Here's chapter 2 for you, I hope you'll like it! :D

Two months later

Holly pressed her face into the cold pillow and sighed. He room was dark; she couldn't find any sleep. For days she had been laying awake, tossing around.

You sure you don't need a day off, Holly?", Trouble asked her, looking concerned. He had noticed her sad eyes and the thick lines under them. Holly sighed and turned around, upset.

I'm fine, Trouble!"

You don't look like."

Holly stepped past him. „I'm checking for that goblin."

Of course Holly wasn't fine. You have been gone for too long now, Artemis, she thought, laying over her bed. She hadn't want to show it, at least in front of Trouble and Foaly, but deep inside she was broken. There was no-one she could be angry with, no-one she could tease, no-one she could secretly admire; no-one to call mudboy anymore. I still can't believe he's dead. He was gone so many times but always, always held on and came back. Once, in that gorilla cage, I healed him. He had been half-dead, but he held on to life and came back to me.

Holly remembered how happy she had been. She had tried to convince herself and everybody else the kiss was just caused by the hormones and their situation. But deep inside Holly knew better. I loved him. Still do.

The next day, Foaly looked up to see a totally worn-out Holly slumping around the corridor. He stepped closer. „Good morning, Holl-"

„Something super moving happened today I need to know?", Holly cut him off, rubbing her eyes. „No, nothing mayjor, just ..."


„Holly?", Foaly asked carefully. Over the months he had learned to treat Holly like a raw egg. She was very explosive since Artemis' death. And despite that he would knock over all these secret rules he and Trouble had made.


„Um ... m-maybe you should ...", the centaur wriggled his hands nervously.

„Err...well, I don't know ..."

„What, Foaly?" Holly had turned around.

Foaly took a deep breath and brought her face closer to her, saying quietly: „Maybe it's time to let Artemis go."

Holly stared at him, speechless and for one moment Foaly thought she'd slap him, but she stood up, shaking and clutched her hands to fists.

„Let him go?! Let Artemis go? Then back in the time tunnle he didn't let me go either!"

„But ..."

„I CAN'T, OKAY?! I just can't, Foaly!"

Now Holly was crying. She tried to look at Foaly's lost face, but then she broke their eye-contact and stormed outside.

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