer to her sister as she responded. "For this wonderful morning. For not shutting me out again. For being here. For being you."

A single tear ran down Elsa's cheek as she continued staring up at the icy ceiling. Much like Elsa did for Anna earlier that morning, Anna took her own thumb and gently rubbed the tear away, leaving her soft warm hand caressing Elsa cold white cheek tinged with a hint of red. Elsa prayed Anna would think it was because of the cold air and not her touch. But then again, Anna knew the cold never bother her anyway. Just as Anna was about to open her mouth to say something else, the ballroom doors burst open and standing there was Kai and Gerda both looking for their respective girls. "There you are majesties! Gerda and I were looking all over for you two!" Seemingly oblivious to the intimate positions both sister were in Gerda spoke next. "Miss Anna there you are! Look at you! Look at both of you, you're still in your night gowns, and their wrinkled to boot!" She exclaimed. "It's nearly 10:00 a.m. Queen Elsa, you are very much behind in today's duties ma'am. Might I suggest you both get dressed and have a little breakfast so we may start the day?" And as if he was just now noticing the snow covered ballroom he added. "But maybe you should take care of this first?" He pointed at the snow and ice covered floor and ceiling with a light hearted chuckle. Elsa instantly got off the floor, leaving Anna with her hand suspended in the air, where Elsa's cheek once was. "Yes, of course Kai." And with the flick of her hand the snow and ice began disappearing in a flurry of icy blue sparkles. In a matter of seconds the ballroom was completely back to normal.

She straightened her wrinkled night gown and turned to Kai. "I am sorry to have kept you waiting Kai, I think I will skip breakfast this morning and just get on with preparing myself for the day ahead." She turned her head to look behind her, Anna was slowing rising from the oak clad ballroom floor. She locked eyes with Anna then quickly turned away. Gerda decided to speak up again. "Miss Anna, you must be going now too. You have to get ready for the day ahead as well. You may be 18 now but you still have your etiquette lessons. Oh! And I almost forgot! Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, a letter arrived for you two this morning." Gerda reached into her apron's front pocket and fished out the letter. Handing it to Elsa, her and Kai bowed and took their leave, giving the two some privacy.

Elsa stared at the letter then finally opened it and started reading. Anna bounced up behind her, trying to read over Elsa's shoulder she excitedly asked, "What's it say? What's it say?" She turned to Anna and let out a long sigh. "Apparently our cousin and her new husband were stuck here during …'The Incident'… and since everything was so hectic she never got a chance to properly introduce herself. It says here that she plans on coming back again for a visit, alone this time because her new husband refuses to ever visit here again…ever."

Anna was excited but confused. Excited because even though Elsa was no longer barricading herself in her room and the castle's gates were now open, she never got to see anyone besides Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, and they were always off on an adventure in the mountains. Collecting ice. Without her. And she was confused because in her 18 years she had never heard of any cousin. "A cousin? Why have we never heard of this cousin before now? What's her name?" Anna asked. Elsa read on. "Her name is Rapunzel." Elsa said then thought the name over. "Hmmm, Rapunzel…..Rapunz-oh! Yes I remember now. Rapunzel is our cousin. She was kidnapped when she was a baby. I was only 3 years old at the time but I do remember mom and dad, and auntie and uncle were very distraught over the kidnapped baby. I'd almost completely forgotten about that. I remember father and uncle coming up with a plan to light a lantern every year on her birthday and send it into the sky, hoping that she'd see it and return one day. I guess it actually worked."

Anna looked at Elsa, amazed. "Wow, that sounds like something out of one of those fairytale books we use to read all the time when we were kids! How old is she?" Elsa pondered for a moment. "If I remember correctly, you two were born a couple of days apart. I believe you are the older one." Anna looked overjoyed. "I can't believe I have a cousin my own age! I can't wait for her visit! When's she coming?" Elsa glanced at the paper once more. "She says she leaves in four days and it takes about 2 and a half weeks to get from Corona to Arendelle, depending on the weather of course." Anna's face fell the tiniest bit. "But that's so long!" Elsa giggled. "I guess you'll just have to put up with me till then." Anna looked at her sister with a huge smile plastered on her face. "I couldn't think of any better way to spend my time."

AN: Soooooo. This was my first chapter. What do ya think? Good? Bad? Ugly? I should go ahead and tell you guys, this IS gonna be a cross over fic with Tangled, but Rapunzel won't be here until a couple more chapters. She has to make her journey you know? And just so you guys know this story is not just gonna be a bunch of fluff. Elsa's going to jump back and forth from being spontaneous and free, to closed off and reserved as she tries to get back into the groove of a normal life, while struggling with trying to conceal and repress a new secret. So expect some laughs, tears, closed doors, angst, fluff, Olaf, warm hugs, romance, jealousy and a certain asshole's going to make an appearance. I think you know which asshole I'm talking about. So I'm now preparing my DRAMA BOMBS. Be ready! Next update: 2/20/14