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The story is set during TLG, after Artemis' death.

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Artemis fell.

"NO!", Holly screamed, horrified, her heart bursting in her chest. She rushed to the boy who was laying in Butler's arms and threw herself over his body, sobbing. Through the blurred sight of her eyes, she saw his eyes were still open. A crystal blue one and a brown one. This eye killed him. It's mine. I killed him. I killed Artemis.

A sob escaped her throat and she gently closed his eyes with shaking fingers. Butler took her cold hands; he was shaking himself. "No, no, no ..." Holly closed her eyes while Butler repeated this word like a mantra.

It can't be. Artemis Fowl never dies. He always has a plan to save himself. He can't be dead. The elf tasted the salty tears on her face. He lied to me. Paralyzed me.

He kissed me.

Her face sank down again and her lips were shaking, as she pressed a kiss on his cold face.

"I love you, Artemis Fowl."

It was raining during the ceremony.

Time seemed to stand still as the coffin was led down into the ground and covered with mud. Mudboy.

Now it finally makes sense.

Silent tears were running down her face, as Captain Holly Short stood on the green, wet grass beside Juliet, who was silently crying into a handkerchief.

This is the end of the brilliant Artemis Fowl, the second., Holly thought bitterly. We all have lost a friend. This time he won't come back.

But I wish he would.

A part of her still believed it was not true. Believed, Artemis wasn't dead and everything was just another trick of him. Fooling everyone. As always.

Holly felt a warm hand grabbing hers. She looked up and saw Juliet smiling a faint smile, squeezing her fragile hand lightly. The corners of Holly's mouth went up, slightly.

Thank you.

The little family stood together, as if they could protect each other from the pain, all the sadness that was lingering inside them. Holly stepped closer. Angeline was wearing a long, dark gown; Artemis senior a black suit. The twins were pressed against them, hiding their faces in the fabric of Angeline's dress. Holly felt a new wave of guilt washing over her.

It was my fault. It is my fault they lost their son. It is my fault Beck and Myles have to grow up without an older brother to play with, to learn from.

Angelina looked up; the tears were drying on her face. Her eyes met Holly. She gently loosened her husband's grip around her shoulder and slowly walked over to the elf.

"Holly", she greeted her. "Thank you for coming."

The elf gulped and looked down, as if Angeline had accused her of a crime.

Then she looked up and her son's blue eye was cutting Angeline like a knife. They were guilty and tired.

Then Holly began to speak. "I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry. Your ... your son was greatest man I ever knew." She had said 'man' - something Angeline didn't miss. She let out a short sob and whispered: "Thank you, Holly, dear. This means a lot to me."

Artemis' mother bent down and hugged Holly, who felt terrible in the arms of her friend's grieved mother.

"I know how he felt about you", Angeline said quietly. "And it wasn't your fault."

Yes, it was.

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