Here Comes the Sun

Chapter 42

By: The Duchess of Arendelle

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*A few days later*

"Ah, Lord Lovric, a minute of your time please?" Elsa called out to the small, grey haired courtier as he made his way to the council room. The older man instantly stopped his slow tread and patiently waited for the queen to reach his side. When she'd caught up to him, the old man smiled up at the queen and bowed his head slightly. Lord Lovric was the oldest man on the council, and reportedly one of the oldest men alive in Arendelle. He'd been on her father's council, and her grandfather's council. If anyone was to know anything about Edmond's past, Lord Viktor Lovric would surely be as good a start as any.

"Queen Elsa, always a privilege and delight to speak with you. You may have all the minutes I have left on this earth, if you wish my Queen." he said slowly with a charming wink. Elsa smiled back in genuine amusement.

"Five of them will suffice, Lord Lovric." Elsa replied with a slight giggle.

"That may very well be all the minutes I have left. I'm old." he said jokingly, extending his arm for Elsa to take. Elsa giggled again and took the proffered arm. "We still have some time before the next meeting starts, indulge an old man by accompanying him for a drink, your Majesty?" he asked. Elsa nodded once and let the older man escort her away from the council chambers, though in all truth, she was probably escorting him.

They walked in silence and soon arrived at Lord Lovric's office located on the south wing of the castle. At the little table sitting in the corner of the room, Lovric pulled a chair out for the queen to sit, before taking his own seat across from her. He reached for the bottle of aged brandy resting in the middle of the table and began to pour a glass, which he then offered to the queen. Elsa hesitantly accepted it with a smile, and watched as Lord Lovric poured himself a generous glass.

"People often ask me what the secret to living to be this old is, and I always tell them, 'Exercise. The love of a woman. And a good bottle of brandy.'" he chuckled at his own joke before taking a long drink from his glass. Elsa smiled and took a small sip from her own, grimacing slightly at the strong taste. She wasn't a big fan of alcohol in general, but she especially disliked the strong liquors.

"What can I do for you, your Majesty?" Lovric asked in a more serious tone. "Rarely is it that you approach anyone requesting their time. Indeed, our fair queen seems to be an introverted one." he babbled on, throwing a knowing look the blonde's way. Elsa shyly looked away for a second before making eye contact again.

"Yes, well, I was wondering if you could help me with some information." she asked bluntly. Lovric smiled to himself.

"Ah, yes. Information. The oldest currency known to man. Wars are waged and won with it. People die for it. Indeed, lives are even saved with it." he looked up at the queen's slightly confused face and patted her hand in reassurance. "If it is within my knowledge, your Majesty, it is yours to have. How can I serve you?" he finished. Elsa nodded her head slowly and cleared her throat.

"I… Well that is… I was wondering what you could tell me about Sir Edmond? Before his life as an Arendellian courtier? He is my betrothed, yet I admit, I'm having a bit of trouble tracking down his histories." Elsa explained, voice low as to not be overheard by any gossiping servants passing by outside the office that could report her inquisitions back to Edmond. Lovric lowered his bushy grey eyebrows in slight puzzlement.

"Do you mean, you are having trouble tracking down his noble lineage, your Majesty? Surely that was provided and checked before he sat upon the council, let alone announced his intentions to marry Her Majesty?" he asked. Elsa shook her head.

"No, Lord Lovric, not those histories. Indeed, Sir Edmond has provided a very thorough list of his apparent lineage, dating back as far as the 5th Century and even through the Years of Unrest. It's quite impressive actually. How his family was conveniently one of the few that were able to keep track of their records during the Years of Unrest, when so many others lost them. But that is besides the point." Elsa said in a disinterested voice. She'd hoped Lord Lovric had picked up on her subtle hints that the legitimacy of Sir Edmond's lineage papers may need to be called into question.

"No, what I'd like to know is a bit more on the... personal side. Do you know what Sir Edmond's life was like before he arrived in court? What did he do before he joined the council? Where did he live? Who was in his circle? Anything you could tell me of that nature would surely be of help." Elsa tried to keep an even tone, trying not to seem too suspicious in her prying. Lord Lovric poured himself another glass and gazed at the queen across the table, eyes squinted, like he was looking for Her Majesty's true intentions. Elsa swallowed, but refused to show any outward signs of nervousness. After a long moment, Lord Lovric spoke.

"I see what's really going on here…" he started slowly. Elsa's eyes widened slightly and she felt as if she'd been caught.

"I- What do you- I don't-" Lovric held up a shaky hand to stop the queen's stutters.

"It's quite obvious, Queen Elsa…" he trailed off and Elsa cursed herself in her head. She hadn't been stealthy with her questioning at all. She'd come on too strong. And now she's run the risk of Lord Lovric running- or in his case, very slowly walking- back to Edmond and telling him about her prying. As Elsa thoughts whirled around in her head, trying to find a way to backtrack, Lovric continued speaking.

"You're trying to check up on your future husband before the marriage, hmm? Let me guess, what you'd really like to know is what other ladies he's been with before you, yes? I suppose it's normal for young ladies to be curious about such things, even the Queen." he said with a chuckle and an eyebrow wiggle. Elsa looked at him dumbfounded for a second before realizing what he meant and letting out a slightly awkward chuckle. Internally she let out a sigh of relief that her true intentions hadn't been found out.

"Oh I- well, yes I suppose you're right. You've figured me out. I am quite curious about the types of people he hung around before becoming my betrothed… Um, especially the women. I'd just… like to know more about him so that… I can fully commit myself to him?" she asked the last part questioningly, as she made it all up as she went. Lovric chuckled.

"Oh, all you young people are the same when it comes to romance. I'm not one to take part in gossip... but I do know a few things about Sir Edmond's life before Arendelle… including the lady friend he left behind before arriving at our shores." he shared eagerly. Elsa raised an eyebrow at that.

"Lady friend?" she asked with interest.

Lovric nodded again. "My sources say that allegedly he met her at one of those underground secret occult type societies the English are so fond of nowadays." He whispered conspiratorially. Elsa's eyes lit up at that information.

"You don't say?" the blonde asked. Lovric discreetly looked around even though they were the only two in his office, before nodding his head. "I shouldn't be spreading gossip at my age, but brandy does bring it out of me." he said cheerily before draining his glass again. Before he could fill his glass again, Elsa reached for the bottle to refill it for him.

"Allow me, Lord Lovric."


Anna stared out of her window as she watched Edmond laugh along with a group of self important men in the gardens below. They were smoking cigars and talking loudly as they made their way back into the castle. The redhead frowned and scoffed at the sight before turning away. She made her way towards her bed and flopped down across it. Days had passed since she had last spoken to Elsa, and they'd both promised to try to meet up alone at least once a week, with dinner being the only time they were able to see each other regularly now. Edmond, as the queen's betrothed, had begun joining them at the dining table. He made sure to taunt Anna by placing his hand on top of Elsa's or leaning over to whisper in the queen's ear every chance he got. The servants were all a flutter with gossip and the intrigue of it all, and the many eyes on them was the only thing keeping Anna from grabbing the butter knife and jabbing it into Edmond's throat.

A soft knock at her door had her instantly jumping from her bed and running towards it. She knew that knock. She invented that knock. Throwing the door open, she grabbed the woman on the other side and quickly pulled her in. Anna didn't even give Elsa time to say a 'Hello.' before crashing their lips together. Elsa was thrown off by the whirlwind of movement before finding her bearings and settling into the kiss with a smile. They'd both missed this so much. Not even necessarily the kissing, which don't get either of them wrong, was nice, but more the closeness. The being in each other's arms. The contact. It had only been a few days since their last embrace, but Anna especially felt like she finally understood what all those lovelorn poets wrote about when they spoke about longing and moments away from their love feeling like eternities.

The redhead broke the kiss only once she started seeing purple spots in her vision from the lack of oxygen. She hesitantly pulled away, gulping in air. Elsa did the same, and they stood in the middle of the redhead's room, panting heavily. When they'd caught their breath, they both looked up at each other and smiled.

"Hi." Elsa finally spoke, smiling brightly.

"Hi me?" Anna asked with a giggle, a call back to their original reunion at the coronation ball that seemed like a lifetime ago now. Elsa rolled her eyes, but laughed at the redhead's joke. Elsa reached forward and wrapped her arms around Anna's waist again, bringing the girl closer. They stood there holding each other and cherishing the other's presence.

"I've missed you." the blonde finally sighed out. Anna smiled and buried her face deeper into the ice queen's neck. "You have no idea how much I've missed you."

"I think I may have some idea." Anna laughed lightly, reveling in the feel of the blonde in her arms, trying to memorize every curve of the blonde's body. She needed to commit the feel to memory. Elsa let out a breathy chuckle at the redhead's reply.

"I have good news. I think I have a lead on Edmond's past. A lead that could potentially help us bring him down." Elsa informed the redhead. Anna slowly broke the embrace but continued to hold the blonde's cool hands within her own.

"Really? Elsa that's fantastic! What is it? What did you find out?" Anna asked, excitedly dragging Elsa over to her bed and sitting them both down.

"Lord Lovric has very loose lips when he's drinking his beloved brandy, and his reach on information stretches much further than even I expected. Apparently before moving here, Edmond was involved with a woman he'd met in a secret society. Something called The Children of Etrigan. He didn't know much about the Order, but he did know the name of the woman he was involved with. Dame Daphne Braithwhite. Apparently she comes from a distinguished family in London where Edmond lived for many years. They were apparently together for two years and parted on sour terms. That's all Lord Lovric told me before the clock chimed and he excused himself for the council meeting. I know it's not a lot to go on, but-" Elsa was cut off by Anna's lips landing on hers again. Pulling away, Anna's smile was blinding.

"Elsa! You're incredible! This is an excellent place to start. Who better to have information and dirt on Edmond than a scorned lover from a secret society?" Anna said excitedly.

"My thoughts exactly." Elsa agreed. "But how are we going to get in contact with her? It's not like either one of us could leave and go to London without Edmond suspecting something and sending a spy on our tails. And I don't trust putting this type of information in a letter either. Who can slip under Edmond's radar enough to sail all the way to London and find out more about this Dame Braithwhite?" Elsa asked, worrying her bottom lip. Anna sat and thought for a minute before a name popped in her head. She gasped and smiled at the thought. Elsa looked at her inquisitively. Anna clapped her hands together.

"I know the perfect person for the job."

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