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It was raining now.

Holly landed on the wet, green grass and stumbled through the rain. Where was it? Her eyes were scanning the wide plain.

Then she saw it; it was a very simple, white stone. Holly stumbled slowly in front of it, as if she just had learned how to walk and looked at the engraved writing: Artemis Fowl. Beloved son and brother.

And friend, Holly thought feverish. He didn't even realize how dear he is to so many people ...

The tears were still streaming down her face, mixing with the rain.

Holly took a deep, shaking breath, staring at the cold, wet stone. „Would you please stop it?", she whispered. „Would you please stop being dead?" Then, suddenanger came, flashing over her.

'How ... how could you do this?'

'I'm sorry.'

He had been so selfish, all this time ... and suddenly, he sacrifices himself for the human being, being aware of what is going to happen, leaving all his friends and his family behind.

And suddenly, all those questions that had been floating around in her mind for the last past months blurted out of her.

Why did you have to do this? Why did you have to be so ... damn selfless in the last minute? Why didn't you let me take your place?"

A selfish thought occupied Holly's brain now. And most important, he left me behind.

'I was a broken boy and you fixed me. Thank you.'

Suddenly, she felt a wave of anger washing over her, filling her completely. She twisted her hands to fist, and screamed through the roaring of the rain, completely out of mind, sobbing.


Then she collapsed in front of the stone, sobbing in the cold darkness, where no-one could hear her.

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